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For Christmas: The King of Kitchen Gadgets?

Yesterday I saw a demo of a blender called Blendtec

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This machine is a beast. It made amazing peanut butter and then soup in just a few minutes. And it goes full bore on the electronics. As you can see from the above model, they have a cool cover that reduces the sound nicely.

You will need to call your investment banker before taking it home. But for you billionaires out there, this is worth a look.

Haven’t heard of Blendtec? They are doing a viral marketing campaign with a video series called “Will it blend?” Here is one of the videos. Impressive!

Is Christmas about … Sneakertopia?

Christmas is tough on the rich. In order to give a “special” gift, the rich have to do more than just waddle down to the mall and pick up a few shirts, scarves, and ties. Special means unusual. Special means expensive. And the richer you are, the unusual and expensive it has to be.

The poor rich! I almost feel for them! And on top of that Liz Warren might impose a wealth tax!!!!!

Ah well, they need not worry too much. Because the rich have a resource that most of us do not have. They have consultants and guides that tell them where to throw their dough ray me!

The Robb Report is one such resource. Don’t get me wrong. From time to time, I find stuff there that I think is pretty cool. But it’s Christmas time, and Robb is going nuts.

Here is the evidence in a headline

33 Spectacular Objects, Trips and Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything

A one-stop-shop for the most exceptional, bespoke presents available anywhere in the world.

The gifts that are on offer in this post are not for mere plebes like you and me who have to check out bank accounts before going out to lunch.

Check it out! It will make you feel rather lucky that that billion dollar deal eluded you and regardless your wife, kids and doggie still love you!

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What he or she needs is a dog bone, and all is well!

Give him an Estonian Bike for Christmas!

That might sound a bit odd. But when you find out this

Lightweight, streamlined and sleek, Viks bicycles come in different colour and size. Shortlisted by BBC Autos Editors as one of the 10 most beautiful bikes in the world, you will definitely be the coolest kid on the road riding one of these around.

And when you see this

you start to get the idea. This would be a very cool gift idea.

Here is your link to order online!

Go for it!

Christmas with Hercule Poirot?

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything? If they love Agatha Christie  … and tell me please, who does not? … they probably have not yet read this Agatha Christie pot boiler

From one of our most celebrated mystery writers comes this intense and spooky story for the holidays. Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is not for the faint of heart. The page-turning detective story focuses on a murder that happens in the Lee family home on Christmas Eve. When Hercule Poirot, who is visiting a friend for the holiday, offers to help the family solve the murder, he finds himself entangled in a web of suspicion.

BTW, if your loved one or friend is a bit snotty about books (like me) you might consider a first edition … errr … but call you investment banker before taking that plunge. We are talking serious buckeroos!

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Books: Elena Ferrante Fans Rejoice!

From Italy Mag

Elena Ferrante is out with a new book, released in Italy last week: La Vita Bugiarda Degli Adulti (which translates as The Lying Life of Adults). Ahead of the release last week, special reading sessions were organized in several cities and the day the novel was out, November 7, some bookstores stayed open late so fans could buy the awaited novel by the wildly successful and mysterious writer whose identity has never been disclosed.

The English language version will not come out until next year, but if you are in the market for a Christmas gift, you might consider

Image result for Ferrante Neapolitan Quartet

Here is some background

And a nice review

Introducing Claudia Fleming, The Last Course, and Stout Gingerbread

Dave  Legovitz offers this high compliment

I could probably name about a dozen people who could be called baking legends. One of them is Claudia Fleming, who was the pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern, and whose book, The Last Course, became a cookbook classic.

Image result for Fleming The Last Course

He gets into Ms Fleming’s recipe for “stout gingerbread”, which I found to be rather fetching. I will give it a try. And this book goes on my list of potential Christmas gifts for the foodies who can never get enough of the good life!