Wow! Great Sixers First Half … Then too much Westbrook

it is tied at 51 at the end of the first half of play in the first game of the season for the Sixers against the Thunder.

The pleasant surprise so far – the Sixer bench and especially Nik Stauskas.

Can’t wait for the second half and I hope that Embiid gets untracked. He had a three  in the first half and made some other shots, but missed a fair amount as well.

FOLLOW – ok. The Sixers lost in a tight game. More important, it was a fun game to watch. Embiid had a good debut and the rest of the team played well. This may be a fun season even without Simmons.

A New Wrinkle on Dealing with Climate Change

Food for thought

… climate change virtually guarantees that, in the next century, major cities all over the world will endure longer, more frequent, and more intense heat waves—along with frankenstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, and rising seas. And it’s inevitable that cities will take steps to fortify themselves against this future. The first instinct of urban leaders is often to harden their cities through engineering and infrastructure, much of which is indeed pretty vital. But research keeps reinforcing the lessons of Englewood and Auburn Gresham. Just as the temperature of a heat wave, the height of a storm surge, or the thickness of a levee, it’s the strength of a neighborhood that determines who lives and who dies in a disaster. Building against climate change can either support vibrant neighborhood conditions or undermine them. We know how to do both.

Tech Gurus Meet Legal Eagles

The law is a conservative institution. In most cases, i does not lead the way to social change.  That might lead to a dictatorship of law. Instead, law follows public opinion. If it reinforces what people want, it grows in legitimacy. If not, it sucks.

And it sucks a lot of the time. The reason is because most of us have nothing to do with the legal system. That is ok until that “most of us” include those of us who are innovating. When innovators introduce new products and services, they n legal framework to do it. Without any connection to the legal system, they don’t get it.

We are seeing this play out with the so called “sharing economy” and with virtual currency. Is it a bigger issue? Tech Crunch opines.

With a growing number of Obama veterans leaving to join the tech industry and a renewed interest in presidential politics, it seems that Silicon Valley is finally returning to its roots; the pendulum of Silicon Valley is swinging back toward its historical roots. It is the reason VCs like a16z and NEA have set up folks like Ted Ullyot and Scott Frederick to assist in leading internal government operations — and the reason some of the first hires in startups disrupting traditional industries today are increasingly becoming a government and compliance-focused team member. And it seems like the industry has taken an unprecedented interest in driving participation from investors to CEOs as we get closer to Election Day.

With higher stakes and increasingly broader responsibilities, the expectations around relations with governments around the world have changed. Hopefully you kept this in mind as you watched the debates. The future of our industry will most certainly be shaped by the outcome of this election.

Shock! Horror! Shakespeare Had Friends!

We tend to think of William Shakespeare as somewhat of a writing freak. Who else, but a freak, could have cranked out such a mass of brilliant work?

That led to some speculation that Shakespeare was someone who had a better education.

Funny thing — it might also be that Shakespeare worked together with others. He may have been a brilliant collaborator.

And there is evidence that his play, Henry VI was indeed a collaboration with Christopher Marlowe.

Does that make him less of a genius? I think not!

To collaborate or not to collaborate! That is the question!