London to Paris via Cornwall and Normandy

This is a luxe excursion fantasy. And it looks like this

  1. Here is a video of Cornwall that might capture your imagination.
    1. In Cornwall – BA offers an introduction to the glories of Cornwall dining
    2. Vogue’s choices for best Cornwall restaurants
    3. Combeshead Farm (for farm to table) MUST!!!!!
    4. A stopover in Guernsey?
    5. In Normandy – A great point of entry into the world of permaculture is La Ferme biologique du Bec Hellouin. Founded in 2006, this organic farm in Normandy produces fruits, vegetables, apple juice, jams, and aromatic and medicinal plants, all organic and all for sale at the farm’s boutique.
    6. In Normandy – staying at the L’Epicerie du Pape
    7. In Normandy – a stay over in Deauille at Le Normandy Barrière?
    8. In Normandy – enjoying the amazing dairy products!
    9. Following rec’s by Usha Bora for food and inspiration
    10. here is a nice “week in Normandy” for more ideas
    11. And wonderful recs from Sharon Santoni for staying over, dining, etc.
    12. Onward to Paris!
    13. Back to London and home

I will be adding more details and connections to this excursion agenda as I go forward. Stay tuned if you want inspiration and opportunities and most important — fun!

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