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Getting Deeply into French Wine? What About Your Friends?

I am terrible at giving gifts. that i know. And so, I am always looking for great solutions in advance, so that when the time comes to give a gift, I don’t need to race around like a poulet sans tete looking for something – anything that might please.

For that simple reason, this idea hit the spot — a membership to a special French wine club. with the goofy name Sommailier (yes, a play on words>).

SomMailier is a wine club unlike any other. A play on words for the French term ‘sommelier’, an expert in wine pairing, SomMailier aims to bring this same expertise and take members on an exquisite journey into the heart of flavor, joy, and life with the perfect curation of small-batch French wines mailed to your front door.

There are several great things about this. First, nearly everyone likes wine. Second, nearly everyone likes to try out new types of wine from niche producers. Third, nearly everyone likes getting this delivered to their door – no hassle.

What could go wrong?


Christmas Alert! Visit Ten Thousand Villages!

This is my second post on ideas for Christmas gifts for people like me who are terrible at Christmas shopping.

Buying stuff is fun, but giving stuff that has special meaning is even more fun. So where to find “special meaning”? One way is to give something that is not only a beautiful and useful object, but also contributes to a great cause.

If that sounds attractive, you need to check out Ten Thousand Villages web platform.

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You can buy online, or buy a gift card. If you do, your gift will connect you and your loved ones to craftspeople around the world.

Go for it!

Christmas Shopping Alert! It is Time to Get Creative!

Towards the end of October, I start getting nervous. I have good reason to get nervous. Christmas is coming, and I am a terrible Christmas shopper! And I operate at a terrible disadvantage. I celebrate Christmas at my siser’s in the US, but I have to travel there from Estonia. That rules out last minute purchases of anything that cannot be fit into a suitcase.

As a result, I have started to get better at sniffing out great presents that I can have delivered to my sister’s place. Here is one idea – Folio books.


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There are several things that I love about Folio. They offer a great selection of classic books bound beautifully, with excellent illustrations. It is a very nice product. Folio is also delightfully old fashioned. They do not offer gift cards because they believe you should pick out the books you want to give.

I just received my Christmas mailing from them. For sure, I will order at least one, and possibly two books. You might as well!

Enjoy! and Ho Ho Ho!

The Warriors Just Did an Amazing

It is difficult to beat a good team 3 times in a row. It is more difficult if that team is the Thunder, who trot out Durant and Westbrook et al. It is even more difficult when the thunder are desperate to get to the finals of the NBA. And the Warriors just did that..

That is truly amazing! How could they not be favored to be the Cavs?

Gift Ideas. Bottega Veneta Thin Wallet

For those of you who — like me — always freak out at the last minute because you forgot to buy something.

My son (now 20) is always a tough one. He has very specific tastes, meaning you have to be careful you don’t get something that you like but he won’t. I gave him a nice wallet from Bosco on his last birthday and he liked it.

So perhaps a slim wallet might go too? If not, I can think of others who might need one of these.