What William Blake Saw When He Was Four

William Blake was one of the greatest — and perhaps the greatest — visionary artist of his day. He saw things that no one else did, and he reproduced what he saw for all of us. No one has seen anything like it before or since.

“Blake’s home was in an area which then represented—as it still does—a mixture of poverty, commerce and genteel excess. A workhouse and an abattoir stood nearby, but so did the elegant lawns and gravel walks of Golden Square. It was a short walk along Oxford Street to the Tyburn gallows, which still drew large crowds for its regular hangings. The streets were muddy hollows, the city a maze of dark twisting alleyways, and violence and drunkenness were commonplace. It was in this house when, at the age of four, young William looked at the window and saw the face of God pressing in. He screamed.”

But did he really see God? Good question. At first, Blake had no idea that seeing the supernatural wa unusual. So he was seeing something.

Here is a snippet of his story. Enjoy!

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