Fantasy Travel: The Most Charming Inns in America

America is a big place, and you would expect that in such a big place, you could find some incredible inns.

And that is the case. Here is a list from Departures that might whet your appetite for a weekend jaunt … next weekend? I thought this pic of the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur was very cool!

BTW, yesterday, I mentioned the Inns at Aurora (off Lake Cauopga in New York) . Yup. They made the list.

A Sunday Diversion: Who Holds the Flag Pole Sitting Record?

Messy Nessy has the story.

In 1964 Peggy Townsend Clark set the American pole-sitting record with 217 days in Alabama and in 1984, H. David Werder sat on a pole for 439 days to protest against the price of gasoline.

Of course, that does not explain why flag pole sitting became a popular event in the 1920’s. And it turns out that sitting atop a pillar, tower or whatever is a lifestyle for a few.

Who knew?


My Next Kitchen Project: Making Vanilla Extract

What is the big deal? Flavor! Added flavor that you cannot get from your store bought vanilla extract. There is a draw back. Making your own vanilla extract means sourcing really goo beans, and it means letting the mixture sit for a year or longer.

Hmmm … and yet, why not?  As Abbe Faria said to Edmond Dantes (in the Count of Monte Cristo)

Ohh… and does something else demand your time? Some pressing appointment, perhaps?

Here is the tutorial that starts the process.

Election Bulletin – New Polls

Good news for Biden supporters – from NYT

A New York Times/Siena College poll this week found Joe Biden closing the gap on President Trump in three states that voted decisively for Mr. Trump in 2016: Iowa, Georgia and Texas. Mr. Biden was up by three percentage points among likely voters in Iowa, tied with Mr. Trump in Georgia and down by three in Texas. (All of those spreads were within the margin of error.)

What’s the scoop?

The results in all three states reflected Mr. Biden’s lopsided advantage among women, who chose him over Mr. Trump by anywhere from eight to 13 points.

Onward to the debate!

A Vietnamese Adventure: Egg Coffee

This post starts out very well

When we were younger, my parents would often take the family out for pho on the weekends in San Jose. Before the soupy noodles arrived at our table, we always had a moment to watch the other diners. As my parents talked, my older sister Tram and I would scout for the people ordering something a little different: Vietnamese egg coffee.

And it offers a nice roadmap to making Vietnamese egg coffee iat home …. errr … if you can find the Vietnamese coffee and coffee e filter.

No matter! the story is fun even if  my java is french drip!

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