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Waiting for a Sip of a Space Cowboy at Death & Co in LA

There are apparently quite a few reasons to visit LA this autumn. Here is one.

(You should) save room for a few drinks from the Arts District outpost of Death & Co, opening this November. The New York City cocktail bar known for its intricate and ground-breaking mixology is being touted as the biggest bar opening in L.A. of the year. While you have to wait to sip a Space Cowboy (bourbon, aquavit, Greek yogurt, peach, lemon) at the new location, Death & Co is throwing pop-ups hosted by other bars throughout the city.

Here is a Death & Co cocktail

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There is also an exhibit of photos by Stanley Kubrick. And of course, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

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´I seem to recognize that dude on the left. Wasn’t he  sitting next to me at the Vin ja Vine bar the other evening? Perhaps it was my imagination.


Trust Me, You need to Get Weller! Or is it More Well?

The wellness thing is growing. By that, I mean the market for products and services that aim to improve your feeling of well being. That includes your health, and it goes beyond health. Anything and everything that gives you a good feeling is on the table.

This post from Fathom gives a peek into the wellness lingo

… at this summer’s FounderMade Discovery Show in New York City — a conference dedicated to showcasing the latest forward-thinking brands disrupting the wellness, beauty, and health industry — what I discovered (other than CBD-laced everything for eating, drinking, and slathering on) is that everyday essentials are becoming smarter — to make our daily hustles easier, enhance our Zen, and increase our awareness about what we put in our bodies.

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My take — entrepreneurs are not stupid. They see how folks are gobbling up vitamins etc. They know, therefore, that packaging a packaging a product or service as a “wellness” enhancer makes sense.

But is a “modern chick picnic lunch box” really a product that will contribute to my wellness? That may be a bit of a stretch, but you can argue that it might encourage me to eat a healthier lunch. Get the idea?

Check out the Fathom link for lots more products that might bring a smile to your face.


Actually, You Probably Don’t Understand Libra

I didn’t.

I thought of it as yet another Facebook project to try to access new markets. It is true that Facebook wants to use the proposed crypto currency Libra to access to markets. But that is only part of the story.

Facebook upper echelon decision makers are not stupid. They know that a crypto currency under their exclusive control would go nowhere. It would have no credibility. And they are not trying to create that with Libra.

Instead, Facebook is using its ability to bring people together and to finance new stuff to create something called “The Libra Foundation”. Facebook will have one seat on the board, but just one out of five. And the foundation will oversee the development and operation of Libra.

That may not convince you that Libra is a good idea. And that is probably because you don’t need Libra. Your transaction needs are met by your fiat currency. But as Fred Wilson writes, that is not true across the board. There are people who need something like Libra.

Will it work? Who knows. Smarter people than me have no idea. But it is an interesting project. And it is a fun story to track.

Stay tuned!

Robot Vacuum Showdown: Roomba 960 v. Electrolux Pure i9

These are both at the high end of the robot vacuum cleaner market clocking in at just under 1k. For that hunk of change, you want something really great.

So which is better? As with many things, the answer is that it depends. The Pure i9 is better at mapping and getting around. The Roomba is better at carpet cleaning and has a longer battery life.

Hmmm … for me, the better mapping tool would win out. How about you?

These are both on my “luxe shopping list” if you are into tracking stuff that you may want to get or give to others! You can find it under the “Shopping” menu.

All Hail the Quantum! It is Now Supreme! So what now?

Google just demonstrated something called “quantum supremacy”. What’s that? When I saw the phrase at first, I had no idea.

it sounds pretty cool, but what does it mean?  Here is the post you need in order to understand it. I  highly recommend it for that purpose and for the broader purpose of seeing more clearly where we are in the context of technological evolution.

Here is the thing. We re about to head into the next phase of our technological revolution. That means moving beyond the “digital revolution” into the “beyond digital” era. That will offer us capabilities that we do not yet anticipate. Just like folks who grew up riding around on horses could not anticipate the shopping mall. Or just like the world leaders who grew up in the 19th century could not anticipate the horrors that the first world war would bring.

In other words, we are not prepared for this. We cannot be prepared because we do not know what to prepare for. What can we do? We can double down on what we are sure of. The things that will be valuable no matter what types of changes our new capacities deliver.

So what are your sure of? Good question. It is one you need to keep on asking. And trust me, the answers you generate will become more and more valuable as the stuff around you changes.

Your Kids in Space? They Will Ask How We Lived Without Space Travel

It is difficult for us to imagine life without smart phones. What about without electricity? Cars? YouTube? TV? Well,  not too long ago that was the norm.

We are now approaching the moment when it will be difficult to imagine life without space travel. I do not mean traveling to Mars or even to the moon. I mean orbital travel.

Why will this be important? Because orbital travel will enable us to get to places a lot faster than we can now. New York to London in a half hour? You get the idea.

We are not there yet. And we will not get there in the next year or two. But given the investments we are seeing in getting people in and out of space, my guess is that the technologies will catch up with our imaginations.

The latest – Boeing is now teaming up with Virgin Galactic to make that happen.

And Now for Something Important, that We Don’t Understand

Quantum computers use qbits. That much I know.

What is a qbit? I can repeat what I have heard—  that it is better than a bit. Bits store information as either a 0 or 1 based on their charge (?). Qbits can store information in  more ways. How? Errrr … it has something to do with being both switched on and off at the same time.


So here we go! Apparently there is a material that enables this type of thing. And scientists have just discovered it.

Here is the link.

Now you know as much as I do. Enjoy your lack of knowledge with a spritzer and some walnuts, the way I did.