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Sunday Fun Video: Truth and the Gunfighter

This is a bit unusual and highly entertaining! Enjoy!


Pic of the Day: Agriculture Urbaine

I bumped in to the “Merci Raymond” start up at this post.

The farm-to-table restaurant (Le Relais) is the brainchild of Sébastien Villgrain, the director of the hip coworking/media center l’Antenne, and the team of Merci Raymond, a startup promoting urban gardening and agriculture. Merci Raymond was tasked with creating the rooftop garden of the Antenne building, now home to an amazing variety of plants and herbs. This project ever so naturally sowed the seeds of the eco-friendly restaurant located on the building’s ground floor.

And I followed the link to this image  connected to “Agriculture Urbaine”

I just love how green it is!

Kylie Jenner Likes Green Olives!

IAdmit it. You have been worried that the young celeb might not be enjoying her 22nd birthday!

Fear not!

Kylie Jenner is currently celebrating her 22nd birthday in, well, 22-year-old billionaire style: on a yacht off the Amalfi Coast. And she’s been making stylish pit stops along the way: she was spotted in Capri wearing Versace and, later, spent some time in Positano.

But this is not enough! We need to know where she stayed. And, thank the Lord, we now know: Le Sirenuse.

Image result for Kylie Jenner le Sirenuse

It’s all on Instagram, where

she posted a slideshow that first showed Stormi enjoying fresh green olives


the Instagrams didn’t stop there: Jenner posted another picture of herself and daughter Stormi sitting at a table …

I agree with Anne Wintour. Just because someone loves fashion does not mean they should not be taken seriously as a person. Who knows. Kylie may actually be studying quantum mechanics when she is not staring pensively off the balcony of Le Sirenuse.

Really? Well, maybe not.

A summer Game – Learning Russian????

I am busy this summer. But not too busy to help the son of a fried deal with a problem he has in high school. The problem is that he was not able to complete all of his exams from last year, and has to do 4 or them in August. Uggh!

One of the four involves basic Russian. For whatever reason, he is especially worried about that one. One of the things he has to do is to give a 2 minute talk in Russian introducing the great city of Moscow.

Hmmm … I thought of a fun way to see if I can help him with that. A 2 minute presentation means 120 seconds. If the average sentence takes around 6 seconds to say, that means he has to be able to deliver at least 20 sentences.

I began to think about that. I do not speak Russian. But could I manage that task in the next 20 days? How would I do it? I thought it might be fun to challenge him which of us could get that done first. And so this morning I started out on my adventure.

I may not speak Russian, but my English is not so bad. So I wrote out six English language sentences and using Google translate, I put them into Russian. Luckily for me, Google translate offers cyrillic and latin spellings. I took those and one by one, I printed the Russian language  out on word documents. Today I will master the first two sentence by repeating them a ton of times. Here is the English

Moscow is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is the center of government of a great country, Russia, where power is exercised.

The next step — after repeating these a hundred times or so and start saying them to Russian speakers to see if the grammar and pronunciation are almost ok. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have my first 2 sentences almost under control! 2 more tomorrow! Then 2 more the day after, while I am generating my next 6.

This will be fun. We will come up with a second game to learn some vocabulary . errr … but first I need to figure out cyrlilic.

More on that later!

Paris: Three French Bastards in the 11th

There may be more than three, but I am particularly interested in a certain group of 3 who have come together to open a bakery in the 11th.

Image result for Three French bastards

Dave Lebovitz writes about them in this blog post.

Check out Dave’s post for what you might expect from these dudes. I like several aspects of the story. First, it is a story of friendship. The guys are friendly, and are friends. They genuinely like working together. Second, they blend tradition and innovation. To do that, they have had to master a lot of skills and take in a lot of knowledge. They have done that. Third, they are doing this more for fun than just to get rich.

Add that up, and you get a must visit place. It is on my Paris list for the next chance I get to wander around the 11rth.