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The Omelet à La Tampopo

Did you know how to make a perfect omelet back in 1988?

Back then, I was still a bit wet behind the ears when it came to kitchen lore. I had the desire, but not the finesse to please.

I would have done well to watch Tampopo, where the Jacques Pepin omelet making technique takes center stage. Adam Rapaport did. I wonder why I did not: Hmmm … I will have to think about that.

Meanwhile, check out the link for a very fun short video of that movie sequence. Brilliant!

Nepalese Cooking in Tartu? Yes!

I love it when you try something new and find out that it is great! And that is what I discovered each time that I visited the Mandala Restaurant on Ruutli Street in Tartu.

Image result for Mandala Restaurant Tartu

The only problem appears to be that it is TOO good. I read that during the week, there are some wait times for lunch. My suggestion – go there on Sunday. That is what I did and the place was nearly empty.

Be prepared – the decor is simple. No frills. But the food is superb. Whoever is in the kitchen, knows what he or she is doing.

Go for it!

BTW, I hear that there is a second Nepalese restaurant in the space at the rear of the SEB building on Ülokooli Street called Vaga Mama. I have not tried it yet but will. Stay tuned!

A Homily to French Wine

Just what is a homily? It is

a religious discourse which is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction.

It nurtures the soul rather than tells you what to do.

That about sums up my attitude towards wine in general. You can, if you choose to, get into the mechanics of how wine is made. But you don’t need to do that to fall in love with the experience that certain wines can offer.

Marissa Ross writes about her path to this sort of enlightenment. This captures the flavor of the thing

That chaos (of wine making experiences) also leads to everything real and beautiful and memorable. That’s what I learned I loved about French wines. It’s not one specific thing but rather the space created for so many possibilities. It’s what brought me to my knees, scribbling about Domaine Plageoles’ Gamay on the wet cellar floor. It’s why I stayed out too late drinking Domaine Rimbert’s Cinsault and got lost in misty ivy-covered alleyways along the river in Saint-Chinian.


The Street Food Capital of Asia is Banning Street Food!

God save us!

Thai street food in Bangkok is famous. It is a tourist draw. It is the only way many Thais can afford to eat. And street food will be banned in Bankok by the end of the year.

Image result for Bangkok street food

The reason? The government claims that it is to promote cleanliness and safety. The real reason may be the way the military junta is thinking. They want Bangkok to be like Singapore. And street food is too yucky to fit into that vision.

Disaster? I think so. And not just for the folks who have for decades manned the food stalls. But there you go.

Fermented Garlic Honey for Breakfast?

You learn something new every day!.

I was checking out this BA post on how to improve your wooden cutting board maintenance when I saw this video on how to make fermented garlic honey.  it is at the bottom of the article – just scroll down!

You might wonder why one would do this. It is a way to boost the immune system. Aha! And kind of cool!

Image result for fermented garlic honey

It turns out that this is quite the thing. Here is why

A change from the common fermentation brines and salt solutions…Fermenting in Honey. This fermenting process with honey has lots of health benefits and the pinnacle of that benefit – both items after the ferment, taste absolutely incredible! Much like the dual benefit when you make mozzarella cheese, and then make ricotta as a secondary product from the whey. Fermenting in honey gives you a double bonus without adding an additional step or additional food products. You get the fruit or vegetable that is engulfed in the honey and you get the infused honey that’s filled with residual flavor. Wham…