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The Warriors Just Did an Amazing

It is difficult to beat a good team 3 times in a row. It is more difficult if that team is the Thunder, who trot out Durant and Westbrook et al. It is even more difficult when the thunder are desperate to get to the finals of the NBA. And the Warriors just did that..

That is truly amazing! How could they not be favored to be the Cavs?


Gift Ideas. Bottega Veneta Thin Wallet

For those of you who — like me — always freak out at the last minute because you forgot to buy something.

My son (now 20) is always a tough one. He has very specific tastes, meaning you have to be careful you don’t get something that you like but he won’t. I gave him a nice wallet from Bosco on his last birthday and he liked it.

So perhaps a slim wallet might go too? If not, I can think of others who might need one of these.