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Can You Make Time for Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars?

Let’s just agree that you should. Not too often, but just enough so that you feel you are enjoying the good life, not just slaving away and hoping it will arrive some day!

Dave Lebovitz has a fun recipe for the chocolate peanut butter bar

This will go in my digital recipe page, and should go into yours as well. Don’t have one? Stay tuned! I will be posting on this soon!

London Calling: 3 Ancient Sites

London is loaded with historic sites that retain their magic to entice and amaze. And that is its great charm. The desire to retain the best of traditions. So when you visit London, you will no doubt want to check out a few of these places. Of course, there is the Tower, which is quite amazing and ancient, but not the oldest places you can check out.

Here are 3 more ancient places you can explore.

Go for it! Errrr … after the pandemic, of course!

Is Bigger Always Better? The Weird Story of “The One”

Whatever you say about this structure, I think you will agree that the words “cozy” or “homey” or “humble” will not come to mind.

Nile Niami The One

It is a residential project called “The One” and has been under construction for nearly a decade. in Bel Air, California. It is mean t to be a residence but is the size of a shopping mall. Does one need, for example, 5 swimming pools? A full cinema sized home theater?

And then there is the price. The developer initially said it would be a bargain at $500. That is $500 million. Apparently it will now go to market for a mere $340. Who wants to plunk down that kind of cash for this type of thing? The price tag may be too high even for your average billionaire.

Robb has the story.

So let’s see what happens to this whale of a property. Who knows. Perhaps it will be the first of a a slew of 21st century palaces of its type. Think so? We shall see!

Book Alert: Explaining Crowd Insanity

IN the wake of the dumbest insurrection on record, it may be a good time for us all to ask how this happens. The temptation is to blame it on individuals, especially Donald Trump and his facilitators. While these dudes should be held accountable, the reality is that humans are susceptible to joining deluded mass movements. It has happened many times in human history, and it will happen again. That is why psychopaths who manipulate our weaknesses are so dangerous.

Why are we vulnerable? Blame it on our evolution. We survived in many harsh settings (while other animals have been more limited) because of how we learn – by imitation and story telling. Plus, we have developed a self-protective instinct to form “tribes” and brand and demonize other groups as “outsiders”.

These make us vulnerable to story lines that sound remarkable (even if they have no basis in reality) that enable us to imitate patterns of behavior in a tribe and fight against “enemies”. Want to learn more? This is your book.

The Delusions of Crowds, by William J. Bernstein, is forthcoming from Grove Atlantic in February.

Here is the background.

Are The Sixers Good Enough Without Harden?’

Steve Lipman thinks not.

This guy is still quite the anchor

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers

But Steve argues that Ben Simmons has not evolved enough to complement Joel. The Sixers need an elite perimeter threat who can create shots at will, like Harden.

Do they`I think a lot depends on how Shake and Thyrese Maxey develop during the season. If both come on, the Sixers will have two perimeter threats who can create and pass. Neither is as good offensively as Harden. But either can play that role on the team as needed.

And what about Ben? It is true that he is still not a factor from outside. But if you watch the flow of play, Ben contributes in many other ways that a guy like Harden or any other of the flashy scoring guards would not. I will take Ben as he is, and cross my fingers that he starts shooting a bit.

So I will go out on a limb and say the Sixers ARE good enough and will get better as this weird season goes forward. Will they win it all this year? The could, depending on how well they shoot from the outside. If Harris, Seth, Danny, Joel, Shake, Matisse, Thyrese, and more are hitting they can score in bunches AND play ferocious defense.

And btw, my analysis is colored by my desire to see how this team develops as a unit. Go for it!

Crypto Update: A Wild Week? That Would Be an Understatement!

This is not financial advice, or a buy or sell recommendation. But, over the last several months, crypto markets have been going nuts. It will be interesting to see where they are headed. So I will be posting each day on the dollar conversion rates for the two major coins. Enjoy!

Back on January 9th, I reported that Bitcoin had topped $40k. That same day, I listened to several self proclaimed pundits assure us that the sky is the limit. Then the bottom fell out. During the week, BTC fell all the way to $30k. And ETH, which had peaked at $1.35k, fell as low as $905. Did I mention that these markets are volatile?

So how are things looking today?

  • BTC – $38.5k
  • ETH . $1.231k

In other words, both coins have gained back quite a bit of what had been lost. Will the rally continue? Errr … who knows? You might think so, when yous see VC Fred Wilson write stuff like this.

Smart Contracts On Bitcoin

If you don’t know, Fred is a New York VC who has been one of crypto’s big promoters. Though he has cautioned that he thinks current prices are bubbly.

Stay tuned!