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Art Deco? Paris? Then Hotel Bachaumont

Not everyone likes art deco. Some think it over done. Too much style.  Not “lived in”.  Then again, in certain institutions, like a hotel, and in certain places, like Paris, art deco seems normal.

Enter Hotel Bachaumont. Here is an image

Image result for Hôtel Bachaumont

I could see myself toddling down that hall. And I would be comfortable here

Image result for Hôtel Bachaumont

Food Republic has a positive review.

Traveller lists it as one of the best new boutique hotels in Paris.

Time to give it a try?



Are You a Friend of a Farmer?

Sadly, I am not. I used to be back when I lived in Philly.  I joined a CSA (community Supported Agriculture) and drove out to the fram on a regular basis during the season to chat and pick up what was on offer.

But sadly, that was a long time ago. And I have not found a way to replicate that fun here in Tartu — yet.  What is it about it that is so much fun? It is hard to put your finger on it precisely. But reading this article about a New York restaurant called “Friend of a Farmer” reminded me of that fun.

Check it out!

Shock! Millennials Don’t Like Napkins!

Yes, it is indeed August, that time of the year when you get silly “news”. My favorite of this month is from BI – an article that lists the various things that millennials don’t like – including but not limited to … drum roll please … napkins.  Napkins? Yes,

It appears that boobs and beer are also on the endangered list!  This statistic might surprise you

People from the age of 18 to 24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts on pornographic website Pornhub compared to all other age groups, according to an analysis conducted by the website.

And this

Beer … lost 10% of market share to wine and hard liquor from 2006 to 2016.

 Add to the list golf, motorcylces, bars of soap and more!  Just what is the world coming to!

Edward Allcard’s Reality and Our new Reality

You might not  have heard of Edward Allcard. I had not until I saw a notice of his passing.  He died at 102, which is very old, considering the daredevil type of life that he led. Allcard was a solo sailor, and a passionate one at that. He sailed across oceans and seas without tech or lifeboats, just him in his boat against all odds.

Allcard knew that this was a bit nutty. But he was enthralled by the challenge of outwitting mother nature with a minimum amount of tools. And he did.

We might contrast this with a lifestyle that will likely become mainstream in the near future. Virtual reality will soon enable people to spend considerable time in a synthetic world of their own making.  We might even re reate Allcard’s world and stop action whenever it gets too risky.

Man in nature evolves into man synthesizing nature for his or her own pleasure. Of course, neither paradigm helps man live in harmony with fellow members of his own species. Instead, they both are intensely egocentric. And it may be that this egocentrism will be our Achilles heel in the new century.

What do you think?


Do You Take Your Ice Cream Maker to the Beach?

Hmmm … not to the beach itself, but do you stuff it in your trunk to use over the weekend?

If so, Amiel Stanek thinks you need a wake up call. Beach weekends are times to go simple. And going simple means planning. Planning means relying on expertise.

That is why you might want to read Amiel’s BA piece for planning some cool beach weekend bits.


BTW, I will still bring the cocktail shaker and simple syrup for daiquiris!

Food Porn Alert! America’s 50 Best Restaurants … and More!

If you have some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, here is a list that might solve your problem. The fifty so called best restaurants in the US. None of them are cheap!

Go for it! And if you don’t bring your wife, you probably should not tell her about it either. That is the theme of this wonderfule episode of “The Good Life”, one of the best TV sitcomes of all time. It is the story of two neighboring couples living in a London suburb. One couple is committed to “sustainable living”. The other couple are social climbers.  And yes, a restaurant does play a role in this episdoe in the wonderful ending. Enjoy!

Gin Popsicles? It’s Freezing here in Tartu!

In a normal month of July, I would be tempted by the idea of making  gin popsicles for sitting on the beach or lounging by the pool of a rich friend, while soaking up a few rays.

Not this summer here in Tartu! It is freezing! Just this morning, we had to give up our outdoor seats in the town square where we were sipping lattes. Too cold!

Image result for Tartu town square

But if you find yourself in a warmer part of the world, and perhaps even in a part of the world where you can wear shorts without goose bumps appearing on your legs, here is the recipe!