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When Money Grows on Trees

As Fred Wilson writes, we have been living with incredibly low interest rates for some time now. That makes economists nervous, because, well, they are economists after all.

The weird thing is that we do not know if this will persist and if so for how long. We also don’t know if it will have long term negative effects. Some argue that it will, some argue that it will not.

But as Fred writes, we may be at an inflection point in history where the inherent value of capital is changing. It is less scarce than it was. Less a constraint on what we can achieve with knowledge.

If true, you can say that you were there in the early days when no one had a clue what was going on.

No Dinner Recipes? Call Your Doctor!

The medical profession in the US is just waking up to several basic facts. The first one is that they are working in the midst of an epidemic of obesity. The second is that research is showing a much closer link between diet and illnesses that was supposed.

As the doctors stagger out of their offices with these newly won tidbits of wisdom, they must wonder, what can they do? The answer is pretty simple. They need to be able to talk about food with their patients. Not just nutrition, but eating habits. They need to learn how to cook and how to talk about cooking.

This is why some medical schools are now offering cooking classes. And guess what – it is working. The doctors are better cooks. More important, they talk about diet more intelligently with their patients.