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The Bespoke Travel Jacket

This is not for everyone. But, it may be for you. Here is the pitch

Every jet-setting gentleman should have a good blazer to set the tone for business meetings, fancy dinners, or spontaneous upgrades. A great travel jacket should look and feel good in any situation — hauling through the airport and seated for hours on the plane included. The best kind of jacket holds its shape for hours without creasing or causing you to overheat. It fits right, giving you a full range of motion while stowing luggage in the overhead bin.

And the best jacket will (1) be made from great material – the best, and (2) fit you perfectly.

That means bespoke – custom made for you. And I suspect that this has some appeal to guys who have a bit of cash and who want that special look and feel.

Here is your link from Fathom. Go for it!

Cashmere is “In” This Year – Time to Go All in?

Robb has your shopping list for all great things cashmere!

The Ralph Lauren purple line  merino-cashmere pants look very comfy!

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Merino-Cashmere Pant

But the fact is that I love my “meUndies” dark loungewear on the plane. They use a super soft fabric called “micro modal” and they pretty much pass for pants on the plane. BTW, who cares what people on the plane think anyway?

(Modal) is made by the Austrian company, Lenzing. It is a semi-synthetic fiber, meaning it’s made from cellulose derived from trees or bamboo. Modal is stronger and softer than viscose (a more traditional cellulose fiber), and not as absorbent as cotton. You can dry it in the dryer without any damage, and it doesn’t pill like cotton or nylon. A variation of Modal is MicroModal. The fiber is even finer, meaning it can be woven more tightly. It’s also softer, but it still has the same characteristics as the regular Modal. The result of it is often that the touch is almost like silk, but because the fiber is a little finer, it may not last quite as long as a regular Modal.

I pack them in my carry on, and change on the plane. Trust me, this works!

My New Hobby: Vintage Bespoke!

For quick reference, I am not a bespoke kind of guy. That is, I do not fly over to London, Paris or Milan to get measured for suits, shoes and such.

On the other hand, I do like wearing unique fine clothes from time to time. Like at my nephew’s wedding a few weeks ago in DC!

Hmm … there is a fun solution here somewhere. Bespoke, but not requiring the multibillion bank account and oodles of time?

It is vintage bespoke. I did a quick search on this and up popped a few cools sites. Here are a few

I am sure there are other places to look — and I am sure that you can find personal services that will give you alerts when vintage bespoke items in your size become available. I will keep poking around to find out how well this market is served and keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy this post with your morning espresso on things to consider if you are going this route with me!

And here is a more general pot on buying vintage clothing in stores.



From the Gentleman’s Gazette

  1. It has been said that Nordic classic style combines the best of Italian and British traditions.
  2. Contrasting with Italian style, the lagom concept in Scandinavian classic style tends to avoid loud patterns and electric colors.
  3. A variation on the idea of restraint is the strong representation of neutral earth-tones in Nordic classic menswear.
  4. Along with an appreciation of nature comes an understanding of seasonality, and Nordic gents will choose their fabrics to suit the season–linens and hopsack wool for summer, and flannel and cashmere for winter.
  5. Because the extended cold season requires one to remain covered up, the well-dressed Nordic gentleman understands the importance of a statement overcoat.

Getting Stopped on the Streets of Paris Because of Your Pants?

I thought that this was a rather interesting lead in to a post about men’s clothing stores in Paris

I’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty snappy dresser.

Brash? Yes. An attempt to assert space above — a place where you might want to be. Let’s go further with this brash attitude

And this doesn’t go unnoticed. On the occasions where I’d have to dress up for work events at my former job, I’d hardly walked in the door when my female colleagues would be asking me where I got my jacket/shoes/tie. They’d tell me that they wished their boyfriends would have the guts or imagination to pull off the type of look that I was rocking.

The intent, of course, is to provoke envy. The brash attitude has a basis in experience. Experiences that you, as a more ordinary male might want for yourself. So what is next?

I did toy with the idea of founding, but that never got off the ground!

Why bring up a failed start up attempt? I think it is meant as a badge of coolness. The brash young man knows what young people do these days. Enough fooling around! Now for the clincher!

Although it pains me to do so, I’m going to share with you below some of my favorite brands so that you too can be stopped in the street and asked where you got your flashy trousers or off-the-hook shirts

That’s it Your ticket to paradise!!!! And the pants? Try these on for size!

Now the closer

 But please, don’t be going round telling everyone or else I’ll have to renew my wardrobe. Now there’s an idea…

Yes, you are now in the secret society. Keep it exclusive! Keep this sort of look

Nice doggie!

Or this one

what is he laughing at?

In fact, I liked the recs! I would check out these stores on my next trip. Would you?

Going further, I like the idea of traveling to places for the purpose of connecting with great men’s clothing purveyors. Not just the stores where you pick up a pair of jeans,pay and bolt. But connecting with people who care about quality fabrics and styles and who will discuss with you how they think you could and should look.

The cool thing is that each destination offers a different sort of opportunity. Paris is different than London. Milan different than either of the two. And of course, there are many more!

Stay tuned for my irreverent but fun take on the global men’s clothing scene!