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More on Puerto Rico and Tesla

I posted the other day about Elon Musk’s proposal to help Puerto Rico get back its power – via a decentralized solar based system.

Brandon Hurlbut offers some interesting reasons why Puerto Rico should seriously consider this idea.


Kickstarter Magic: The Power Up Dart

A while back, a friend complained that he didn’t see kickstarter projects worth backing. Hmmm …  that is too bad! There are loads of fun projects being pitched on kickstarter. And I think it is very cool that Fred Wilson profiles them once a week (or so) on his blog.

This week, he is pitching the power up dart.

Here is the link to their kickstarter campaign.

$88 will get you 4 darts. There are just 5 days left!

I am not sure that I will back this. But I am considering it!

A Bridge You Could Love

Here it is

Related image

It is called the Lucky Knot Bridge, designed by Next Architects  and it can be found in Changsha, China.

…the whimsical pedestrian bridge actually has three bridges woven into one structure. Next Architects was awarded the project after their design proposal won an international competition in 2013, Michel Schreimachers, a partner at the firm, tells Business Insider. The steel bridge in Changsha’s newly redeveloped city center was completed in late 2016.

Very cool!


Why are Quantum Computers faster than the Ones we use now?

Here is the answer

Classical computers manipulate ones and zeroes to crunch through operations, but quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits. Just like classical computers, quantum computers use ones and zeros, but qubits have a third state called “superposition” that allows them to represent a one or a zero at the same time. Instead of analyzing a one or a zero sequentially, superposition allows two qubits in superposition to represent four scenarios at the same time. Therefore, the time it takes to crunch a data set is significantly reduced.

What does that mean?

Remember when IBM’s computer Deep Blue defeated chess champion, Garry Kasparov in 1997? It was able to gain a competitive advantage because it examined 200 million possible moves each second. A quantum machine would be able to calculate 1 trillion moves per second!

That is a lot of moves! And we are very close to seeing the first quantum computers that will replace supercomputers.

Stay tuned!

What is the Big Deal about Blockchain?

The market for initial coin offerings (ICO’S) has cooled down a bit after the China ban and after regulators in other countries made it clear that they would take action against fraudulent issuers.  But that does not mean that crypto-tokens and the underlying technology, blockchain are fading away.

In fact, there is a growing understanding of how blockcahin technology is likely to provide the next step in organizing web services. That is a big claim, and this video makes the Case. Enjoy!

Like Art? Then Love Blockchain!

Consider this bit of data

… The current level of spending  (in the global media and content distribuion industry) has been estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion (trn) in 2016 to over $2trn in 2019.

Errr … that is $2 trillion next year. Artists must be doing really well, right? Wrong. Most that money is going to gatekeepers. Platform owners like YouTube, and the rest. Artists are getting screwed.

The solution is around the corner, though it is not yet clear how it will be implemented. What is it? Consider that blockchain technology does away with the need for gatekeepers. With blockchain, a platform can thrive on peer to peer payments. That means artists can get paid directly from folks who enjoy their art.

What kinds of art — any kind. Forbes has the story about a few start ups that are getting into this space. My prediction — this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned!