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Are Teslas the Best Cars in the World?

Before addressing that question, I would make a plug that Matt BeBord may be the world’s greatest car tester! I love his reviews!

Here is Matt as he appears in his posts, aside a Mustang

Image result for Matthew DeBord

Back to the question. It is beyond per adventure that Tesla has done some incredible things for a 5 year old company. No one thought that it could build the succession of fantastic cars that it has produced.

But are they each the greatest in their class? Hmmm … the first part of this challenge is to determine what is their class? Then pick the best competitor from that class and compare.

Matt does that in this fun article. Bottom line — Teslas are great and some of them are the best. But, there are some other amazing cars out there as well!

BTW, can you believe that the Model X gets 325 miles per charge! That is amazing. I want one!


Yes, Bond’s Next Film will Get 4 Aston Martins

It has been a long romance. James Bond on the one side, the swashbuckling, gentleman spy with a license to kills, and Aston Martin on the other, maker of very exotic super cars.

It started with this model

Image result for first James Bond aston

That would be the DB5. that appeared in the great classic Goldfinger. Did the fat guy really get sucked out of a jet at the end? EWWWWW! The DB5 then appeared in 9 Bond films.

And there is a new one on the way. What will be new? In the new film, Aston will show of 4 different models, including these beauties

… its new mid-engine supercar, the Valhalla,

Image result for Valhalla Aston Martin Bond

and the DBS Superleggera.

Image result for DBS Superleggera Aston Martin Bond

Car lovers rejoice! Bond is not just about pretty ladies and snide evil dudes who want to take over the world.


Aston Martin: Why Buy One Car, When You Can Buy Two?

In fact, in this case you have to buy one to get the chance to buy the other! Here are the two

The Aston Martin DB4 Zagato Continuation and DBZ GT Zagato

The one on the left is called the “DB4 Zagato Continuation”.

An almost perfect replica of the original DB4, each example of the 400 hp coupe takes 4,500 hours to build.

Buying that, you get the second car, the “DBS GT Zagato” ( the one of the right). I will not mention the price. You really don’t want to know. I will just say in stead that fantasizing about these cars is free.

So what’s the big deal? the Centenary anniversary of the collaboration between British design and Italian flair, of course!

Is the Porsche Taycan a Game Changer?

When Tesla came out with its roadster, lots of people laughed. An electric sports car? Then they noticed the performance specs and stopped laughing. And by now, we are familiar with the notion that electric cars (EV’s) can deliver amazing performance.

So Porsche is entering this arena with its Taycan

The Debut of the Porsche Taycan.

As Robb Report explains, it has some impressive specs. Not as good range as a Tesla, but not bad either.

My take on this. Porsche folks don’t fool around. The fact that they are in the EV space means the EV space is here to stay. Get ready to witness the slow disappearance of the ubiquitous gas station, to be replaced by the charging station.

What if You Could Upgrade your DB5?

We know all about the joys and frustrations of owning and driving classic cars. They are very cool to look at, and can be fun to drive. But let’s face it, the technology is OLD. The machines do not function all that well and then the break down.

We tend to forget that modern cars are far more reliable than their forebears of the 1960’s.

So what if you could take that great 1960’s car, and give it a bit of an upgrade? Not to change its personality, but just to get rid  of the silly stuff?

It turns out you can do it … errr … if you investment banker allows you to withdraw a chunk of change.

here is the story. And here is the car you might want to drive!