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Trust Me, You need to Get Weller! Or is it More Well?

The wellness thing is growing. By that, I mean the market for products and services that aim to improve your feeling of well being. That includes your health, and it goes beyond health. Anything and everything that gives you a good feeling is on the table.

This post from Fathom gives a peek into the wellness lingo

… at this summer’s FounderMade Discovery Show in New York City — a conference dedicated to showcasing the latest forward-thinking brands disrupting the wellness, beauty, and health industry — what I discovered (other than CBD-laced everything for eating, drinking, and slathering on) is that everyday essentials are becoming smarter — to make our daily hustles easier, enhance our Zen, and increase our awareness about what we put in our bodies.

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My take — entrepreneurs are not stupid. They see how folks are gobbling up vitamins etc. They know, therefore, that packaging a packaging a product or service as a “wellness” enhancer makes sense.

But is a “modern chick picnic lunch box” really a product that will contribute to my wellness? That may be a bit of a stretch, but you can argue that it might encourage me to eat a healthier lunch. Get the idea?

Check out the Fathom link for lots more products that might bring a smile to your face.



Welcome to the Hottest New Market on Earth – Wellness

Nobody wants to be unhealthy.  And yet, we all have health issues of one sort or another. And most of us do not do anything about them. Why not? There are many reasons, and one of those reasons is that we simply do not like doing it.

In other words, medical services are not enjoyable to use.

Bingo! You have just bumped into the buzz idea that will penetrate into a tsunami of new products and services that will try to make wellness fun.

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Before you scoff — keep in mind that Steve Jobs became one of the wealthiest dudes on the planet because he understood that people wanted computing and then mobile computing to be fun. And he delivered on the fun thing. Apple led the fun parade for mobile tech while he was around.

Errr … but Jobs died young because he didn’t think getting health care for his cancer was fun. Ironic? Yes! Here is Steve looking nicht gut!

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So here goes! First up, ARAR asks what the hell “wellness” is anyway! Good question.

Trend Alert! HWellness Services are About to Explode

We all want to know what’s the next big thing. And we generally find out after it has already arrived.

But this time, I think I have my finger on the pulse of a trend that is ARRIVING. That trend is to use a combination of digital and face to face tools to help you stay healthier. Call it, if you will, the wellness trend.

Why am I so confident? First, I have been watching attitudes towards wellness shift over the last several decades. Not too long ago, lots and lots of people relied on doctors to tell them how to be healthy. They didn’t realize that doctors are in the sickness business, not the health business. The next step? Embrace some routines  BECAUSE of their health effects. Like jogging. Like taking supplements Like working out. The next step? Healthy travel.

And now, we are at the point where a huge amount of web traffic is about how to stay healthy. A major theme — how to lose weight. Folks are taking their health into their own hands. And they are ready to pay for services that makes their own control more effective.

Why do I think so? Just look at what Walmart is doing. They are investing HUGE money to place primary health care centers next to Walmart stores. It is a huge bet on wellness as a growth business.

Here is the thing — people don’t want to have to treat each and every thing that bugs them in a different place. Weight issues, depression, inflamation, allergies, and on and on. They want to be able to get one source to help them with all of this stuff. And that helps them PREVENT illness, not just treat the symptoms. For that reason, coaching, and counseling  and the entire psychological dimension will platy a big role in making these services effective.

What do you think?

Jeeves, I Think I May Need a Brain Photobiomodulation!

That sounds a bit scary, but have no fear!

A few months ago, the (Sha Wellness clinic a) luxury resort and spa that looks like it was plucked from the pages of a futuristic William Gibson novel launched a duo of non-invasive brain treatments. Led by the charismatic Dr. Bruno Ribeiro, a neuroscientist and psychologist, the program caters to those looking to tap into optimal brain vitality, productivity, and to accelerate cellular recovery. Brain Photobiomodulation ($225 per session), developed with Harvard University-NASA technology, sends varying infrared light wavelengths to dormant parts of the brain to boost energy, performance, and improve concentration.

Here is a peek at the Sha

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And there is more!

Transcranial Current Stimulation ($45 per session), which also has a Harvard pedigree, addresses everything from addiction to depression to migraines — and helps you catch your Zzzzs. Sessions run 45 minutes, an ideal time to talk to Dr. Ribeiro about — no pun intended — what’s on your mind before springing outdoors to soak in the salty Mediterranean air.

That’s not all! Fathom profiles a bunch more great spa experiences from around the world in this post.

Go for it!

Heading to Cornwall for some Yoga?

Then you would be going to the Scarlet Hotel!

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What to expect?

Set in a breathtaking cliff top position, the Scarlet Hotel is a ‘grown-ups’ only eco hotel that accommodates each guest’s individual requirements. The beautifully appointed bedrooms and suites, cliff top hot tubs, reed-based swimming pool and an Ayurvedic-inspired spa, make this hotel the pinnacle of indulgent luxury. The restorative and calm atmosphere is designed to ensure guests feel instantly at home. Food is Modern European in style and is sourced from local organic and sustainable growers, fishermen and farmers.

A team of experienced yoga instructors will tailor a yoga programme specifically for you.Three-night retreats are offered all year round and include private and group classes, unlimited access to the spa, and guided meditation.This haven of calm and tranquillity perched on the North Cornish coast is well worth the travel.

Vibe: epitome of distinction

Accommodation: sea facing hotel rooms and suites

Travel: by rail to Bodmin Parkway or by air to Newquay

Price: £££

And if you want a different locale? Check out the link – there are quite a few yoga destinations in the UK! Perhaps we should ante up for Boris to splurge for a weekend!

More on Weight Loss and Insulin

A posted a while back I posted on how I lost around 50 pounds over a period of 4 months or so. I have kept my new lower weight pretty steady since then, despite the occasional splurge.

I posted that I probably did not really understand why my diet regime worked. I thought it was about calories in and out balance. Now I read that it may have been more about lowering my insulin levels by regular moderate exercise with intermittent fasting, and cutting out sugar (less booze).

This article gets into the insulin thing more deeply. If you have a weight issue you may want to check it out.

And there is more still! There appears to be a thing called “leptin resistance” This appears to be a syndrome where leptin signals to the brain (that the body has plenty of fat and no food is needed) do not work. Apparently, researchers do not know why this happens. But when it does, the body has high leptin levels (because there is a lot of fat and fat cells produce leptin) and the brain signals EAT MORE!

My take on this —  I find that when I overeat for a few days, my body goes into a phase where it wants to gain weight for days after that. So on Saturday and Sunday I may splurge and then on Monday I get hungry even though I am back to my normal diet regime. That wears off in another day or two if I moderately exercise. So there appears to be a “surge” effect of some sort that overpowers leptin at least temporarily. To get beyond that surge effect, you need to commit to a few days of exercise and moderate suffering in order to get back to a balance that maintains your weight. Perhaps this is because the sudden increase in food intake triggers a massive hormonal reaction, and the brain gets overloaded with messaging. The few days after are needed for hormone levels to subside a bit and the messaging to get back in order.

What do you think?

Wellness Craze Hits Lapland

Here is the story

Following the success of their Treehotel just south of the Arctic Circle, the developers behind that forest-set concept are heading to the water for their next spectacular, design-driven project. Located in the natural splendor of Sweden’s Lapland, in a prime Northern Lights-viewing spot along the Lule River, the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa offers an array of experiences in one: a wellness retreat, a wilderness adventure, and unique rooms that either float on top of or are frozen into the river.

It looks very cool

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A view from inside

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The details

Designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi to have zero impact on the environment, the hotel was inspired by the region’s timber industry heritage, during which trees felled in local forests were transported down the river to be processed. The six two-story land-based cabins and six detached floating cabins have been created in a wedge shape (in honor of a tool used by the loggers), and feature woods like pine and oak, walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, furnishings by Scandinavian makers and sophisticated interiors by designer AnnKathrin Lundqvist. You’ll also enjoy creature comforts like Wi-Fi, under-floor heating, high-end bedding, in-room tablets, Kerstin Florian bath products and mini-bars stocked with healthy options like smoothies made from local ingredients.

Opening February 2020 – that is next winter.