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Men: You Have the Cash, Why Not Blow it On Clothes?

The change of the season offers many opportunities to give in to the various temptations that surround us.  And one of those is upgrading how we look and feel.

On the looks department, what types of stuff floats your boat? Robb offers a nice montage of great options.

I liked this fleece hoodie

Todd Snyder x Champion Polartec Sherpa Hoodie

Though the Ralph Lauren purple label suede overshirt? A bit over the top, Ralph!

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suede Overshirt

Check it out!


Men: Autumn’s Here, Time to Break out the Chelseas!

Errr … you don’t own a pair?

The Chelsea boot’s reappearance is as much a sign of fall’s arrival as leaves dropping from trees. But this time around, the footwear’s resurgence comes with a fresh variety of tones and fabrics. Change it up and rock the season’s best and brightest.

Here is the link to check out some very cool options.

Go for it!

Men: Looking for Scandi Chic in London or Zurich?

Perhaps you should be!

Though Swedish Mats Klingberg of Trunk Clothiers is as compelling an advocate of Scandi chic as you’ll find anywhere, he doesn’t stock only Scandinavian brands. From exclusive Camoshita pieces (Japanese) to Lardini jackets (Italian), everything at Trunk looks cool and clean. Moreover, Klingberg has created a retail experience that takes the pain out of browsing. “Many of our customers don’t particularly enjoy shopping,” he explains, “but they do enjoy well-made clothes, so our aim is always to make your life easy.”

The London shop

Image result for Trunk London

And there are more great independent men’s clothiers worth traveling for. Check out the link and get your travel itinerary ready!

What? You are headed to Paris? How about this?

Founded in 2015, Beige Habilleur has quickly established itself as a need-to-know men’s style destination. The co-founders, Basile Khadiry and Jean-Baptiste Ménétrier, set out to stock the best of everything, from Scottish knitwear to Parisian tailoring, but synthesize it in a contemporary way—as evidenced by their chic biannual lookbooks. “We’re not into the fantasy of replicating a well-dressed man from the ’30s wearing a tweed suit,” says Khadiry. “We’re about dressing for today.”

It’s in the 6th. 83 Rue Chardon Lagache.

Go for it!


When Do Trousers Matter?

A great Wodehousian exchange between Bertie Wooster and Jeeves from The Rake

There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?’’

‘The mood will pass, sir’

P.G. Wodehouse, Code of the Woosters

Image result for Code of the Woosters

BTW, any Wodehouse book is a great travel companion! The tone is always cheerful, the writing style is elegant, and the stories are unfailingly amusing.

But do trousers matter? How about these?

I rather like them. What do you think? You may need to own a pair or three. If that idea intrigues you, check out the Rake above for more intel.

Go for it!

“My Socks Do Not Suck!” I Said in a Huff

My dear old dad used to offer this caution now and then, “Women,” he said ” see everything, they hear everything, and dear me, they smell everything! So beware if you are thinking of marrying one of them!”

Dear old dad had a point.  I had spent many years in a state of serene indifference when it came to  my socks..They were to be donned and removed on a daily basis, and one did not play sports in black socks.  That was a bout it. But suddenly there I was, married, and engaged in a heated discussion with she who must be adored about what color socks went with my navy suit.

I have learned the hard way. Socks do matter. Not only that, socks can be a source of pleasure. Consider this comment about Ace & Everett socks

… each pair is knit from two differently colored fibers on jacquard looms, producing patterns that give the socks both a visual appeal and a distinct sensory texture. Even the navy blue, black and gray socks in this lineup pack some punch. No matter what color you order them in, my experience has been that they feel lighter weight and less restrictive than some dress socks. That’s in part because of that raised texture: the smidgen of space between the surface of your skin and some of the fabric really does make a difference in comfort.

I recognize now that this matters! I may even inquire about a purchase. Or should I say, investment?