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Fantasy Cars: So What Color Should You Paint Your New Aston Martin?

We are talking about the Vantage Roadster.

The Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

The OO7 Aston DB5 was rather understated

How to Buy James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from 'Goldfinger' | Fortune

But …  From Robb

… Sean Connery’s 007 never drove a Yellow Tang Aston Martin. His iconic Silver Birch DB5 would look absurd painted the psychedelic yellow-green color scheme of our Vantage Roadster, the automaker’s most recent model. The audacious metallic paint (a $5,300 option) amplifies the car’s undulating shape, yet the contrast of its overall sunshine-like color scheme with black bits, like the aggressive carbon-fiber front and rear splitters (another $10,600, thank you) or the carbon “bonnet” vents (add $3,100), lends a classic simplicity.

I’m all in!

Porsche Does Tron

As you may recall, Tron was a 1982 movie about a person being sucked into a mainframe computer as part of a software program.

More important, Tron gave us a sort of style – a vibe.

Jared Leto's Tron 3 movie finds a major director - Polygon

Porsche offers this new concept car that captures that Tron look-.

Porsche 411 Concept

Of course, this is Porsche, after all, so you would expect more than just a weird looking new car. And Porsche offers some pretty wild ideas. Like cruising at 250 mph? Like charging while driving?

Robb has more details. But one has to hand it to Porsche designers. They pulled out all the stops  in this project.  And yet, I have to confess that I am not bowled over by it. Something inside me resists accepting this as the path to future car designs.

What is it? For one, I am getting bored with pre-fab futurism. I don’t want the real future to resemble Trom games. Why not?  I suppose it is a lack of a human dimension. Tech for the sake of tech. For another, I wonder if traveling on a road at 250 mph is a good idea at all. If you want to go that fast, why not fly? EVTOL’s and their progeny may serve the needs of the fast movers far better than a terrestrial bound car.

What do you think?