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Going to Berlin?

You have your reasons. Enjoying this great city is surely one of them. Indeed, you don’t really need any other reason to visit. So how do you get the most from your trip?

You can go ahead and read a ton of material about the city and its people. That is … if you have the time and energy. Or you can find better ways to get to the recs that you want for connecting to people, places and experiences. Stay tuned! That is on the way!

Here is an article from fathom that you might check out if you are interested in (1) Bauihaus architecture (2) bike tours, (3) parks, and /or (4) the cafe scene.

This post might get you in the mood – with a bunch of ideas

  • Berlin’s funky love affair with show-biz high irony and cabaret performance goes back beyond when there was naked table dancing in the Roaring Twenties. That tradition is carried forward in many live venues, and also in the sharp quotidian curses and comebacks that Berliners deliver to each other, approximating what we’d hear from a real New York cabbie. Put it this way, you might just want to take in a show. The Berliners are quick on their feet. You won’t need a translator.

Why visit in June, from Afar

“If you weren’t already planning travel to Germany in 2019 because of the exciting Bauhaus centenary, here are a few more reasons to visit its capital. June brings idyllic summer weather (highs in the 60s and 70s), perfect for enjoying the many parks and outdoor festivals. Catch the Carnival of Cultures, a giant street party highlighting art, music, and food from around the globe from June 7–10, 2019; the Staatsoper für alle (“State Opera for All”), a free open-air classical music concert held at the Bebelplatz on June 16, 2019; or the Berliner Volksfestsommer, a folk festival (also free) featuring rides, performances, and fireworks, starting on June 21, 2019, the first day of summer, and running until July 14.

Where to Celebrate 100 Years of Bauhaus in Germany This Year

If all that culture isn’t enough for you, you could spend more time marveling at the city’s expansive art scene. The pinnacle of exhibition spaces is Museum Island, an ensemble of five galleries recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The palatial Bode Museumlures with medieval sculpture, while 19th-century European romantic paintings take center stage at Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery), and ancient Roman and Greek art rules the Altes Museum (Old Museum).

At the Neues Museum (New Museum), the undisputed showstopper is the 3,500-year-old (yet eternally gorgeous) bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti, although the monumental Babylonian Ishtar Gate at the adjacent Pergamon Museum also elicits “oohs” and “aahs.” For something more contemporary, swing by Urban Nation, dedicated to street art, which has partnered with artists like Christian Böhmer. For the most cutting-edge works, though, book months ahead for a tour of the Sammlung Boros, a private collection moodily ensconced in an upcycled WWII bunker.”

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