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Why Induction May be the Future

I always thought of induction cook tops as a bit of a gimmick. And I was especially turned off by the idea that only certain types of pots and pans work on it.

Hmmm … this video changed my perspective. Most important — it turns out that induction is more powerful and responsive than gas! Check it out!


Things You Don’t Know You Need

I plead no contest to the charge of ignoring my dish rack. I sits there in my kitchen, and I use it every day. Yet I rarely think about whether it is all it could be.

That question really only comes to mind after a year or so of heavy use when it forces itself on my attention. What is the right word to describe it at that moment? Grotty? Yes, perhaps. Regardless, you get the idea.

Perhaps the problem has been that I did not think I could do better. That excuse is now out the window. BA informs me that a super duper, pooper scooper dish rack is available.

What does this device look like? What makes it so special?

You can find out from this link. Go for it!

I bet you need it as much as I do.

For Christmas Mushi Nabe Donabe

Steamers are, in my humble view, the most valuable cooking tool in the kitchen. I say so because they deliver a wide range of delights in the healthiest of ways.

But what kind of steamer do you use? Sadly, mine is a beat up old bamboo job that I bought on sale years ago. Every so often another piece falls off. But it still does the job — barely — so I have kept it.

And now it is time to level up! Epi has this to say about the Mushi Nabe Donabe

A nice way to combine health and aesthetics, this artisanal piece of Japanese pottery doubles as a steamer and earthenware pot. Made from a porous clay that naturally has high absorbency and heat retention, it can be used for cooking on the stovetop or in the oven, and transitions seamlessly to a serving dish. It steams vegetables, rice, and fish quickly without letting any flavors escape, making it a great gift for cooks already thinking about clean eating in the new year.

And here it is

Image result for Mushi Nabe Donabe

Here it is at rest

Image result for Mushi Nabe Donabe

Not for you? Check out the above link for other great kitchen items that might please!


Why is Ina Garten So Popular?

Bon Appetit is hosting an In Garten love fest this week. And they profile the favorite Ina recipes of celbs and other folks we admire.

I like Ina, and I think I understand why she is so popular. She champions the “casual charm” lifestyle. By that, I mean that Ina is committed to being a social person. She makes people around her happy. But she does so in clever ways — never over doing stuff just for show. Having fun is as important as looking amazing.

Ina is not the only cookbook writer who has embraced these standards. Her thinking and doing builds on great stuff that we learned from Julia, etc. But Ina is the person who is doing it best now. And one has to love her for it!

Is it Still Ham Season?

April has brought the very first days of Spring weather to Tartu. I finally discarded my rather thick sweater and made for the back door to inspect the yard.

But …. it is still a bit nippy. Thank the Lord! That means I still might get in a bowl or two of the winter dish that I love – pea soup..  My mother used to make this, and it took all day. Now I see I might be able to reduce that time in a pressure cooker.

I may be giving this a try!

FoodPairing and the Never Ending Quest to Upgrade my Kitchen

For years, I have been looking for web tools that make my daily cooking routine easier and better. I have tired food blogs, food platforms, food videos, etc. They are nice, but the reality is that my daily routines have changed relatively little.

The weird thing is that I still get useful ideas from old Julia Child videos!

In  other words, there is room to grow here!

So I was pleased when my pal Eneko passed on a link to FoodPairing. I have no idea if this will be of value, but I will be giving it a try.

If you do too, or if you have prior experience with FoodPairing let us know in the comments.

Onward – and have a great weekend!