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Do We Need a New type of Car Engine?

The conventional wisdom is that we do not. EV’s will take over the world. We just need better batteries to give them more range.

That may be true. But in the meantime, the internal  combustion engine is still by far the most popular motor around. And it is likely to stay that way for at least a decade or so.

So if we could upgrade the efficiency of the internal combustion engine, we might offer some real value. It turns out that we have a design that could do that. It is the opposed piston engine.

Hmmm  …  interesting!

London Chokes on On.Demand Vehicles

A decade ago, London took a radical step to reduce traffic congestion by impose use fees. It worked …. errr … sort of .

As CityLab reports, the fees have reduced the number of private cars that enter the city. But the space that they took up has been re-filled by other vehicles.

Are there potential solutions? Yes, and the article lists some of them. Taken together, these could  have dramatic effects. But does the city have the political will to take more steps?

Let’s see.

Dieter Zetsche is a Smart Dude!

For those of you who do not remember, Dieter was the dude that Mercedes sent over to the US to turn Chrysler around. He succeeded, but meanwhile Mercedes itself started to lose direction back in Germany. Dieter was called back and he has turned Mercedes around as well.

He is now thinking about the electric car market. Tesla has a head start. But Dieter has just made a very clever first move. Mercedes will offer a mid priced EV SUV within the next several years. In other words, Mercedes is offering the type of car that a lot of people love, and an EV at a price that will turn heads.

Tesla’s SUV is twice the price. Moreover, it is still working on its Model E, a mid price range sedan. It may need to re-think  whether to meet Mercedes head on.

Let the game begin!