Luxe Expeditions

Over the years, I have tracked what is going on in places that I either love or want to love. How to use all this data?

One thought is to develop some “expeditions”. These would be sojourns that touch on high points in different locations in a region. I have had some fun putting together a few of these so far

And what do these excursions offer? Everything will be planned in advance so that we can just have fun. And at each stop, we will meet up with interesting folks to give us local color, tours, and more fun. These will include artists, writers, local figures. The only criteria is that they are engaging. Participants join the Almost Wild Safari Club and will be able to keep up to date with friends we travel with and friends we meet. And we get access to authentic luxury stuff that comes from the region.

I develop these ideas purely for fun. And I may or may not actually do them. But if you are into this sort of thing, stay tuned! I will be doing more — sooner or later getting around to

  • Whiskey and ghosts in Ireland and Scotland,
  • Wine and the good life in southern France and Northern Italy, and


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