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Minimum Viable Product – The first step to creating a “making lifestyle” is to understand  how you can add value to what others do.


Nation Building – As technology changes patterns of world trade, it will affect the ability of peoples to develop strategies to prosper. What can be done to maximize the chances of building global prosperity?

Dan Nocera –  Harvard chemist who genetically engineered a bacterium that breathes in more CO2 than plants and emits alcohol.

Platform business

Office Set up

Peak Experiences


Quantum Computing


Retirement savings

scaling (collaboration magic)

Sixers – What would you do as Sixers GM?

Slack – This messaging service seems to have some mojo. They are now getting into an AI powered office manager bot.

Social Media stars

Solar Energy – Cities

Thorium reactors


Universal Basic Income

Vector Space Systems. Why? This is a cool idea that aims to revolutionize launching small satellites.

Virtual Reality


Writing Platforms

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