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Nobody Wants to Burn Their Hands. You’ve Got to Burn Your Hands

That sounds a bit like a Hemingway line. In fact, it is about how to make really great mozzarella. And Peter Biancamano makes great mozzarella.

Chris Malloy wrtoe about this for Saveur. If you like the artisan life style you will like this!

BTW, Chris and Allie write also offer a nice blog called “Made in Rome“. Check it out!


When “Just Doing My Job” Means Saving Lives

Security guards rarely get to enjoy public adulation. But when the chips are down, doing their job can mean life or death.  Take Jesus Campos, a security guard at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel in Las Vegas.

One night he was patrolling the halls as usual. The next minute, he was at the receiving end of 200 rounds of ammunition fired through a hotel room door. Campos was hit in the thigh. But that did not stop him from still doing his job, helping police stop the mass killing. and helping other hotel guests escape.

Way to go dude! BI has the story.  Here he is

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What Worked for Hef

Hugh Hefner was not your usual business man. And yet, he was indeed a very successful business man. Whether you liked him or scorned him for what he sold, he sold lots of magazines. Then when the magazine business started to go south, he sold his brand name, Playboy.

Hef knew instinctively how to sell the brand – by living it.  The brand sold the “good life”. Not the old fashioned Victorian good life. But the good life that the mid-20th century offered – materialistic and somewhat hedonistic. Hef conspicuously lived it up with parties, women, resorts, casinos, air travel, everything. And he took none of it too seriously, just demanding that it was a great time.

Of course, this eventually got old. Still dating in your eighties? Yuck! But before Hef became a caricature of himself, the good life that he promoted and lived was taken seriously.  People went to Playboy Clubs.

Image result for Playboy Club

People took notice of his wild parties

Related image

His Playboy jet was iconic

Image result for Playboy Jet

Lots of people envied the man at the center of it all.

The Playboy magazine publisher can be seen with his then-girlfriend, actress Barbara Benton, and other playmates arriving at Le Bourget airport

If you are into it, here is a link for more pics

And he started the whole thing off with a $1,000 loan from his mother.

Could one make up a story like this?

The Jimmy Kimmel Test versus a Prostate Exam

Jimmy Kimmel is a late night TV show host. That means that Jimmy Kimmel is a highly effective communicator. And Republicans are no doubt annoyed that Jimmy Kimmel’s newly born son would dare to develop a heart condition that required immediate open heart surgery.

Why? It was not that Jimmy Kimmel could not afford the surgery and had a sob story to tell. It was that Jimmy Kimmel dared to wonder on the air what would happen if he could not. And Kimmel laid into republican plans that would have prevented less fortunate kids with serious health issues from getting health care.

So last summer, a Republican by the name of Bill Cassidy appeared on the show and promised to commit to a “Jimmy Kimmel test” for any new health care legislation. The test has these components

  • coverage for all
  • no discrimination with respect to pre-existing conditions
  • lower premiums
  • no life time caps

Well, the health care bill that Republicans were pushing and nearly passed met none of these criteria. Cassidy went for it anyway Fortunately, it failed in the Senate. But wait! The Republicans are trying again – and Cassidy is a co-sponsor!

And Jimmy Kimmel is taking a rhetorical flamethrower to their new efforts because it is even worse than the one that went down to defeat before. It is difficult to argue with Kimmel. After all, he is right. But do  Republicans care if he is right? Apparently not. They need a legislative victory, and they are determined to get one.

Here is Jimmy. Man that dude can talk!

The Most Beautiful Penthouse in New York? And More!

It might be the one that John Pigozzi put on the market in June this year at Hotel des Artistes.

the 5,377-square-foot apartment spans three floors and has three bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, 19-foot ceilings (and 15-foot windows with views of Central Park), a solarium and an 827-square-foot private terrace off the master bedroom.

Related image

Check out the link for more images. Very cool!

Pigozzi, as you might imagine, is quite a character. He has the world’s largest collection of African art. He also has a peculiar habit. Long before it became fashionable, Pigozzi developed the routine of taking selfies with celebrities.

… over the next four decades, he took hundreds … with …  famous actors and actresses, artists and art dealers, filmmakers, fashion designers, writers, rock stars, superagents, athletes, royals, models, moguls, publicists, journalists, comedians, scene-sters, gadflies, and miscellaneous personalities who defined international celebrity and social life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries—as well as his barber, a Turkish belly dancer, a busload of Japanese tourists, Andy Warhol’s stuffed dog, an Oscar, and a B.L.T.

Here is my fav, of Jerry Hall, Pigozzi and Mick, who is looking rather stoned

Image result for Pigozzi Jerry Hall

Pigoozi is now coming out with a book that tracks this – Me + Co: The Selfies, 2972 – 2017. Vanity Fair has the eccentric but humorous sotry.



What Heller Said to Vonnegut

From Tom Peters’ blog.– Tom took this form Bogle’s book

“At a party given by a billionaire on Shelter Island, Kurt Vonnegut informs his pal, Joseph Heller, that their host, a hedge fund manager, had made more money in a single day than Heller had earned from his wildly popular novel Catch-22 over its whole history. Heller responds … ‘Yes, but I have something he will never have … ENOUGH.'”


Thank the Lord: Hemingway’s Cats are OK!

If you have been to Key West, you probably stopped by the Hemingway Museum. It is a house that the famous story-teller and boozer bought back in 1931 and occupied with his second wife Pauline until 1939. It is a charming building, and a sturdy one (built of limestone).

Image result for Hemingway House Key West

And the museum features the 54 descendants of Hemingway’s six toed cat, Snowball. They have the run of the grounds. Here is more on the house from a rather nice blog post.

So what happened to the house and the cats when Irma came calling? Apparently, the cats sensed that something was afoot and gladly skedaddled into the house to ride out the storm with the curators.

All turned out ok!

Cat lovers rejoice!