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  • Why Copenhagen?
  • In Copenhagen, the coffee, bookstores, and cafés make for idyllic summer afternoons.

    August is good for: foodies, travelers jonesing for java

    Summertime in one of the world’s most livable places means mild weather and long, sunny days—perfect conditions for sitting on a café patio, sipping a cup of coffee, and people-watching. And partly thanks to acclaimed restaurant Noma (which reopened in 2018), many small cafés, eateries, and bars strive to likewise think big. The result? Copenhagen is packed full of sweet places that are trying something new—perfect for wiling away summer hours .

    For cafés, it’s hard to beat Granola

    for homey Nordic dishes (skip the weekends, though; its popularity has resulted in it being too crowded for comfort), but stylish Café Auto comes close, serving up burgers and croque madame. Bowl Market

    , which offers amazing porridge bowls, is perfect for breakfast. For coffee, meanwhile, seek out the Coffee Collective

    , run by a gang of young Danes utterly devoted to making the perfect cup of coffee (and who provide most of the local cafés with premium beans).Book lovers will delight in Paludan Bogcafé, where first-rate coffee can be enjoyed while browsing a robust collection of secondhand books. Or opt to enjoy your caffeine and homemade pastries with a side of bicycle shopping at Wecycle Copenhagen—in addition to a cup of joe and treats, it sells upcycled bikes and also offers bike rentals for exploring the city. After an afternoon bike ride, head to Bertels Salon for a coffee and its amazing array of cheesecakes. —AFAR Editor

Of course —Noma – which has now reopened at a new location and once again is rated as one of the best restaurants in the world

Another great restaurant – Geranium.

You probably need to try smørrebrød

Fathom on Copenhagen’s two coolest neighborhoods

Here is a page with nice resources

Skiing on a power plant

A side trip to Bornholm Island

For fish – Tight




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