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5 Books: And You Thought You had a Travel Adventure!

These 5 classic travel books will expand your thinking about what travel adventure can be!

Here is a snippet

(A) young Polish cavalry officer, accused of espionage, is sentenced to 25 years of hard labor. After weeks of marching in winter to a Siberian prison camp a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, he is eager to escape. By spring, he and five other prisoners get out and head south, traveling at night initially. No maps, little food, and sore feet are constant issues. By June, they have reached Mongolia, an oasis of friendly locals, before striking across the Gobi Desert. Later, they journey across Tibet. Not all reach safety in British-occupied India.

A Christmas gift to be remembered?

Feeling FOMO in Mexico City?

FOMO is a new word for me. I had not seen it until I read this sentence in a post about restaurants in Mexico city

I define FOMO by the food I’m not eating in a specific moment.

I discovered that FOMO, of course, is an acronym  for Fear of Missing Out. This sort of fear is apparently accentuated by social media, a channel that we love because it routinely tells us what we are missing out on.

And what caused FOMO in Mexico City? The author explains

If you know anything about Mexico City (or have followed the BA staff on Instagram recently), you’ve probably heard of Contramar, chef Gabriela Cámara’s iconic seafood restaurant. And you’re probably all too familiar with the food: that butterflied grilled fish, carefully painted with red and green salsas; a plate of four pristine tuna tostadas topped with slivers of avocado; and the mints at the end of the meal stamped with the “Contramar” logo.

Errr … I confess that while I may have heard about this place, the memory of it has disappeared without a trace.My own FOMO is starting to kick in!!!!  The good news  is that I saved a link about Contramar on my “Mexico City travel page”.  Not just that, but some restaurant recs from Contramar’s chef!

I should forward this to my friend J. who is agog over all things Mexico City. Perhaps he knowsmore? Anyway, we are talking about this place

Image result for Contramar Mexico city


Image result for Contramar Mexico city

One might indulge in a bit of FOMO if your gang of 8 were depending on you to bag a reservation there and … it is booked out! The big reveal! It turns out, there was no need for FOMO!

Thank the Lord! Check out the article for the denouement!

And keep that FOMO under control, please!

Darling, Let’s Go Scale a Volcano!

Errrr … that is not a request that one would take lightly.

But if you and your loved one are eco travelers, things might be totally in order. Of course you would go scaling volcanoes and trek through rain forests and across deserts … and then have some breakfast.

Yes, once again, we are in the world of the adventurous eco tourist. For these folks, a hotel that gets 100% of its energy from solar power, and its food from its own gardens is quite appealing. Even better if a volcano is nearby.

In Chile, that can be arranged. Enter stage left, Tierra Atacama.

Image result for Tierra Atacama

There Comes a Time When you Need an Off the Grid Eco Lodge

Not too long ago, I would have scratched my head on hearing someone promote “off the grid eco lodge”: Is it like a safari base camp?

In fact, off grid eco lodges are a bit like safari base camps. Check out this pitch for such a place in Costa Rica

The Osa Peninsula — a lush bundle of rainforests, rivers, and mangroves on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, near the border of Panama — is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and one of the country’s most remote destinations. The roads are rough and often unpaved, the infrastructure is bare and backpacker-y, and the heat and humidity can be grueling. But those who make it down here — mostly intrepid Europeans, as beach-loving Americans historically prefer the resorts up north — are rewarded with remote hiking trails, swaths of secluded coastline, and incredible wildlife-spotting opportunities.

Something like this

Image result for The Osa Peninsula

Does visiting mean that you have to become a Hemingway type of explorer? Not really!

For adventurous travelers who want the Jurassic Park experience without having to rough it in the jungle, the place to go is Playa Cativo Lodge, a lofty, eighteen-room eco-lodge overlooking the warm, glassy waters of the Golfo Dulce, the only tropical fjord in the Americas. Though it’s not on the peninsula (it’s directly across the bay), the hotel benefits from all the same natural beauty: It’s perched at the base of Piedras Blancas National Park, an extension of the Osa’s famous Corcovado National Park. And it’s much more comfortable than a hostel.

Image result for Playa Cativo Lodge Costa


Image result for Playa Cativo Lodge Costa

Count me in!

What do you think?


What You Need to Know about Architectural Archeology

Yes, I know. Your first reaction is “I don’t need to know anything about architectural archeology”.

Before you hold to that position, you might ask yourself this question, “Have I ever thought about what architectural archeology might offer me?”

To be honest, I had not. And then, last night in fact, I watched the programme below about an amazing project that took apart and put back together again one of the most historic buildings in Britain.  I loved it! Check it out!

Next Stop Tunis! But Where to Stay?

The good news is that there are options.

Here is the one I would prefer

Taking over a restored 17th-century house in the medina, Dar Ben Gacem is a boutique hotel with a story to tell. By working with local artisans and small businesses in the medina, the hotel aims to have a positive impact on the community while also preserving Tunisia’s cultural heritage. Rooms are beautifully decorated with Tunisian arts and crafts and the kitchen puts out fresh homemade local dishes. The hotel also offers a series of Medina Experiences such as Arabic calligraphy, the hammam ritual and food tours.

Image result for Dar Ben Gacem

Not bad!