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Orbital to NASA HQ. We are now Ice Cream Capable

After much cogitation, I did it. I bought the Sage.

Image result for Sage ice cream maker

And I made the first, experimental batch last night.

My initial reaction — the most complicated part of this is buying the ingredients. This machine is the ultimate in ice cream made easy. And the result? I set the “hardness” indicator for gelato and I go a very creamy soft product.

Next up — I will be experimenting with (1) chocolate, and (2) non-dairy (for my son). Almond milk with banana?

Stay tuned!


Lads, The Time Has Come for Home Made Ice Cream

I read this article

And I started to think “If I am going to splurge on an ice cream maker, the time to do it is now. Not in August or September. Now”.

So I went over to Euronics to check out what they have. And they had this Sage model.

It is expensive and it is big. But is it worth it? I then checked out this video

And then this

I found this very positive review of the Sage.

So … I will have to think about this one for a day or two!

OH Lord Won’t You Buy Me a Breville Barista …

You do not need a semi-automatic espresso maker. On the other hand,  if you like a flavorful cup, or if you like a wonderful latte in the morning, you might consider squeezing off a few dollar bills .. that is a few hundred dollar bills … to ge one.

Bu which one?

Don’t sweat it! Epicurious has a wonderful comparison test. And yes, the Breville Barista won, hands down.

As long as you’re pulling shots within the right range of pressure, the Breville espresso maker produces full-flavored, densely textured shots that were the closest to what you might get in a cafe. The concentration compared to other machines was unrivaled, and the crema was dark and varied—or tiger striped, as coffee connoisseurs would call it. Other machines produced shots with a uniformly white or tan crema that could be dense but was rarely flavorful.

Image result for Breville Barista

Another call to my banker?

Air Fryer Madness

Full Disclosure: I go crazy for kitchen gadgets, no matter how silly they are, I have to try them out.

And so now we have “air fryers”. What are they? They look like this

Image result for air fryers

And they are supposed to be a replacement for deep fat frying. Yes, we are talking about a new way to make french fries and that kind of stuff.

Does it work? Check out Melissa Clark’s thoughtful piece for NYT. Her take is that it does work for certain things, but perhaps not well enough to give it counter space.

Ho Hum! That means I will have to try it!

Things You Don’t Know You Need

I plead no contest to the charge of ignoring my dish rack. I sits there in my kitchen, and I use it every day. Yet I rarely think about whether it is all it could be.

That question really only comes to mind after a year or so of heavy use when it forces itself on my attention. What is the right word to describe it at that moment? Grotty? Yes, perhaps. Regardless, you get the idea.

Perhaps the problem has been that I did not think I could do better. That excuse is now out the window. BA informs me that a super duper, pooper scooper dish rack is available.

What does this device look like? What makes it so special?

You can find out from this link. Go for it!

I bet you need it as much as I do.