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Discover Giorgia Caporuscio’s Favorite Pizza

And who is Giorgia Caporuscio? Here she is

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An attractive young lady. But why should we take note of her pizza eating tendencies? Because, my dears, young Giorgia is the queen of Neopolitan pizza in New York!

Perhaps it is the season, but I found her story to be inspiring! Both her story — and her dad’s story!. The dude must be very proud! Enjoy!

And here is her favorite pizza’

It’s what we call the ‘Kesté’: it’s very simple, but has a special touch. It’s made with San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, imported from Italy; we bake it, then we add arugula, Prosciutto di Parma DOP, shavings of Gran Cru, a cheese that is halfway between Parmigiano and Pecorino, and extra virgin olive oil. It’s classic, with a twist.


Take Me to the Capital of Chocolate!

Did you know?

Italians tend to eat chocolate only in cold seasons and after Easter they seem to switch to chocolate ice cream. Who would want luscious rich melt-in-your-mouth addictive cocoa goodness all year around? Not Italians as it turns out.

But in Turin, this is not the case. According to Anna Lebedeva, Turin is the capital of chocolate — all year round.

So where to go? She has you covered!  Of the five that she recommends, I would first make a beeline for Peyrano.  It is that hazelnut cream and grappa filling that gets me. The Torta Peyano sounds pretty good too!

a cake filled with chocolate cream, orange marmalade and coated with dark chocolate.

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What do you think?

Cheap Eats in New York?

Ligaya Mishan starts off her NYT article this way

The places to eat that I like best are imperfect. They might have unsteady tables and bony chairs, set too close together, and doors that don’t shut properly, letting in every hiss of wind. They might keep erratic hours, close early without warning and never answer the phone. A dish might touch heaven on one visit and fall to earth the next.

I agree. Local is always more fun than stuffy —- even if excellent — haut. And Lgaya has some cool picks. Most interesting – The Queens Night Market.

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Check it out!

Getting Lost in Gorgeous Glorenza

Of course, it would be difficult to get lost in Glorenza, one of the smallest cities in Europe with only 900 residents. At the same time, it might be a pleasure — weather permitting —- because glorenza is a little jewel.

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Italy Mag says this

One of Italy’s most beautiful towns Glorenza (Glurns) offers a camera-ready mix of Renaissance, Gothic, and Tyrolean architecture. As a trade center Glorenza prospered, one of the reasons for the beautiful dwellings found here. Wrapped in circular 16th-century walls (built by the Hapsburgs after the town was destroyed in 1499) and dominated by three towers, Glorenza is a good jumping off point for visits to the well-preserved Castle Coira/Churburg, dating from the 1500s and still owned by the famous Von Trapp family; and the Marienberg, or Monte Maria, the highest Benedictine abbey in Europe. Enjoy the hybrid Italian-Austrian cuisine, where you’ll find both goulash and gnocchi on the menu.

Anyone for a tour?

Hot Soup on a Cold Night in Montreal

The story starts off this way

On a dark and windy night last December, in the middle of a brutally cold snowstorm in Montreal, where everybody was speaking French and acting like it was no big deal, I ate one of the greatest bowls of soup I have had in years.

The greatest bowl of soup? Hmmm …  of course, one is supposed to visit Montreal in winter. It is a place where the cold is an attraction. But, the author points out, you need to know where to stop over. Where to warm up. And where to chow down.

Read on! And you may need to check out the ginger rose fizz at Damas.

What! You are being sent to Toronto! No problem BA has a city guide for Toronto. Go for it!

Christmas in Bressanone

Here is the grab

With the two bell towers of the Cathedral guarding over the colorful stands, and mountains sprinkled with snow framing the piazza where the stands are set up, the Christmas market in Bressanone may very well be one of the most photogenic in all of Italy. Add the Christmas lights and decorations put up in the pedestrianized streets of Bressanone’s medieval center, and even the most jaded person won’t be able to not feel at least a little bit of holiday spirit.

Here is the link. for more

And this is a cool image

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Go for it!