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The Wienermobile is in the News Again!

Just in time for your trip to Chicago.  I can hear her now asking “Honey, did you book the hotel?” And the answer? “Don’t worry my dear! You will be amazed!”

Indeed! Here is the news!

The famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now available on Airbnb in honor of National Hot Dog Day on July 17, and will be stationed in Chicago in the first week of August to comfortably sleep two, just in time for this year’s Lollapalooza concert.

And what is the Ocar Mayer Wienermobile? It looks like this

Image result for Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Do you think she will like it?


New Luxe Feature: Handmade Rugs by Gur

I bumped into this idea from a Fathom post about a trip to Algarve. Johanna Peet regretted that she did not pick up a rug by Gur during her visit.

I checked out their webpage and liked it! You might as well.


It is now on my Luxe shopping list.

I will be adding more sources for handmade rugs. Stay tuned!

Cocktail Alert: We Need Royal Rose Safforn Simple Syrup!

Every now and then, I crave a daiquiri or a whiskey sour. These are not hard to make, except that you need some simple syrup. And simple syrup is not hard to make, especially if you are just using sugar and water.

It did not occur to me until today that simple syrups need not be quite that simple. One might add some flavorings to them to bring out hidden nuances to cocktails.  This post offers some tips for adding herbs, spices and citrus. Interesting!

Or you can buy some Royal Rose simple syrup. This article got me thinking about it.

…  the earthy, just slightly floral syrup pairs well with any base spirit. It’s also delicious stirred into fresh lemonade or plain yogurt, or drizzled over pizza or hard cheese. Once open, it’ll keep for months in the fridge, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll go through your bottle much faster than that.

Image result for Royal Rose saffron simple syrup

I may need to try this!

Fancy Speculating in Fine Art?

This is something that kings and their courtiers loved to do. These days, it is for the rich and famous.

But while we may not be able to display a Van Gogh in our homes, there are some other interesting things we can do aside from buying a post.

A new web platform called Otis is now in service that allows you to buy fractional shares of works of art. In other words, you can have fun tracking what is available, and buy into things that you think will appreciate over time and that you want to support.

Fred Wilson wrote about this the other day.

A London Update

Forget the weather forecast! Fatham says London is hot this summer!

As usual, the V&A has a sell out exhibition on “Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams”. Tickets are coming on sale again on July 15.

Image result for Christian Dior Designer of Dreams

If Da Vinci floats your boat, get on a plane soon! The Queen’s Gallery is offering a show of 200 drawings from the Royal Collection that are rarely shown together.

Image result for Queen's Gallery Da Vinci

Sticking around for a while? You may want to rent an apartment through “The Living Rooms” – how about Maryleone? The Weymouth Mews looks very cool!

Image result for Weymouth Mews London Suite 1

Then again, the penthouse at the Arts Club in Mayfair may be hard to pass on!

Image result for London Arts Club penthouse

Go for it!

Switzerland: The Ultimate Spa?

Before you consider any information, take a look at this pic

Image result for Tschuggen Grand Hotel Bergoase Spa

At night, these glass sail like roof extensions look like this

Image result for Tschuggen Grand Hotel Bergoase Spa

It is the  Tschuggen Grand Hotel’s Bergoase Spa in Switzerland.

Now consider this (from Elite Traveler)

With special attention to wellness and holistic practices combined with advanced skincare regimens, the Tschuggen Bergoase Spa at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland is a global fitness destination thanks to its results-driven spa amenities and its idyllic location in the Swiss countryside. The spa offers a new level of wellness in the Swiss countryside so you can take in the mountain air and the tranquil scenery at every turn.

Want more?

The Mario Botto-designed spa, built directly into the mountain, spans over 54,000 square feet and is four stories high, and is known for its ultra-modern architecture with sail-shaped windows, which allows natural light to flood in. The spa is an oasis of comfort and modernity with its host of indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, rock grotto, sun terraces, mountain sauna with snow terrace, iBed solarium, ice and shower zone, and meditation room. A glass walkway connects the spa to the hotel for when the snowy days and nights are too cold to face.

I am sold. Check out the link for the various treatments yon can enjoy while there.  Or better yet, visit the spa webpage!

Sign me up!

Berlin: You Absolutely Must Visit the Pergamonmuseum, but …

you might check this out

This is Berlin’s classic must-see on the Museum Island. Exhilarating, and on the global bucket list of the world’s greatest antiquities, about the only downside of its multiyear renovation is that the Pergamon altar friezes are closed to the public until 2023. But don’t let that deter you. If you want to stay close by, the elegant Regent hotel at the Gendarmenmarkt, just south of the Museum Island, is a fine choice.

Related image

Need more info?

The vast collection of ancient works is spread across three wings: Islamic Art, Ancient Near East, and Classical Antiquities. The museum is best known for the meticulous reconstructions of monumental archaeological structures, which often take up entire rooms. They include the Ishtar Gate and Processional Way of Babylon, a towering mosaic-tiled archway dating from the sixth century BC, and the Market Gate of Miletus, from 100 AD, a massive, multi-tiered marble structure. There are also countless ancient mosaics, sculptures, and cultural and religious artifacts.

But …. keep in mind that there will be lines. This is a very popular place!