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Rediscovering Julia Child and Making My Own Croissants

I am confident that quite a few foodies will chuckle.  They never forgot dear Julia. Mea culpa,I did. But over the weekend, I rediscovered a few of her older videos.They are very cool!I especially enjoyed how she showed techniques. This one on how to make croissants is a good example. And  happen to love these little devils!

If you have a few moments, enjoy!


Chasing the Cheese Makers of Crete

A wonderful  travel article from Saveur starts off this way

Stelios Trilirakis is cooking goat on one of the four woodburning stoves outside his restaurant. An hour’s drive on winding mountain roads from the western port city of Chania, the restaurant, Dounias, isn’t easy to find. Nestled in one of the many bends in the road, it sneaks up on you. You know you’re there when you see the smoke coming from the small outdoor ovens, fed by long sticks gathered from his trees that now protrude from the flames like gnarled tongues. Atop the fires are clay pots filled with frying potatoes and long-roasted goat. Trilirakis uses no electricity and cooks with the meat and milk of animals he raises and the vegetables he grows. In addition to sheep and goats, Trilirakis has one of the few cattle farms on the island. His cows are known as gidomouskara, literally “goat beef,” for the goatlike feet that are a necessity on this cliffside terrain.

But the article isn’t really about Trilirakas. It is about the increasingly rare cheese makers of Crete A great read over coffee!


Where did Baudelaire Buy Shirts? And More!

Paris is loaded with fascinating public spaces that have historical interest. Few cities have more, and fewer still embrace their traditions the way Parisians do.

One of those historic establishments is the shirt maker Charvet.

Image result for Charvet

Wikipedia has this to say

The world’s first ever shirt shop, Charvet was founded in 1838. Since the 19th century, it has supplied bespoke shirts and haberdashery to kings, princes and heads of state. It has acquired an international reputation for the high quality of its products, the level of its service and the wide range of its designs and colors. Thanks to the renown of its ties, charvet has become a generic name for a certain type of silk fabric used for ties.

BTW, the founder’s father had been curator of the wardrobe of Napoleon. That gave Christofle Charvet a great head start. But there was something else going on

Christofle Charvet created the first shirtmaker store in Paris, for which the new term chemisier (shirtmaker) was coined. Previously, shirts were generally made by linen keepers with fabric provided by the customer,but in this store of a new kind, clients were measured, fabric selected and shirts made on site.[The development of this specialty trade was favored by a change in men’s fashion, with more importance given to the waistcoat and the shirt collar, which called for more propositions for the shirt front and a technical change. Previously, shirts were cut by linen keepers entirely of rectangles and squares. There were no shaping seams and no need for shirt patterns. The new interest for a closer fitting shirt led to curving the armhole and neckline or adding a shoulder yoke, by application to the shirt of tailoring techniques. The new kind of shirt was called chemise à pièce (yoked shirt).  Alan Flusser credits Christofle Charvet with the original design of a collar that could be turned down or folded, much in the manner of contemporary collars, and the concept of the detachable collar.

In those days, the most elegant men belonged to the “Jockey Club”. Charvet advertised himself as shirt maker to the club. Who could resist that?

Image result for Charvet history

And if stories like the above interest you, check out this list of other Parisian destination locations! Most important, enjoy!


The 2018 Basque Culinary World Prize Is Upon Us!

If you don’t know what this is, allow me to inform you

The honor is awarded to a chef who has demonstrated community, environmental or humanitarian change for the better through gastronomy. A prize of €100,000 ($123,333 USD) will given to a project of the winner’s choice. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, May 31 and nominations will be announced on July 2, with the winner announced on July 23.

This will be the third prize awarded.  Here is the jury

This year’s jury who will decide on the winner include Dan Barber, Dominique Crenn, Enrique Olvera, Joan Roca, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Gastón Acurio, Michel Bras, Melina Shannon-Dipietro, Jorge Ruiz Carrascal, Elena Arzak, F. Xavier Medina, Ferran Adrià, Massimo Bottura and last year’s winner, Leonor Espinosa.

Lonor Espinosa?

Image result for Leonor Espinosa

Leonor Espinosa De La Ossa, also known by her nickname ‘Leo’, is a Colombian chef whose Bogotá restaurant, Leo Cocina y Cava, featuring a fusion of traditional and modern Colombian cuisine, first brought her to international attention when it opened in 2007.[1][2] Espinosa appears regularly on Colombian television, and also runs the restaurants Leo Cocina y Cava and Misia.

Her award was for this

… for her work in promoting Colombia’s culinary biodiversity as well as leading in rebuilding communities from drug wars, said in a statement that winning the prize was a great recognition.


Where Would You Live in Rome?

Hmmm … I am not likely to move to Rome any time soon. But it is fun to think where I would live, if I did. Perhaps Monti?

Monti is easily the most up-and-coming area in town: it’s the perfect mix of hipness and elegance, for people who want to see and be seen, for the fashionable, the cool and the trend-setters. If you have money to spare and you like to drink in speakeasy’s, if you love molecular cocktails and wearing designer dresses, then Monti will steal your soul. Stazione Termini is at a walkable distance, making this little suburb very well connected with the rest of the city.

Image result for Monti Rome


Image result for Monti Rome


But Monti is just one section. Here are some others!



Do You Really Need a New Bentley?

Of course not. No one needs this car.

Image result for Bentley Supersports

After all, it will set you back over $300,000.

So you should not want to read about it., right? You should automatically pass over a link to a review of how this car performed on the road. Right?

Will you?

Apparently, lots of people will not. They will check out the Bentley. At least, that is what Business Insider thinks. That is why Business Insider offers the review that I link to  – to get your attention. It matters not that a review of a Bentley has nothing to do with getting “inside business”.

So what is it about this product category that captures our attention? It is less the thing than they´symbol of the thing. It is the reward for status that we believe we deserve. And it is human nature to crave status among our peers.

It is the “deserve” part that proves to be tricky. Does Donald Trump, for example, deserve the status that  he gets from being president? We might disagree on that point. But we would probably agree that  not deserving it robs the status of its pleasure.  Perhaps that is why Trump has a tantrum whenever he is exposed as a liar or a philanderer or a cheat (did the Stormy Daniels news story, for example, lead to Trump starting a trade war?)

Which, of course, takes us back to the Bentley. It may not be the reward that you crave for the status you deserve. But I am willing to bet that you crave other such rewards. We all do!

Image result for blue ribbon best in show

And how about this?

Image result for olympic gold medal ceremony

And this?

Image result for oscar award ceremony

And this?

Image result for dignitary receiving line

Who does not want to be celebrated for something great?


Mad in Madrid for La Croquetta

This quote from “Where the Foodies Go” got my attention

The right place to taste Spaniards’ favourite specialty: la croqueta! You can totally go mad in here, there’s croquetas for all tastes! You MUST try the chorizo and shimp one and the dessert ones (we had tiramisu and lemon pie flavours)!

Here is what the front looks like

Image result for La croquetta MAdrid

But that is not all! The post offers an enormous selection of places in Madrid that you will want to visit … if you like to eat, that is! And the attitude is infectious!

Go for it!

BTW, I have added the above link to my Madrid page above that you can find in “Travel I/M”- There you can find one other reference link from Mashable. I am just getting started on this page – more to come!

And I was so inspired by the idea of croquettes, I will be making shrimp croquettes tonight. I will be “somewhat” following this recipe from Food 52