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Brad and Sean Go Nuts in the Kitchen

Back in the days of Julia Child, kitchen work was meant to be serious. Julia had fun now and then, but the main purpose was producing incredible food – not just fooling around.

Brad Leone of Bon  Appetit, takes a  somewhat different view. He likes making great stuff, but from his videos, you get the sense that he likes having fun in the kitchen even more. And that is why I love him? Here he is with Sean, making cast iron skillet pizza — and tasting the hottest of hot sauces that you can imagine. Enjoy!


The Accordions of Castelfidardo

One of the quaint customs I enjoy here in Tartu is exchanging gifts with a friend. But there is a catch. Before you get the gift, you have to guess what it is.

Hmmm … an accordion? I have no idea whether my friend is in need of an accordion. But of course, how could you tell such a thing anyway? If I were to take the plunge , a trip to Castelfidardo might be in order!

According to legend, in 1863, an Austrian pilgrim on his way to a sanctuary in Loreto took shelter with Paolo Soprani, a peasant working the fields outside of Castelfidardo. In exchange for his hospitality, the pilgrim gave Soprani a peculiar instrument whose sound was produced by expanding and contracting a fanlike bellows. Soprani care­fully studied and perfected it.

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It is just kooky enough to appeal to my eccentric sense of humor!

BTW, did you know that a famous battle was fought  at Castelfidardo in 1860? It was part of the struggle to unify Italy into a republic. The Papacy was not thrilled about giving up territory.

Are You a Friend of a Farmer?

Sadly, I am not. I used to be back when I lived in Philly.  I joined a CSA (community Supported Agriculture) and drove out to the fram on a regular basis during the season to chat and pick up what was on offer.

But sadly, that was a long time ago. And I have not found a way to replicate that fun here in Tartu — yet.  What is it about it that is so much fun? It is hard to put your finger on it precisely. But reading this article about a New York restaurant called “Friend of a Farmer” reminded me of that fun.

Check it out!