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Is that a Croatian around your neck?

Errr … perhaps it is a cravat?

You might not know this but …

 (The Cravat is a ) type of ascot, this apparel’s name  comes from the French word for Croatia; Croatians at the court of a 17th-century King Louis popularized the style of elegant neckware and hence, their country’s name was hung on the article of clothing. Not to be confused with the frillier jabot.

Something like this? Elegantascot Men's Handmade Regency Cravat Pure ...

This is a Victorian era ascot

REGENCY Brummel Victorian Ascot Tie Cravat | Dallas Vintage Shop

That would catch one’s eye! Bond sported ascots in various films. Here is the Dalton variety, looking rather formal

Of course, there is the jabot for more even more formal moments

This is just one item of apparel that has a fun history. Check out this post from AFAR  for more!

And did you know …

United States Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s jabot collection is famous.

What Do Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Collars Mean? Each One Has A Special ...

The Ultimate T Shirt?

I knew it would come to this.

As a general matter (at least in the west) we are moving away from formality. We tend to wear this sort of thing less frequently

Image result for formal wear

Indeed, many are oblivious to the idea that some used to dress for dinner! Yes, that  might mean formal.

We are even moving away from the suit as basic business attire. Sure we still wear them, but in the old days, it was the ONLY thing we wore.

At the same time, this does not mean we are moving away from demands for quality. We want great “casual wear”. Stuff that we feel gives our clothes a special feel.

So, we are soon to demand “luxury T Shirts”. T shirts that offer us something more than the average T can provide. Excellent materials, excellent construction. Beautiful coloring. Jeeves would be appalled. But his time is long gone!

And voila, Elton is offering just that NOW: Don’t ask the price.

Eton first T-shirt

No You Don’t Need that Cashmere Outer Coat. But …

How to describe the idea behind Agnona”s new men’s line of clothing?

… a rugged take on Ivy League dressing, a kind of European view of American prep that knocked out any stuffiness.

How does that work?

The relaxed attitude permeates every element of the collection, especially the choice of fabrics: cashmere tweed, soft leather trim, cashmere-silk blends. Agnona is expert at making knitwear, and there is no shortage of excellent examples here, some even produced using seamless knitting to improve fit and feel. That treatment was given to the luxe cashmere styles, which come in a multitude of heavy gauges that should be able to combat even severe chill.

And you get something like this

Image result for Agnona menswear

Here is a promo on Agnona.

And why is Agnona re-opening its men’s wear collection? Apparently, the market for men’s wear is booming. Who knew?

Is Fast Fashion Bad for Your Health?

Perhaps. But whether it is nor not, one can make a good argument that the values underlying fast fashion are bad for the planet. Some clothing designers are thinking more deeply about slow fashion.

Here is the latest from Paris

A swell of opposition to the fast-fashion industry is not only slowing it down; it’s also laying bare the industry’s human and environmental harms, giving the consumer the choice of which values they’ll wear on their sleeves – literally. These five ethical companies are disrupting the fashion capital of the world—a coup d’état bearing a green flag, made of 100% organic cotton.

A man casually leans against a loading dock, legs crossed and hands in his pockets, looking away from the camera. He wears a navy hoodie, and cuffed jeans by the ethical French fashion brand Loom.