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Your Tesla Update, Madame

In case you were wondering

Tesla made three of the five best-selling electric vehicles in the US this year through June, according to the electric-vehicle website InsideEVs.

That is impressive.


Hot Cars: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo

A Porsche SUV?

They laughed back in the early aughts when Porsche said it was going to make an SUV.

Then the Cayenne arrived in 2002, and the laughs stopped. Everybody knew Porsche made a great sports car in the 911. Nothing could have prepared us for the level of performance the automaker could bring to an SUV.

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Bottom line: It is brilliant but it has an ugly butt. That cannot be helped because, well, it is after all, an SUV.

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Hot Cars: The Alpine A110

If you are into cars, you are probably not overly excited about French cars. As you may have heard on the “Car Talk” radio show, “he only people who should buy French cars are French.”

That is no longer he case. Take the new Alpine A110 You see this promo in Forbes

Pointing the Alpine A110 into a long 50mph corner felt like getting a strike in ten-pin bowling. Or like chipping a golf ball from the rough and stopping it just 6 inches from the hole. That’s how good the A110 feels in a bend. Simply put, the Alpine is a car that rewards the driver into and out of every corner.

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Nice! Sadly for Americans, the car will not be sold in the states. Perhaps you can rent one when you visit Europe.

The Most Famous Lamborghini?

It appeared in a movie

One of the most loved driving sequences from that same period is the opening of the original 1969 Paramount production of “The Italian Job,” which starred Michael Caine as a jolly, bumbling Cockney gangster fresh out of prison and eager to renew his fortune, and Noël Coward as Mr. Bridger, the king of the Cockney mob, lisping out directions to gangsters from a most comfortable prison cell and frequently displeased with Caine’s antics. The movie was no doubt an influence on Guy Ritchie, the most recent purveyor of Cockney gangster movies.

And the car`?

In the opening sequence, an orange Lamborghini Miura P400 is driven over the Great St. Bernard Pass with exceptional style by a “free agent” Italian criminal, played by Rossano Brazzi, who has devised an armored car robbery to take place in the crowded streets of Turin. Michael Caine will execute the heist, with Brazzi’s character providing guidance from the grave. Most of the Miura sequence is highly romantic, Monro singing “On Days Like These,” a Quincy Jones piece, the Lamborghini V12 providing a soaring operatic accompaniment. The scene depicts exactly what many of us consider the true purpose and best application of any fine sports car: a contemplative drive through beautiful mountain scenery.

Here is an image of the 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400

Image result for Miura P400

Bu the storyline takes an unexpected turn ….

check out the video at this link to find out what happens next.

And for the equally interesting story about the missing car.

A fun read over coffee!

Do You Crave a Car that Goes 300 moh?

Apparently some folks do. Or at least folks a Ford like to play around with designs that could produce that kind of speed.

Here is he story of the Ford GT that can do it.

Personally, I find 100 mph to be about as fast as I would like to  go on land.  And even then I am feeling pretty queezy! How about you?

I am reminded of this great scene from To Catch a Thief where Cary Grant gets a bit nervous at Grace Kelly’s driing

Cary has another scene like this in Notorious

Poor Cary!