Are We Innovating Yet?

For a while now, I have been working to understand better the processes and institutions that are needed to build more innovative local ecologies. Some things are clear. These things don’t just pop out of the ground. They heavily rely on the quality of exchanges that take place.

this is also true inside firms. Steve Blank gets this about as well as anyone writing these days. So it is always fun to read his work.

This article sums up a lot of his ideas on how established firms are different than startups.

Time to Pull Out the Yakitori?

The outdoors is beckoning. Mind you, here in Tartu, it is still a bit nippy. So no late night outdoor cocktail parties yet. But one does begin thinking about what is to come.

And one thing that will definitely come is grilling. That includes the usual stuff one can make on the grill (I have a weber gas grill that amazingly still works). It may also include making yaktiori. That is different.

Yakitori is actually a method of grilling. It uses a Japanese-style grill., which is very cool. But you don’t need that, you can fashion your own rig. In th efirst video below, Harris Salat talks yakitori with a chef who knows what he is doing.The second one shows the yaktaori grill. Enjoy!

Here is a video that shows the grill. Enjoy!

How Smart is the Smartest Machine?

There is a huge amount of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) these days. I am caught up in it too, chatting about how to incorporate AI into gaming and factory machine management. The reasons are obvious. Smarter machines could add tremendous value.  They could revolutionize how we do things.

But how smart are the smartest machines right now?  Gary Marcus

is a research psychologist whose work focuses on language, biology, and the mind. Marcus is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University and Director of the NYU Infant Language Center

He points out in his TEDx talk that while progress has been made in how machines can perceive data, we are far from making machines “intelligent”.  If achieving that is like getting to the moon, we are still just building better ladders that can take us a few feet higher from ground level.

That is a good reality check.

Sixers Lore: Dario Diaries

Let’s face it. The NBA game of basketball can get boring when the players do not show “fire in the belly”. And why should they? These guys are so athletically gifted, they can put it on cruise control.  So when you see a player who plays with passion — even if that player is not the most gifted athlete around — it gets fun again.

That was what made it fun to watch Bird. And while I do not want to make immediate comparisons between the two, that is what is fun about watching Dario Saric play. His passion for winning made last season almost bearable, even after Simmons and Embiid went down.

So here is the thing. What about next year? Will Dario fit in? My own take is that he has to. Even if it is off the bench. We need his passion.

What do you think?

BTW, Trump Tax Plan? There is No Such thing!

I read an article today that Donald Trump’s tax plan is in trouble.

This might be true if there was such a thing as the Trump “tax plan”.  There is no such thing. Instead of a tax plan, the Trumpsters unveiled a single piece of paper, with much indentation.  This is not a plan. It is not even the outline of a plan. It is nothing more than a wish list.

If you see further reports on the Trump tax plan, you can say “Aha” Trump has duped the media. There is no such thing.

Iphone Tricks

A friend of mine is trying to decide whether to buy an iPhone or a Samsung android based phone and asked me a few questions.  I have been using an iPhone for a while and like it, but surprisingly, I had no idea how to answer. Some quick googling., however, solved the problem.  Here are the two questions

Can the Iphone create icons to dial favorite phone numbers? Apparently, this is very easy to do on the Samsung.

Answer – yes – Here is how to do it.

Can you hide your apps from the display? Again, apparently, Samsung allows you to do this.

Answer – yes – Apps can be collected and hid in folders. Here is how to do it.

I will collect more tricks and pull them into a page for easy access. Stay tuned.

in the meantime, a while back, Fred Wilson (who regularly switches back and forth between android phones and Iphones) had a few comments about the differences in these systems.  I will pull up that link when I can get access to it (Fred’s site is not responding righ  now)