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Christmas is for Unusual Gifts

I am the first to admit that I am the world’s worst Christmas gift giver. I forget until the last minute that this takes time and effort, and I end up panicking, and giving stuff that makes everyone cringe.

Ok. This year will be different!All year I have been building up my shopping list. Stuff I can buy online. And now I am ready to start selecting stuff.

My task was made even easier by The Guardian. They just came out with their “Culture Gift Giving Guide”. I will take a pass on the Death Star Fire Pit, though I wouldn’t mind having one myself!

Image result for death star fire pit

On the other hand, the Shakespeare insults tea towel might be a nice stocking stuffer for my grumpy sister!

Image result for Shakespeare Insults Tea Towel

Hmmm … I will have to think about that.


Porto is the Place to Go!

From Bloomberg

For all the popularity Lisbon has amassed over the past few years as a sought-after travel destination, Porto is still overlooked. But it shouldn’t be: Portugal’s “second city” is the country’s real standard setter when it comes to design, thanks to its heritage as a manufacturing hub through most of the 19th and 20th centuries. Now it’s gaining traction as a shopping mecca, too, filled with locally made items by emerging designers who can’t be found elsewhere.

Very cool. And when I go, I want to stay here

A room from Pestana Vintage Hotel in Port.


Christmas: Thinking about Travel Bags

Do you useTopo?

Lifehacker is into it. And Lifehacker is trying to create a forum

If you have a great go bag with a useful organization scheme and great features, let us know! You can share your bag by posting it to your personal Kinja blog using the tag featured bag or adding it to our Lifehacker Go Bag Show and Tell Flickr pool.

Useful! Just what are the best travel equipment purveyors? Good question. Your thoughts are welcome!