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The Finest Room in Los Angeles?

Here it is

Michael Chow's $70m LA compound

It is owned by Mr. Chow, and he would like you to buy it., along with the rst of the protperty of course!

It is rather nice! And I like his kitchen!

Michael Chow's $70m LA compound

I could make an incredible mess in there!


Shall We Go and Get Boiled by the Thames?

Getting boiled is sort of a Nordic thing. You develop a taste for it when the cold air gets to your bones. When that happens, there are two possible remedies. One is to sit in a very hot room (sauna) and the other is to sit in very hot water (hot tub).

This year, hot tubs seem to be all the rage in London.

Hot tubes on the Thames

This tidbit about the pleasures you can find in a Thames side hot tub caught my eye

Winterland London, aka BYOB nirvana Neverland, is bringing the bubbly pools of festive joy to Fulham Beach Club this Christmas. Book one, and you and five friends will be waited on hand and foot, meaning you can stock up on mulled wine or hot gin from the Moose Bar without having to shuffle a flip-flop. No need to worry about the rain ruining the perfect Insta-shot either, as the Thames-side tubs are completely sheltered.

And this, relating to the Alpine Club

Once you’re comfortably boiled, street food such as cheese fondue, gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas can be found at The Lodge. If you haven’t fallen victim to a fromage coma, you can also enjoy live music and DJ sets – which we’re 86.5% sure will include that Mariah Carey hit – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sadly, I am Inconsistent in my Burito Tastes!

I admit it. I do not have a deep appreciation for what differentiates a superior from a run of the mill burito. After all, I have eaten a ton of average buritos and cannot recall any of them making me do a “danza de los diablos” in the aisles.

Errr ,,, danza de los diablos? You know. Something like this

One might feel that sort of dancing urge for other reasons that have been wrongly ascribed to Montezuma desiring revenge. But we will not go into that.

You may want to know what brought me to this conclusion. It is this post about the best burito one can get in San Fransisco.It gave me a thought, immediately rejected and then reconsidered, “Would it be worth flying to San Fransisco just for a burito?”

Something New at Harrods? What next? The Queen Singing the Blues?

You do not expect “new” things at the Harrods food hall. New implies a need for upgrade, and for most of us — if not all — Harrods food  hall is already perfect.

Image result for Harrods food court

I do not budge from this position. And yet, I accept this new wrinkle

In late June 2019, a new concept, the Harrods Dining Hall, opened with six new dine-in restaurants to supplement the take-away options in the rest of the Food Halls. The new venues—the Grill, the Pasta Bar, the Fish Bar, the Sushi Bar, Kama by Vineet, and the Wine Bar—are not only spectacular art deco destinations for a seasonal and exquisitely prepared lunch or dinner but they also manage to make Harrods, which began in 1824, seem cutting-edge again, no small feat for a department store in the age of Amazon.

Perfect in a new way?

All Those Trying to Gain Weight, Please Step Forward!

Errr … anyone?

The truth is that I don’t know anyone who would say that they are too slender. It seems that to the contrary, we all are somewhat obsessed instead by either the urgent desire to shed livres or to at least maintain the status quo before we have to go out and buy new pants.

Fair enough. I have been there. Lived it, done it. I know where you are at dude! As Bill Clinton would say “I feel your pain!” At the same time, I also lost around 50 livres this year, and so I am feeling much more in control of things. Especially after having 20 pairs of pants taken in. And after losing the weight, I have kept my weight at a pretty stable level. Then I went nuts for a month and gained 10 pounds back. Now I have lost that again.

So yes, every now and then I can and do splurge a bit.  And hopefully you can do this too. If so, here are two fun recipes that are NOT going to help you lose weight. BTW, they also take a bit of time. So they are NOT for a quick dinner on a Tuesday (unless they are leftovers). They are instead for special nights when you want a special dinner to celebrate something. I like to do that whenever I can find an excuse.

The firs one is for lasagna. I love lasagna, but for reasons that i cannot explain, I hate making the bechemel sauce. Sam the cooking guy does a lasagna that looks pretty good without  it. His lasagna also looks pretty easy to do. Go for it!

The second recipe is for potatoes romanoff.  The name gives it away – there is both cheese and sour cream in this monster. And it looks deliciouso. Again, go for it!

Seven (Not Six) Autumn Fantasy Excursions?

If you could go anywhere and do anything, where would you go? What would you do?

Here are 7 options from AFAR. This is a fun read over a cappuccino! Go for it. Ok. If you just want to know the destinations, here they are

  • Antarctica – for those who are not as tough as Shackleton
  • Europe  – haven’t you always hankered for a ride on the Orient Express?
  • Asia – the rain forests of Borneo beckon. They do?
  • South America – Galápagos – where the animals are fearless
  • Africa – What you should never ask a Maasai cattle herder
  • Oceania – Feel the warmth of the New Zealanders
  • North America – Yes, you need a Canadian heli-hike