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Before you get there – a few tips about luggage and trains in Italy

A few basics

  • some tips for when to come, (March and October), avoiding tourist traps, buying souvenirs, using gonolas, using the water bus, climate – hot and cold, aqua alta, using side roads, visiting Castello, being early bird and late bird,

Here is a list of posts about Venice

  • if you are an art lover, why October is the time to go – from AFAR

media and guides

the tourist problem

1. For beginners part 1 – some background

2. Some history about the design of gondolas

3. On Venetian grand buildings

on the music of Venice – Peter Moss

Palazzo Grimani

finding cheap and good food

a list of best hotels

another list of top luxe hotels

a list of unique places

the bast bacarĂ² for cicchetti

some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” along with a promo for a food tour

Osteria Bentigodi for dinner

a few recs from Melting Butter

Il Mercante for fresh cocktails

Do Forni for seafood



raveling from Venice

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