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Going Deep into Cornwall

This is not something I would have handered after a while back. But since then, I have noticed a steady steram of writing about the food culture in Cornwall. That food culture is developing into something very special. Why? Because Cornwall is the source of great food supplies.

Christine Muhlke writes about her excursion, with loads of tips on where to go.

Check it — with breakfast, of course! And get ready for images like this

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George Clooney Just Pulled a Paul Newman!

Not all news that makes it to print is bad news. Sometimes the good guys win. I think George Clooney is one of those good guys and boy, did he ever win this time!

Geroge has been on a roll in life, with his marraige and kids. And now his tequila company was just sold to Diego for around —- $1 billion-.


When you read the story, it is hard not to remember how Paul Newman did something similar with his salad dressings. Paul made high quality products, and got his name connected with them. They sold like hot cakes.

Of course Paul never sold his company, and Paul donated his profits to charity. I am sure George will be generous as well.

But to the point, this is a classic life style business success story. George and his friends love sipping tequila together, decided to make their own, their own way, and there you go.

I am sure that they are celebrating. And more power to them!

Scoping out the Vada Pav in Mumbai

Vada Pav is a veggie burger and it looks like this

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And you can get the ultimate vada pav in Mumbai …. errrr … at least that is what Kat Craddock claims in her Saveur piece.

It is a relatively modern Indian invention. The main components—potatoes and baked, leavened rolls—were introduced to the area by colonizing Europeans, but Mumbaikars have made this fistfull of fried carbs very much their own. You can get vada pav on the street, on trains, and increasingly from brick-and-mortar fast food joints. Even McDonald’s India has gotten in on the action.

Go for it!

Better Not Call Saul …

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul offer more of a storyline that is persistently popular in America – the deep exploration of guys gone bad. Let’s face it – America loves its fictional criminals.

Why? Could it be that America struggles with an overly aggressive moral code that makes rebellion stories so seductive? Is Better Call Saul the grown up version of the 50’s teen rebellion flick? Is Breaking Bad a riff on the doomed rebellion that Paul Newman played so well in Cool Hand Luke? Or are they Easy Rider without the hippie attire and acid? Or could it be that the amoral criminal better reflects a deep interest in winning at all costs? The dark side of James bond?  Thomas Crown removed from Wall Street? I am not sure. Perhaps it is both.

Perhaps Gatsby distills this brew to its most inebriating level. We don’t really care how Gatsby got his enormous fortune. He has it and uses it to play for the highest stakes possible – true love. That game is played out on the individual level. Societal norms are secondary.  And Gatsby takes us for one hell of a ride as he chases madly after Daisy. Not the real Daisy, but his dream of her. Or is it his dream of himself?

So perhaps in the end,  these stories are really just about adrenilin and motivation. They are as related to Tony Robbins events as they are to Tom Sawyer trickery. What motivates doesn’t matter. But we love seeing what happens after the hero sips some firewater and gets everyone all worked up!

Here is the Guardian’s take on how Better Call Saul is developing.


The Whiskeys You Don’t Need … But Crave!

Around 5:00 pm, I stop what I am doing and head for the living room. Two things interest me at that particular point in time in that place. The first is my favorite chair. It is the type of affair you sink into. A chair that excels in facilitating repose. The second is my glass of whiskey.  I do not drink more than one glass. And I use no ice or soda. These would dilute the pleasure of sipping.

If you are going to sip in this fashion, you do want something worth sipping  In my view, that means a certain balance between smoothness and flavor. Hmmm … and which whiskeys offer that balance?

A quote like this might get your attention

If you want to be sipping the best whiskey in the world, there’s only one competition you need to pay attention to.

Hmmm …

More than 2,200 spirits were entered to be sipped and evaluated at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in April. More than 20 whiskeys from some of the world’s most prestigious distilleries earned awards.

And here is a list of 22 award winners.

I would not say no to the 12 year old Glenmorangie  Nector D’Or

Image result for Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or

But I have a thing for Irish whiskey. And so the Redbreast 15 year old single pot might just do the trick

Image result for Redbreast 15 year old single pot

Go for it!