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Wow! The Sixers are Tied with the Magic!

This might sound a bit odd. The Sixers and Magic are nowhere near playoff contention. But they are in a hot race to see who ends up fourth in line for ping pong balls at the draft lottery. The Sixers just lost to the Bulls and the Magic beat the Nets. That evens their records for fourth place!

More good news – the Lakers have won 2 straight and pulled ahead of the Suns. Errr¬† …. I mean they are now behind the Suns for the number 2 spot in the line for lottery ping pong balls! So what? So it increases the odds that the Lakers will not pick in the top 3 — which would mean that their pick goes to the Sixers (it is “top three protected”)

And the other day, we saw top draft prospect Mr. Fultz saying that he digs what is going on in Philly!

It is not likely that the Sixers will pick high enough to get Fultz, but a man can dream, can’t he?