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It is Time to Use 2 Factor Authentication

This story from Al Wenger might set off alarm bells for you.

Al was able to fend off the attack. But the scary thing for me was how easy it was for the hacker to access his passwords.

Fred Wilson suggests aggressively moving to 2 factor authentication. His recommendation is the Ubikey. How big is the risk? The risk is greatest to the extent that hackers can access financial accounts (including crypto). But that is not the only risk.

Here is a video that provides more information.

Soft Skills Alert!: Managing Conflict

This is not a “how to live better” blog. On the other hand, it is a “finding cool stuff” blog.

This morning I found a cool podcast from NBR about a theme that troubles ALL of us – how to deal with conflict. BTW, if managing conflict were easy, there would be a lot less destructive conflict all around us.

A basic point — the goal here is not to eliminate conflict. We need a certain amount of conflict in life in order to maintain a high level of creativity.

Check it out!