Whither Kawhi? To the Sixers? Perhaps!

Kawhi Leonard has made it pretty clear that he wants out of San Antonio. But where will he go?  The  trade rumors re already starting to heat up, even though we will not hear about a deal until July.

The main contenders are the Celtics, Lakers and Sixers. Of these three, the Celtics have the most to offer. But for the Celitcs to pull the trigger, they would probably have to part with Kyrie and others. Hmmm … the Lakers are not a great option, except that they are located in LA. And the Sixers? Brett Brown knows Kawhi and Kawhi might crave the opportunity to play with Joel and Ben.

And what if the Sixers get both LeBron and Kawhi?

Yikes! The Sixers would go from a team that has no one on one offense to a team loaded with one on one offensive potential.  And if Ben stays and develops a jump shot? OOOOO!


Sixers Lore: So Just Who is Jonah Bolden?

We saw Jonah play summer ball with Markelle last year and he was impressive. He then went over to play in the European leagues and had a great season. The word is that he is heading back over the pond to join the Sixers next year.

So what does the dude bring? Jonah is 6’10” with a 7’2″ wingspan  and great athleticism. He  brings defense inside the pain, rebounding and he can run the floor. His  outside shot? Needs a bit of work, but has potential

Here are videos. And stop drooling!

Jonah will be ocmpeting with Ersan (if indeed Ersan sticks around) for a role off the bench at backup wing and small ball center.  He is a better defender in the paint, but as of yet does not have the soft touch that Ersan has. Errr … one wonders where that soft touch of Ersan’s disappeared to in the Celtics series!!!!!

Bottom line — this does not solve all of the Sixers offseason issues. They still need a big name elite wing. And if initial indications are to be believed, they will do allthey can to land one – preferably LeBron.  Brett said this

“For the first time since I’ve been here, there is tremendous clarity on what we have,” head coach Brett Brown told reporters after the Sixers were eliminated in the second round. “We don’t have to turn this into calculus—it’s quite clear [what type of player the club should pursue].”

hint, hint! Nudge, nudge!

But we won’t know more about that until July. In the meantime, the Sixers hopefully will pick up one o f the Bridges with their number 10 pick. More wings!

Finding the More Perfect You

Not that who you are now is terrible. No doubt, you are a fine specimen of humanity!

But how active are you? Not just physically, but mentally? How curious are you about solving the problems around your? Or do you feel a bit overwhelmed — even if you won’t admit it?

The reality is that most of us fall into that last category. We would like all things to work out for the best, but reality has a way of getting in the way.

The weird thing is that we could do better. I could do better. And we can do better with a simple adjustment. No need for drugs (except of course, for recreational drugs) or trips t the gym or the psychiatrist. We can all do better by seeing reality in a slightly different light.

What does that mean? Isn’t reality just … well … reality? The answer is no! Research tells us that what we see as reality is our filtered view of it. As humans, we are not capable to seeing it in a totally objective way. We have to filter it, and we do in order to survive.

The key point is that we can adjust our filters. In fact, we do adjust our filters every day. For example, when we watch TV or go to the movies . We allow ourselves to get absorbed in something that is not real. We pretend for a short time that it is. We pretend that we can interact with the story being delivered. We suspend our disbelief long enough to have an emotional reaction.  In other words, we gladly accept as real, things that are obviously not for the purpose of altering our attitudes.

So we can adjust our filters. And we therefore can adjust how we see  ourselves as well. Athletes do this all the time. They see themselves as almost as good as the  player they aspire to be. The gap becomes an obsession that drives them to practice. To work. And that work is fun – not tedious. And seeing the gap,  when they play, their sports, they pay close attention to metrics that show whether they are making progress. Not whether they have made it, but whether they are on the path.

So why don’t we all do this? We don’t we all open our eyes to the more perfect person we would like to be? Why not gamify our activities to get there?

Good question. I have no idea why folks don’t do that!

Want an example? Ask yourself this question — why is Michael Jordan so rich? In case you are wondering, he is worth more than $1 billion. The answer is NOT from his basketball salary. It is from his endorsements. And he is still earning over $100 m from endorsements per year now!!!! So why is his name and image so valuable? There were and are lots of other great players. For example Steve Nash showed up Jordan more than once when they played against each other. So too did Larry Bird. Jordan was relieved when Bird finally retired.

The answer is that Jordan conveyed an intense competitive attitude that we all admire. We all want to “be like Mike”. And what does that mean? See above for the answer.

The Era of Leapfrogging is Upon us

Consider this

According to The Economist, a 10 percent increase in cell phone ownership among citizens of developing countries boosts per capita GDP growth by about 1 percent per year. The biggest driver of this growth is mobile money; people who’ve never had a bank account or a secure way to save, transfer, and invest money now have all of that in the palm of their hands. A 2016 study by MIT economists found that using mobile money helped 194,000 Kenyans escape extreme poverty over the course of 8 years.

Africa is changing. It is developing and it is doing so without having to invest heavily in old tech.

Check out the story! It is amazing!

How Do You Like Your Squab?

Squab? In case you have not had the pleasure, it is young pigeon.

In France, squab is often pan-roasted, with a cream-colored crispy skin. In Chinese cuisine, the squab is usually fried, so it’s served up whole and bronzed like Peking duck. In Morocco, squab is commonly served in a pastilla, an elaborate and pastry-centric take on the pot pie. While the first two preparations require a young, supple bird, the pastilla can use adult pigeon, too, as the slow-cooked process is enough to soften the more mature meat.

My bet — squab will make a comeback. Get ready!

Don’t worry! It’s good for you! Better than that bland factory raised frozen chicken!

Val D’Orcia in Tuscany is Iconic Italy

If this gets you interested

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And this

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And this

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And this

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Then you probably want to read THIS about he Val d’Orcia

And you might consider the tour

This particular Val d’Orcia tour, offered by CIAOFLORENCE, is a bang for your buck; not only does it include a guided tour of all three Tuscan towns, it also incorporates two wine tastings and a cheese tasting. I hate to keep name-dropping but you might recognize these VIPs of the foodie world which will be gracing your palate throughout the day: Vino Nobile, Brunello, and Pecorino. Could you really ask for anything more?