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Going Deep into Cornwall

This is not something I would have handered after a while back. But since then, I have noticed a steady steram of writing about the food culture in Cornwall. That food culture is developing into something very special. Why? Because Cornwall is the source of great food supplies.

Christine Muhlke writes about her excursion, with loads of tips on where to go.

Check it — with breakfast, of course! And get ready for images like this

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Scoping out the Vada Pav in Mumbai

Vada Pav is a veggie burger and it looks like this

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And you can get the ultimate vada pav in Mumbai …. errrr … at least that is what Kat Craddock claims in her Saveur piece.

It is a relatively modern Indian invention. The main components—potatoes and baked, leavened rolls—were introduced to the area by colonizing Europeans, but Mumbaikars have made this fistfull of fried carbs very much their own. You can get vada pav on the street, on trains, and increasingly from brick-and-mortar fast food joints. Even McDonald’s India has gotten in on the action.

Go for it!

Going Crazy for Nascero in Venice!

Venice has a problem. Too many tourists surge into the city every day. That has many negative effects, and one of them is the quality of its restaurants. They need not please to get return business from the next wave from the tour boats.

But there are ways to get around this. With a bit of help, you can find places that cater to locals. The prices are not insance and the quality is better. So where to find this help? Anna Lebedeva is your guide.

She offers this short post that opens up Venice for you. And it describes what Nascero is all about!

Check it out!

Jetting Off to Sweden’s Islands

The article starts off this way

A beach getaway might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a trip to Sweden, but once the long-awaited warmth of summer reemerges, Swedes wake from hibernation and celebrate by escaping to the coasts to catch some rays. Many of the most popular summer destinations are amongst the more than 200,000 islands (yes, more than 200,000) that dot the water off the mainland.

And it offers an amazing l8ist of places to visit., I will be consulting it this summer!