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Is Pollen Street Social London’s Best restaurant?

The “Good Food” Guide says yes! Errr … well, it is in a tie, apparently with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

What does it look like?

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And there is a bar

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All of this is very chi chi. Or, as The Spectator would say, very much under control.

Pollen Street Social is a ‘modern urban meeting point’ according to the babble on the website, which is ever more deranged, and makes me think: as opposed to what? It is the flagship restaurant of Jason Atherton, who was named best restaurateur at the GQ Food and Drink Awards last year. Condé Nast again; hacks praise what they can reach. When Evening Standard writers were allowed to drink like men, the Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street was serial pub of the year. Atherton is a Vogue House man from shoe to shining shoe. He is at least one third wristwatch. He poses in a tuxedo on his website and pouts at salad. What has it done to him? Is it his nemesis?

I am sure that the Pollen Street Social is a delightful place. A place to show off your new jacket and hair cut, even if hair is in short supply.  And you go because the prices are outrageous, not despite the bill. That, my dear, shows that you are above it all.

The restaurant in Shaw’s heaven?


Yes, Karl Lagerfeld is Nuts

The great one has gotten a lot of press with this

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Errr … fashion goes digital?  Wired has more

The idea was to juxtapose the computer gear—hardware—and the clothes. It was also, one could assume, a not-so-subtle wink at the show’s attendees, many of whom recorded the whole thing via Instagram (photos that live somewhere in one of Facebook’s sprawling data farms).

It is not so crazy if you start from the premise that the purpose of high fashion is to get attention.

Do You Need a “One Shirt Solution”?

Of course you do! And this advice might help you. Wes Siler writes

…  I prefer wearing Patagonia Merino Air base layers for active pursuits in sub-freezing weather, and find the style of Trew’s T-shirts to be far superior for wearing around the house. But, if you need one performance shirt that can work in moderate temperatures as well as it does heat, and which will resist stink for days, then this probably is the best option yet. It truly is a one-shirt solution for summer playtime outdoors. 

The “resist stink for days” concept is appealing. So we are talking about the “”Voormi” with dual surface UL fabric. Wes did everything possible to wreck one of these babies, aside using it to cook fish and  he gives it a thumbs up!

Voormi has a nice tagline “Return to  Real”.  And they mean it — their wool comes from real places,  it is meant for real conditions, and it has real impact on communities. None of that candy ass fake stuff!

i like it. BTW, my brother turned me on to wool shirts a while back. They are very nice indeed! Again guys, the resist stink for days concept is something you need to keep in mind.

Kendall Jenner and her Nipples … Again

It must be deep July. The media is aghast that Kendall Jenner is walking around down in sheer blouses.

After all, the media needs something to write about while most of its readers re sitting by a pool somewhere. You can only dump on Trump so long before things get boring.

So, let’s cut to the chase. What does the great Kendall think about all this?

she wrote, “I really don’t see what the big deal is with going braless! I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care! It’s sexy, it’s comfortable, and I’m cool with my breasts. That’s it!”

Got that! She is cool with her breasts! Are you?