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Covington Sixth Man of the Year?

Fran Blinebury thinks RoCo may be a candidate for best sixth man of next deason, and the recognition is welcome.

There is just one problem. The odds are that RoCois likely to stay in the atarting line up for next year.  The knock on RoCo is that he is not a creator on offense. True. But next year, the Sixers have Simmons, Fultz and Embiid who are all creators. RoCo and JJ Redick will be needed to spread the floor.  JJ Redick is a proven 3 point threat. RoCo’spercentages were down last year, but I think they will pop back up with less pressure on his game.

And what about Dario? Dario will be the sixth man and lead the second squard. That second squad will include Dario, Holmes, Bayless, and McConnell, with TLC or Stauskas. That is a pretty interesting group.

I am cool with this. Are you?

NBA News: A Media Shakeup

It just came to my attention to day with news from Liberty Ballers that`things rae changing in NBA media coverage. This quote gives you the general idea

… this past year has been especially ugly. ESPN laid off plenty of its writers and reporters in an attempt to save some extra money, and if the world’s largest sports media entity is forced to scale back, it speaks volumes. Over the past month alone, Fox Sports completely obliterated its writing staff, and now Vice Sports ceases to exist.

Liberty Ballers is one of my favorite web sites — and only partly because I am a Sixers junkie. The site also has a certain “puch” or call it “style” that is refershing. I hope they find a way forward. Kyle Newbeck (managing editor) shares his ideas.

And I hope that the shake out in media coverage of the NBA leads us to something better. What would be better?

  • Better predictive writing about NBA team strategy. Most of the coverage has been player oriented, and not enough oriented to cover how the league structure makes the game better or worse and how back office strategies are working or not.
  • Less uninformed ranting. I frequently have to turn off panel discussions when the panelists start shouting at each other. This is a total waste. the NBA doesn’t need to go the prefessional wresting route.
  • More participatory – One of my favorite features on Liberty Ballers  is how they answer fan questions.
  • More video analysis – I am a junkie for this. For example, assessing Kyrie Irving’s defensive skills is a lot easier when you can see him in action on th edefensive end fo the floor (not pretty).

But hey1 That is just me. What do you think?

Should the Sixers Pursue Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving dropped a bomb when he anounced that he wanted to be traded form the Cavs. He wants to be the number one dude on some team, rather than play second fiddle to LeBron. Ok. So what will happen?

Ok. So what will happen? The Cavs will probably do a deal. Indeed, rumors are that they have reached an agreement to take Dereck Rose from the Knicks to replace Irving.  And it is likely that teams are scratching their heads about whethe to make a move for Irving.

Should the Sixers? The answer, in my humble opinion, is an emphatic no.  Liberty Ballers nail the analysis Irving is an offensive wizard. But his defense sucks. And he would come with a big ego and price tag. And the Sixers just traded up to get Markelle Fultz. You are not going to keep both Fultz and Irving around.


NBA News: Trouble in Cavs Land!!!

Of course, the trouble started with the Warriors giving the Cavs a can of whoop ass in the finals. The series was not close enough to give confidewnce that the Cavs could compete at the highest level any longer. It is made worse when in the off season, the Warriors added some strength to their team and the Cavs stood still.

Now we have news that Kyrie Irving, an indispensable part of the Cavs super-star lineup has asked to be traded. He cannot force a trade. But asking for the trade suggests that Irving has had enough. And if Irving has had enough, what keeps LeBron? LeBron is apparently not happy.  That is all we know for now.

So, what to make of it? Too early to tell. But there are signals that the Cavs may have peaked. Their key palyers may soon be out of there. And that raises an intriguing idea. Is Ben Simmons trying to lure LeBron to the Sixers for 2019?

The mind boggles!

NBA Lore: Dynasties are Expensive!

I posted a while back that it is not possible to follow the NBA without following its rather arcane financial structure. And that is nowhere more true than looking at the reigning champs – the Warriors.

They are dominant and likely to remain so. Errr … as lonas they can keep their core group together. And, as it turns out, this is very, very expensiv.e. Ownership is committed to pay this freight for now. And that is good news for Warrior fans. But for how long? That remains to be seen.

My own guess is that the Warriors will be top dog vor a few years more at least. And they have a shot at making it longer if they can replace near top talent with younger players who can fill roles.

That will be fun to watch!

NBA Fantasyland: Lebron to the Sixers?

As Liberty Ballers points out, despite all the offseason wheeling and dealing, next season’s NBA finals will probably be a repeat of the Warriors and Cavs. But while the Warriors have made some moves to further strengthen the team, the Cavs have stood still.

That might irk Lebron James. James doesn’t have that many seasons left and he might be thinking that staying with the Cavs — destined to continue to lose against the Warriors — would be a waste.

So …  drum roll please … why not move to the Sixers as a free agent? With Embiid in the middle, and Simmons at the point, two major loads would be taken off of Lebron*s shoulders.


Yes, Ben Simmons is Working on his Jump Shot this Off Season

One of the big question marks facing the Sixers this upcoming season is what to expect from Ben Simmons.  More specifically, can he develop an outside threat?

If he can, Simmons will have the tools to become one of the most dangerous offensive players in the league.  He has a great handle, passes like a dream, and can finish at the rim. If he can shoot as well, watch out! Covering Simmons on the outside will open up space for Fultz, Redick, Covington, Embiid, Dario, and even your grandfather if we put him out there.

As espected, he is worling on it. And if this video is any indication, that work appears to be paying off.

Yet another reason why I cannot wait for the season to begin!