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What You Don’t Know about Wimbledon Grass

First what we do know – it is amazing. The grass at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is beautiful and tough.

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It is uniformly 8 millimeters in length

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And as you can imagine, getting grass to be so perfect is a lot of work

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and then maintaining it during the tournament where it endures an incredible beating takes more work.

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but you probably did not know

The (grass care) team built a machine—essentially a fake foot, complete with tennis shoe—that would stomp and slide and smear across the grass. They’d set it up, turn it on, and come back later to see whether “Brightstar” could take the stress, or if “Rambo” held up better

Yes, that is a bit extreme. But everything about grass care at Wimbledon is.

Here is the story.

Enjoy with strawberries and cream!


Sitting by the Pool Without Music? Shock! Horror!

Steve Jobs had an incredible idea way before anyone else. Jobs realized that people would always want better devices that deliver entertainment – fun. He was a fun meister!

Initially, that entertainment came in a little box that you put on your desk. Like this

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I had one of these in my office. It was fun!

Jobs never deviated from his idea that people would always want more and pay more for better working, fun devices. That led him to the idea of the  IPod, the IPhone and the IPad. All great successes — because they were fun to use. Jobs was the mobile fun genius! Thanks Steve, where ever you are!

I think we are missing this a bit these days. We gets lots and lots more gadgets and devices, but I don’t get that sense of fun that Jobs demanded from his new products.

That was a pretty big lead in to a product that is fun – ~Bose bluetooth speakers. They have a new one that offers great sound by the pool.

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Is it worth it? That depends on how much fun you think it would be to have great sound for your next pool party.

Check it out!

Quote of the Day from London

Grace Dent had this to say for the Guardian in reviewing a Covent Garden restaurant

Petersham has been so successful in creating aspirational yearning among those already living heaven upon Earth that it has now annexed a gargantuan chunk of central Covent Garden. It’s a sort of Lebensraum for people who fart nasturtium pollen from all the edible flowers they consume.

and this

That day, they featured crab linguine, asparagus risotto and ricotta ravioli, and the small servings really are small. Dr Atkins-style carb portions. I can only assume whoever was dishing out the risotto had seen my arse recently in a string bikini.


Will tony Bourdain Live on?

Tony is gone, and so too are his quirky explorations into “parts unknown” where he meets interesting people, digs the local surroundings and has culinary adventures.

We are not likely to see a lot of other TV shows like Tony’s because there are not a lot of Tony Bourdain wanna be’s waiting outside CNN’s talent search door. In fact,, we tend to find the opposite. To get your own show on TV and stay on TV, you need to be somewhat homogenized.  Like … Anderson Cooper. Cooper is a nice person, but in this  interview with Tony Bourdain, you see the difference that I refer to

So let’s give up on TV giving us the next Tony Bourdain type show. But could we get something like Tony on YouTube? I think we might — if we could create the right kind of package to plug into.

That package would need (1) a theme — my best idea,”No Celebs Allowed!” A show that profiles 3 people in a given place who have some cool things to say. They might be writers, artists, journalists, authors, or whatever. But no Kim Kardashians or Paris Hiltons. (2) a host or hosts – our Tony substitutes. Someone or some people who are cool enough and funny enough to provide a bacdrop story and still allow the other people to shine. (3) a follow up thread from people who visit later on and write about what they found – this could be in a blog format.

What do you think? Time to channel your inner Tony!

Err … a weird follow up — I wrote the above to present an idea. Normally, I would be ok with that. But I feel just a tiny bit weird because I just read Greg Satell’s “Here’s Why No Cares About Your Ideas”.  I’m ok with that! Really! But it is a bit weird.

Time of a Huge Party in New Orleans!

Here isthe story

New Orleans is celebrating the tricentennial of its founding this year, which means the 2018 Jazz & Heritage Festival starting next week should be a Big Easy “fais do-do” of legendary proportions.


Forbes has the story.

The Jazz festival opens on Friday, April 27 and runs until May 6.

You’re likely to wander into something fantastic wherever you go. The ten days are loaded with talent: Jack Johnson, David Byrne, Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, George Benson, Buddy Guy, Diane Reeves, Jake Shimabukro, Sid Toure of Mali, Lena Prima’s tribute to her father, Louis Prima, and an all-star salute to the late Fats Domino.

Check out th elink for more!



Finding the Tongue-Cut Sparrow in Houston

And what pray tell is the “Tongue.-Cut Sparrow”? Naturally, it is a hidden cocktail bar.

To find this speakeasy, look for the plain door in the back room of the Pastry War, a boisterous mezcal bar that’s worth its own visit. Behind the secret door and upstairs, dark wood and jazz standards mix with classic cocktails (try the rum-filled Swizzle).

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Here is another peek

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Check out the above link for more on Houston surprises!

And here is a bit more about Tongue-Cut Sparrow


Have You Pretended to be a Wolf?

Thankfully, no one has ever asked me that question. Ir suggests that there are such people around and that there is some apparent reason why I could be associated with them.

And there are! Read on, my naive friend!

She puts her nose into the air as she trots into a dark parking lot in Valby, the district in Copenhagen that is home to the Carlsberg brewery. She tilts her head back and howls into the clear, dark sky, and then falls quiet, waiting.

Suddenly, a chorus of howls echoes off the concrete walls of office buildings and into her ears. She slinks toward the sound quietly, on two legs, in the hope of locating other members of her pack.

Yes, that’s on two legs, not four.

It is a woman. A Danish woman to be more precise, and she makes it a habit to “wolf around”.

CityLab has the story.

So, I ask again, have you  ….?