Trumpworld: Does Repeatedly Getting Caught Lying Matter?

So far, Trump sets the record for surviving scandal.  What other presidential candidate, for example, would be able continue after paying out $25 million to settle a fraud claim? And what president would  shrug off having to pay $300l in hush money to a porn star just before the election?  Trump has done both and much more.

Some have argued that Trump has not and will not be seriously damaged by repeatedly getting caught laying. That his communication style is actually effective!

That is a scary thought – that some sort of weird charisma “trumps” basic decency and veracity.

Of course,there are indications from state elections that the opposite is true.Dems have won elections that no one thought they could and closed the gap across the board.  And the big test will come in November — assuming that Trump wills till be around. Until then, we watch the spectacle unfold – scandal after scandal.

The most recent fraud claim against Trump comes out of New York from the state AG – that Trump used his Trump charitable foundation like an ATM. The AG has brought a civil suit in New York state court (which Trump has no power to stop), as well as referrals to the IRS and FEC to look into potential criminal violations.

What you need to know — if the claims have merit, and the defendant were not the sitting president — the IRS would  likely pursue criminal charges. We will find out if they do so here.

That would make this scandal potentially worse than Trump’s fraudulent Trump University mess. And so whatever “magic” Trump can conjure will be needed.

And what is this magic? The magic boils down to  using shock and surprise to leave people guessing whether he can actually pull something amazing out of a hat. So he suggests re-writing the security map of the world. It is called anchoring. He insults our allies and embraces our adversaries. He invites the North Korean dictator to a summit. He imposes tariffs and starts  trade wards. He separates mothers form children at the border. He gives the impression of hyperactivity and if any of the above can be spun as a triumph, he relentless spins. But stripping this all down to the essentials, Trump needs deal.s

As a negotiator, I see a huge problem here. When the other side knows that you need something, and they have no incentive to help you, the DON’T give it to you. They ask, “what will you give me in exchange – and it better be good?”In other words, Trump, the supposedly great negotiator, has put himself in a weak negotiating position.

Trump will do his best to cover this up. But at the end of the day, we will learn how much of the store he gave away for his own political survival.

That is what all this boils down to.


The Buzz Explodes Around Kawhi Leonard

_The NBA season is over and now the fun begins. Free agency and the draft Like clockwork, the first big news story has broken.

Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio and just about every team in the league would like to do a deal to get him. There is a hiccup. Trading for Kawhi now means getting a guarantee for just one season. He becomes an unrestricted free agent next season.

Sp let the games begin!

Here is why the Sixers would LOVE to land Kawhi.

  • switching defense – Kawhi would be the best on the team
  • Half court offense – something the Sixers need badly. Kawhi would become the first option
  • Outside shooting – another need – Kawhi is solid
  • playoff experience – he has been there.
  • taking some of the load off of Ben and Joel

But — here is why lots of other teams will be at the  table as well.

And what would the Sixers have to give u? Remember – whatever they give up is for just a one year guarantee. The Sixers want to give them Bayless (and the last year of his absurd contract), That will not be a great incentive to San Antonio. The Spurs may want Fultz and Saric. Ouch! Roco? The tenth pick?  Ouch!

And there is a LeBron link here. The Cavs might give a lot to pair Kawhi and LeBron (if LeBron wants to stay in Cleveland). Or the Sixers may NEED to do a deal if LeBron says it is a condition for him moving over.  to Philly. LeBron and Kawhi coming to Philly? It is a long shot, but it is also a possibility.

Stay tuned!

What’s So Great about Algae?

Good question. I thought of algae as sort of mucky stuff that you want to get rid of in your pool. But …

It grows 10 times more rapidly than terrestrial plants, and you need less than a tenth of the land to produce it. It grows on in non-productive and non-arable land, it doesn’t compete with other crops for land, you can use a variety of water sources, and there’s no fertilizer runoff or downstream eutrophication.


“Microalgae grow much faster than land plants and will be a source of biofuel that makes sense environmentally and economically”

Forbes is running a very, very long article about how algae is the solution to our problems.

Quick! Someone tell Donald Trump!

Elon Musk Just Scored a Whopper Contract

I will admit that for a while, I did not really get the “Boring Company”. It seemed like a distraction from Elon Musk’s other  businesses – Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City.

Now I get it.

Musk just won a contract to construct a new tunnel based transport system that will connect the Chicago Airport (one of the busest in the world) to the city. It will reduce the travel time from 1 hour or more to 12 minutes.


Earth to Donald Trump: How Many Parents of MIA Korean War Soldiers are Still Around?

Donald Trump  actually said this

“So many people asked when I was on the campaign,” Trump said. “I’d say, ‘wait a minute, I don’t have any relationship’ — but they said, ‘when you can, president, we’d love our son to be brought back home’ — you know, the remains.”

Heart rending. But here is the problem

American involvement in the Korean War ended in 1953. If we most generously assume that the parent of a future solider was 18 when their child was born, and that their child was 18 when he was killed on the last day of the war, that means a parent would have been 99 in 2016.

So many 99 year olds! Sop many!