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The Most Boring Lunch in the World?

To qualify for this award, the lunch in question must be intentionally boring. Not just the product of outrageously bad kitchen skills.

And which culture produces this?

According to BI, the answer is Norway. Many Norwegians eat a “matpakke”. And I would agree that this is very, very boring. Basically, a few pieces of bread,, a wipe of butter or other spread, and a piece of something.

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It is meant to be eaten without enjoyment.

Vox gets into the philosophy of this style of lunch. Minimalism, dude!


Flash News! Dave Lebovitz Fell in Love with a Biscotti!

Does anyone NOT like biscotti?

I am rather fond of them, myself. Especially those with a hint of almond or hazelnut.This image has strong intuitive appeal

Image result for biscotti and cappuccino

This one is even better – with 2 biscotti

Image result for biscotti and cappuccino

Who would want just one?

But I have never been tempted to actually make bizcotti. The idea did not even occur to me.

I occurred to Dave Lebovitz. And he went nuts getting the right nuts into his biscotti recipe. Now he is love with it. You might fall in love as well. After all, didn’t Proust sort of fall in love with a cookie?

One Does Dream of Chocolate Chip Cookies from Time to Time

My rescue cat Oscar is sitting in the kitchen sink. I don’t know why he or she (I still don’t know which) is doing that, there you have it. He or she has been in there for around a half hour with the water turned on to a trickle, and he or she seems to be in sort of a reverie. Who am I to disturb this sort of pleasure?

Indeed. So instead, I will write about chocolate chip cookies. Not a long post. Just a quickie to remind you that there are many ways to make these things. And one of my favorite involves substituting tahini for the butter.


Then this is the link for you. Go for it! And don’t worry, I am sure that sooner or later Oscar will emerge from the sink to demand his or her breakfast!

Sadly, I am Inconsistent in my Burito Tastes!

I admit it. I do not have a deep appreciation for what differentiates a superior from a run of the mill burito. After all, I have eaten a ton of average buritos and cannot recall any of them making me do a “danza de los diablos” in the aisles.

Errr ,,, danza de los diablos? You know. Something like this

One might feel that sort of dancing urge for other reasons that have been wrongly ascribed to Montezuma desiring revenge. But we will not go into that.

You may want to know what brought me to this conclusion. It is this post about the best burito one can get in San Fransisco.It gave me a thought, immediately rejected and then reconsidered, “Would it be worth flying to San Fransisco just for a burito?”

Has Ground Chicken Wronged You in the Past?

I am not a big fan of ground chicken. I tried using it once, but found that the result was, I hate to say, boring.

I may now change my mind.

Why? Because of this post. From it  I realize that I was approaching this all wrong. I needed to think of the ground chicken as if it were lemonade.


Read on, my friend. You will see and perhaps you will even give this recipe a try! At least watch the very adorable video!

Something New at Harrods? What next? The Queen Singing the Blues?

You do not expect “new” things at the Harrods food hall. New implies a need for upgrade, and for most of us — if not all — Harrods food  hall is already perfect.

Image result for Harrods food court

I do not budge from this position. And yet, I accept this new wrinkle

In late June 2019, a new concept, the Harrods Dining Hall, opened with six new dine-in restaurants to supplement the take-away options in the rest of the Food Halls. The new venues—the Grill, the Pasta Bar, the Fish Bar, the Sushi Bar, Kama by Vineet, and the Wine Bar—are not only spectacular art deco destinations for a seasonal and exquisitely prepared lunch or dinner but they also manage to make Harrods, which began in 1824, seem cutting-edge again, no small feat for a department store in the age of Amazon.

Perfect in a new way?