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Sustainable Fashion?

Let’s fact it. We tend to link high fashion with over-doing it. Being over the top. Fashion designers don’t therefore, tend to be linked to sustainable causes. So, one does not ask, “did that dress use pre-owned fabric?  Or, will that outfit be worn more than once?

Conspicuous consumption just doesn’t work that way. And I am thinking of this kind of conspicuous consumption

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or this

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So this article caught my eye(

(The British fashion mag) More or Less did a special collaboration with 11 British designers, who were all asked to create a sustainable couture piece using leftover materials from their previous collections. The one-of-a-kind pieces showcase fashions increasing interest in reducing waste, with designers including Vivienne Westwood and Simone Rocha all creating something beautiful out of fabrics that would be otherwise discarded.

Very interesting! And I see that there is talk about “circular fashion”

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Does this sound like Vogue?

If you’re not aware by now that fast fashion is damaging the environment, you’ve been living under a rock. Fashion is one of the major contributors to pollution in our air and oceans, and is also harming the health of those to produce it. According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, the textile industry will add 22 million tonnes of microfibers in the ocean by 2050, and will also increase its share of the carbon budget from two per cent to 26 per cent. In essence, we will be eating and breathing our own clothes.

It will be interesting to see where this goes! Stay tuned!


There are days when you need a Homburg

This post is not for everyone. And some days, I am not sure it is for me. But there are certain days when a gent needs a fine hat. A sort of signature hat. A thing that adds a dimension to one’s character.

For some it is the fedora.  Here is a rather rakish one

Image result for Lock fedora

For years, I was a fedora man. I loved my Lock & Co. fedora. Sadly, it was snatched from me and I have been fedoraless ever since!

And this has made me think a bit. I miss my old fedora . But at this stage of my life, I am no longer in a fedora mood. I crave instead a Homburg.  Jeremy Brett made it part of his Holmes character

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It has the reputation of being a hat for older men, but it can look rather rakish as well

Image result for Lock Homburg

And there is something solid about it.

Image result for Churchill Homburg

And the place to get a fist rate Homburg? I would go to Lock & Co in London.

Image result for Lock & Co

They take their hats seriously

Image result for Lock & Co

They are not cheap. A Homburg will set you back £300 or so. And you may say, “Lord! For 300 I can do many things.” This is  true. You might enjoy a dinner for two at a fine restaurant. Or you might find a reasonable hotel room in New York. Or you might be 2 or 3 fine shirts.  Or you might get good seats to a sporting event.

The point, however, is not to growl about the price. One does not get flummoxed , for example, at the price of a Ferrari.  You either are a Ferrari man or woman or you are not. End of story. Ditto for your Homburg.

I rest my case.  Go for it!


Deconstructing Fyre Festial Marketing

We know now that it was a scam. The promotion of weekend partying on a private island with hot super models and amazing music was just a fantasy. The reality is that folks shelled out real money and got nothing back. That got the authorities riled up.

How big was the scam?

(Billy) McFarland, the 27-year-old founder of Fyre Media, was sentenced to six years in prison in October after pleading guilty to defrauding investors out of more than $27.4 million.


Here is the promo video

The manipulation included the usual elements (1) images of extreme excess, and (2) a promise of access  … if you pre-pay.

It is an assault on reality. Your hum-drum day to day existence. And that includes your family. Your community. Your friends? Yes, perhaps them too. All for what? Something that looks much, much better, at least on the surface.

BTW, that type of hook is nothing new. Extreme beauty was the hook that caught Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus. Zeus sent Pandora to Epimetheus — a seemingly perfect woman. Epimetheus fell madly in love, and we know what happened after that. Zeus got his revenge on humans for taking fire from the gods when Pandora released the nasty stuff that she had brought with her.

An why are we still so vulnerable? It may be because the images in the above video appear all the time in media. We are already “clued in” that they are symbols of transcendence. Something to aspire to. If we already believe that is true due to advertising, it is just a small step to crave  a fantasy weekend that will never happen.

It is the “stuff of reams”.

The Hottest New Thing: Narcissism is Stupid

It is an old cultural reality. Very old. Those who achieve power over others tend to feel as though they deserve that power. They tend to become narcissists, and they tend to attract other narcissists around them. Think of a king and his court, oblivious to the travails of the average people who are excluded from their banquets. Life has been  a race to the top, and one did not win that race by advertising that you  care about others.

But consider this point from Forbes

Traditional management models of command and control have, in many contexts, been replaced, by more distributed leadership approaches focused on motivating people by creating positive working environments where individuals throughout the organisation can grow, develop and share the leadership responsibilities.

As the article points out, many are still drawn to the heroic individual who tends towards narcissism. But the magic that this sort of person has traditionally been able to command fades when performance requires collaboration (which is more often the norm these days).

In other words, the era of the narcissist business leader may be drawing to a close. Leadership requires empathy and collaboration that the narcissist simply cannot produce.

I wonder when this will be translated by artists into their works. When will we start seeing movies that portray the narcissistic leader as a loser? Narcissism as stupid. And when will we see that role model replaced by a different sort of  person who exudes success?

The deeper story line is that it is becoming less cool to be obviously clueless. Even if you look good in a suit or a dress, if you are brain dead, you are becoming less cool than the nerd who can actually get stuff done. Being smart is the new hot thing. And being smart means being less self-absorbed.

Is this evidence of a cultural shift?  Lordy! What will happen to Donald Trump?

Is Pollen Street Social London’s Best restaurant?

The “Good Food” Guide says yes! Errr … well, it is in a tie, apparently with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

What does it look like?

Image result for Pollen Street Social

And there is a bar

Image result for Pollen Street Social

All of this is very chi chi. Or, as The Spectator would say, very much under control.

Pollen Street Social is a ‘modern urban meeting point’ according to the babble on the website, which is ever more deranged, and makes me think: as opposed to what? It is the flagship restaurant of Jason Atherton, who was named best restaurateur at the GQ Food and Drink Awards last year. Condé Nast again; hacks praise what they can reach. When Evening Standard writers were allowed to drink like men, the Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street was serial pub of the year. Atherton is a Vogue House man from shoe to shining shoe. He is at least one third wristwatch. He poses in a tuxedo on his website and pouts at salad. What has it done to him? Is it his nemesis?

I am sure that the Pollen Street Social is a delightful place. A place to show off your new jacket and hair cut, even if hair is in short supply.  And you go because the prices are outrageous, not despite the bill. That, my dear, shows that you are above it all.

The restaurant in Shaw’s heaven?