Want to get smarter?

One of the main ideas behind buzzography is to track cool media stories. That helps us identify stories, amd learn from what happens as they unfold.

Think about it. Where else do you get this? you don’t. Traditional media is entirely “one off”. You get an article or a post that pretends it contains all you need to know. But this is not possible. It is simply not possible to cram the background into an intro sentence or paragraph.

Why is it important? What happened leading up to the new information? Where is it going?

Also – thinking of news as “ad hoc” articles tricks us into believing that we are learning from what happens. That learning requires a way for us to challenge our belief about what is important.

If X, then Y.

the “then Y”  means making projections based on our beliefs as well as tracking whether what we believe about the world leads us to a better understanding of the world.  So who does that for you other than good old buzz?

Sp get to know buzzography’s tracking system. It is a work in progress.

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