This is a lifestyle blog.

Hey! Stop yawning! There is more! It gets better!

By lifestyle, I mean merging who we are and who we want to be.

Can that be done?



Let’s be honest for a second. We are not really the person who we would love to be. We are that person in part only. That is totally ok. The aspiration to be more is what pulls us forward in life.  This dynamic is universal, whether you are President Obama, Brad Pitt, or Harry the plumber. Ok. Donald Trump may be the exception that proves the rule. So here is the big question. Who helps us move forward? Who is on our side?

Here is the pitch. Mainstream media pretends to be on our side. But is it? I think not. The reason is that mainstream media is largely about escape rather than connection. You see lots of fantasy, but very little about your neighbor or your ex-wife or your kids or your uncle Harry who is wandering around Tibet. The reason is simple – mainstream media is about selling stuff rather than seeing stuff. It is out of balance. And that lack of balance hurts us when we are looking for folks who are on our side. Folks who do cool stuff and who can inspire us.

Starting conversations that inspire.

Seeing things beyond our noses.

Having a bit of fun, before you put the coffee mug back on the table.

Here is the core proposition: Life can become a zero sum game if you let it. But that doesn’t mean that it has to! We all can have a lot more fun if we start from that basic idea!

That means in this blog, I write about people and stuff that are fun to talk about. And the main thing is not ME ME ME. It is US US US: linking to stuff people are writing about, and to people themselves makes this worthwhile. This doesn’t just fit into one category. It spills over into travel, art, books, people and so on.  Things that make you glad to be alive. Things that you may want to keep track of in this crazy world. But keep in mind. This blog just offers you a glimpse of fun stuff. If all goes well, reading this blog will make you smile. What happens after that is up to you!

Oh! One more thing. You will find here fragments of lots and lots of stories. Food for the brain.


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