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Lost on a Dirt Road Near Rome … and Who Cares?

How can you resist an article that starts off this way?

It all began last year with someone else’s secret, whispered through the pages of an out of date road atlas abandoned in a rented villa, deep in the Italian countryside.

Whispered through the pages of an out of date road atlas? Wow!

Read onto take part in a fun adventure, and perhaps learn of where you might be headed … the next time you venture to Rome and beyond!

And be prepared for stuff like this! A view of Trevignano

Image result for Trevignano



Your Istanbul Hotel – the Basileus

A while back, I posted about my friend’s great experience in Istanbul when he stayed at the Basileus Hotel.

It is a virtuous circle. Today some folks commented that they will stay at the Baselius because of what they read. I wrote to the hotel and they immediately wrote back saying how delighted they are to greet these new guests as family. Indeed, they treat all of their guests that way.

So if you have had great contacts at places you visited, let me know. I love writing about great people around the world!

Wine: Made by Actual Blue Nuns!

Very funny! From the Mail Online: a prankster changed the labels on selected bottles of wine at a Tesco food store in the UK. I loved this one

Made by actual blue nuns in sea caves protected by wild otters. Full bodied with a hint of wet sand. Taste guide: Dancehall.’

This one has a certain je ne sais quoi as well

‘Great with lobster Thermidor. Best drunk in the street. Taste guide: Trouser Jazz.’

Trouser jazz? Yikes!

Remembering the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man

It is still August, the month that officially endorses silliness. So perhaps this is the right moment to recall the good fun the move Ghostbusters brought us 30 years ago. But just how would New York actually, react to a visit from a 106 foot tall Stay Puft Marshemellow man? Gizmodo ponders the question.  I am still trying to get my hands around the task of cleaning up 2,000 tons of melted marshmellow!