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The Lowly Wizards Put a Spell on the Sixers


This about says it all

Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the two players that should be counted on most in big moments, turned the ball over 15 times against statistically the worst defense in the league. There are no excuses, the execution wasn’t remotely close to good enough and it needs to be fixed in a hurry.

But if you want the gory details of how the Sixers lost to the Wizards, here they are.

Suddenly Matisse Leaped in to Make a Steal, and then …

The Sixers had an easy win against the Jazz last night, and at last one can say “this was a fun game to watch!” It was not perfect, but it was not ugly.

One thing – Tobias is stepping up to make key buckets — he is officially out of his slump!

And you need to go to this link and scroll down to the last video to see a great Matisse steal and Ben dunk.

It will make you smile ,,, unless of  course, you are a Jazz fan.

BTW, the Horford block (also on display at the link) is pretty cool too!


Simmons is the Name. Defense is the Game! And Sixers Win!

Ben Simmons is evolving as an NBA player.

It is true that his outside shooting game is not evolving … yet.

But his game IS evolving.

And that evolution is seen on the defensive end of the court. We might keep in mind that when Ben came into the NBA, defense was not his strength. Now it is perhaps his most valuable strength for the Sixers.

Last night, Ben did something incredible on the defensive end of the court. In the last moments of a close game with the Pacers, Ben made 3 — count ’em 3 — steals that sealed the win for the Sixers. If he keeps this up, he is starting to look like the defensive player of the year.

Here are the highlights!

And yes, I still think his outside game will sooner or later wake up.

The Kings Get Matissed! Sixers Win!

Matisse Thybolle had a reason to be grumpy. He is, after all, an NBA rookie. And being a rookie in the NBA is a tough slog. He got off to a good start, and then his rookieness began to show. So Brett Brown benched him.

The thing is that Matisse has amazing skills, especially on defense. You can’t let that sit too long on the bench. And last night when Josh Richardson left the floor with a tender hamstring, Matisse got the call. Did he ever!

As you can see in the videos at this link, Matisse responded with a whopper of a game. I especially loved the sequence where he blocked a Buddy Hield shot, then collected an amazing pass from Ben Simmons and dunked it at the other end.

BTW, Joel had a message for former team mate Richaun Holmes “You cannot guard me!” he had 30 plus points.

And the Sixers went on to beat the Kings in … let’s be blunt … ugly fashion.

The Sixers Go Raptor Hunting Tonight!

The Sixers trounced the Heat. And that gives one some confidence that the team is starting to gel. Both Tobias and Josh had strong performances. Both are needed to take … errrr… the heat off of Joel.

So tonight the Sixers head up to Toronto to take on the team that destroyed their playoff dreams last year: the Raptors. Kawhi is gone, but the Raptors still have good players.

Will the momentum from the Heat game pull the Sixers to a road game win (so far, the Sixers have not been a great road team. Stay tuned! Tonight is the game! And it is a big game, though, yes, the season is still young The Sixers need to establish some dominance.

Now is there chance.