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Where did Baudelaire Buy Shirts? And More!

Paris is loaded with fascinating public spaces that have historical interest. Few cities have more, and fewer still embrace their traditions the way Parisians do.

One of those historic establishments is the shirt maker Charvet.

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Wikipedia has this to say

The world’s first ever shirt shop, Charvet was founded in 1838. Since the 19th century, it has supplied bespoke shirts and haberdashery to kings, princes and heads of state. It has acquired an international reputation for the high quality of its products, the level of its service and the wide range of its designs and colors. Thanks to the renown of its ties, charvet has become a generic name for a certain type of silk fabric used for ties.

BTW, the founder’s father had been curator of the wardrobe of Napoleon. That gave Christofle Charvet a great head start. But there was something else going on

Christofle Charvet created the first shirtmaker store in Paris, for which the new term chemisier (shirtmaker) was coined. Previously, shirts were generally made by linen keepers with fabric provided by the customer,but in this store of a new kind, clients were measured, fabric selected and shirts made on site.[The development of this specialty trade was favored by a change in men’s fashion, with more importance given to the waistcoat and the shirt collar, which called for more propositions for the shirt front and a technical change. Previously, shirts were cut by linen keepers entirely of rectangles and squares. There were no shaping seams and no need for shirt patterns. The new interest for a closer fitting shirt led to curving the armhole and neckline or adding a shoulder yoke, by application to the shirt of tailoring techniques. The new kind of shirt was called chemise à pièce (yoked shirt).  Alan Flusser credits Christofle Charvet with the original design of a collar that could be turned down or folded, much in the manner of contemporary collars, and the concept of the detachable collar.

In those days, the most elegant men belonged to the “Jockey Club”. Charvet advertised himself as shirt maker to the club. Who could resist that?

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And if stories like the above interest you, check out this list of other Parisian destination locations! Most important, enjoy!


Where Would You Live in Rome?

Hmmm … I am not likely to move to Rome any time soon. But it is fun to think where I would live, if I did. Perhaps Monti?

Monti is easily the most up-and-coming area in town: it’s the perfect mix of hipness and elegance, for people who want to see and be seen, for the fashionable, the cool and the trend-setters. If you have money to spare and you like to drink in speakeasy’s, if you love molecular cocktails and wearing designer dresses, then Monti will steal your soul. Stazione Termini is at a walkable distance, making this little suburb very well connected with the rest of the city.

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But Monti is just one section. Here are some others!


Getting into Brooklyn

In fact, Brooklyn is pretty big. And it is more diverse than you might think. This is a pretty good tip (from The Independent) if you are thinking of heading over to explore

Don’t expect to tackle many of its neighbourhoods in just two days – instead, focus on two or three and explore in depth. Just over the Brooklyn Bridge you’ll find DUMBO, which morphs into Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill as you move south. Further north is the hipster enclave of Williamsburg, where the brownstones and wooden houses give way to converted warehouses and industrial spaces, now filled with craft breweries and coffee shops

But you SHOULD explore one of the items on the list provided by The Independent – The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They are awesome!

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Full disclosure: A friend of mine works there.

Fez over Marrakech?

I would instinctively head for Marrakech, wouldn’t you? But Fez has its attractions

As the oldest and (arguably) most fascinating of Morocco’s imperial cities, Fez is steeped in timeworn splendor and has a deep sense of history that’s not just palpable, it’s tangible. Its medieval medina — the world’s largest car-free urban area — is a mystifying mix of chaos and calm, a maze of corridors, souks and ornate mosques.

And this article offers some rec’s for where you might want to hang out.

Sipping the Good Life at Septime La Cave in Paris

We all want a place to go. A place that we know will welcome us. Will nourish us. Will connect us with people we want to know and care for. A place that we care for, and that is always waiting for our return.

What places give you those feelings? In Ireland and England, I found it mostly in pubs. In Brooklyn, there are some coffee shops and small restaurants. In know at least one bar in New York that I would always meander over to. And in Paris, one finds quite a few.

One of them is Septime Cave.  It was made by the folks who created Septime, the restaurant. And this is written

“If Septime is the mothership, exerting a gravitational pull on diners citywide, Septime Cave is the dinghy : a little escape pod for tasteful rue de Charonne locals seeking a random weeknight tipple.”

Here is a peek at what you might find

On any given evening a mixed crowd of locals and tourists – some waiting for tables at Clamato, others just enjoying apéro-hour – perch on bar stools and repurposed grocery crates, mingling to a soundtrack of reggae and vintage jazz classics. For years more a way-station than an outright destination, Septime Cave has since summer 2015 been open for business on Sundays, rendering it all the more indispensable to the rue de Charonne neighborhood.

Here we are!

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Mad in Madrid for La Croquetta

This quote from “Where the Foodies Go” got my attention

The right place to taste Spaniards’ favourite specialty: la croqueta! You can totally go mad in here, there’s croquetas for all tastes! You MUST try the chorizo and shimp one and the dessert ones (we had tiramisu and lemon pie flavours)!

Here is what the front looks like

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But that is not all! The post offers an enormous selection of places in Madrid that you will want to visit … if you like to eat, that is! And the attitude is infectious!

Go for it!

BTW, I have added the above link to my Madrid page above that you can find in “Travel I/M”- There you can find one other reference link from Mashable. I am just getting started on this page – more to come!

And I was so inspired by the idea of croquettes, I will be making shrimp croquettes tonight. I will be “somewhat” following this recipe from Food 52

Georgette Jupe is an Expert on Italian Trains … and Tuscany

Georgette offers 9 tips for how to do this well. I thought that the night trip was most instructive. here is  the first part

I would avoid (and of course, this is a personal opinion so bear with me here) wearing miniskirts, see-thru shirts, shorts and small dresses, guys instead perhaps should leave the sleeveless workout shirts at home. Best to avoid any sort of controversial apparel, political t-shirts or hats, or swear words emblazoned on your sweater.

Do people travel with swear words emblazoned on their sweaters? Interesting.

BTW, you might not know this but

Georgette Jupe, the curator and founder of Girl in Florence is a big fan of Tuscany.

She was interviewed about her Tuscan interests.

I found some useful ideas there!