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Ipad as desktop computer

Over the last year, I have been slowly — you might say, ever so slowly — upgrading my house. The problem was that the second floor had never really been renovated from the time that I bought the place back in 1997. It still had lots of Soviet era fixtures and problems. In short, it was a mess.

During renovations, I moved my office to the dining room and posted from there. Well, the work is finally nearing completion. Hooray! And it is time to move my office into new space on the second floor. For the time being, this means using my IPad as my desk computer, connected through a Bluetooth keyboard.

I thought I would write this quick post just to check it out. So far, so good!




Happy Earth Day!

I am all confused. My smartphone reminded me to celebrate earth day today. But I looked on my paper calendar and say that it was the 25th. Huh? Ooops! The page was showing the month of February.

So, great! I can celebrate earth day! I hope that you will too!

Image result for celebrating earth day

After all, we are on earth and we are not likely to leave the planet. Why not celebrate our home? And if you need some help seeing the earth in perspective, how about this? A view from Cassini, orbittingSaturn. 

earth moon saturn rings nasa jpl cassini 7656_MAIN_PIA21445_figA labeled

I will be taking an earth day walk. How about you?

Children of Survivors Tell of a Secret Escape Tunnel

Some situations are just too cruel to bear. This is one of them.  The Smithsonian website starts the story this way

Shortly after dawn one January day in 1944, a German military truck departed the center of Vilnius, in what is today Lithuania, and rattled southwest toward the fog-laced towns that ringed the city. Near the village of Ponar, the vehicle came to a halt, and a pale 18-year-old named Motke Zeidel, chained at the ankles, was led from the cargo hold.
Zeidel had heard the stories of what happened in the forest. It was a killing ground. He was sure that his time had come and that he would be shot as well. But he was not. He was to be part of

… the Ponar Burning Brigade, a group of 80 Jewish prisoners forced by the SS to dig up tens of thousands of bodies of their loved ones (murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian militia between 1941 and 1944), stack them in alternating layers with logs, pour gasoline on them and burn them to cinders.

The Nazis wanted to trace left of the massacre. But a few of the prisoners built a secret tunnel and escaped. And that escape tunnel has just been found.

NOVA has the story. And it is one to watch! You might be able to see it at the above link to “The History Blog”. Go for it!

Looking for a Few Great Rosés?

Summer is on the way. The bad news is that Trump is still in the White House. The good news is that we can start thinking about what type of rosé we will flaunt..

Right. You might not be into Martha Stewart. She has had a few issues over the years. But Martha is also very smart. And she is focused these days on what wines you want.  Her idea is to offer a mixed half case at a pretty decent price.  This is wine curation, not just flogging plonk!

Which, of course, reminds me of that great connoisseur of plonk, Rumpole of the Bailey!

Image result for Rumpole of the Bailey

Leo McKerrn played Rumpole. And he was brilliant. The series was brilliant. As entertaining as Jeremy Brett’s Holmes! And Rumpole enjoyed a quick glass or three  of “ChateuauThames Embankment” before heading home to “she who must be obeyed”.

Errr … back to Martha.  Given her new focus on wine, BA asked Martha which rosés she might recommend for unique occasions. Martha obliged and at this link, you can get the list.

This category, in particular, caught my eye

At the movies, snuck into a thermos, with a jumbo bag of buttered popcorn.
2016 Voluptueux Malbec Rosé
(No comment, which, we get.)


Where did you go in March?

`Saveur has a nice monthly feature where its editors write a short squib about great places they have been the month before. Here is the post for March.

I like the easy format. It is informative, but not burdensome to read over coffee!

Here is a snippet

I recently took a short trip up to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to one of my favorite wine stores, UVA, which excels at oddball bottles. I was in the mood for a brawny and tart white Jura, which they happened to be out of. The closest alternative was actually not from France at all.

Mondo Antico, a biodynamic producer in northern Italy’s Lombardo region, makes a bright, unoaked “Perpolio” chardonnay that’s nearly indistinguishable. Like many whites from Jura, Perpolio is aged under a flor, or collection of yeasts, which exposes it to more oxygen and gives it that distinctive love-it-or-hate-it funk. Unlike many whites from Jura, the bottle was under $20. —Andrew Richdale, deputy editor