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Cars: Introducing the Aston Martin Superleggera

o be frank, there is no way in hell that I need 715 hp in a new car. But then again, check out t this Aston Martin

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Again, I don’t need this. Nor should I be trusted behind the wheel of one of these things. But it is nice to look at!

And if you want the details, here is the link for you!


Go for it!


Niche Electric Cars? The Swedish Uniti

Sooner or later, it had to happen – a Tesla business model copy cat. It is the Uniti from Sweden. The Uniti is an electric powered city car that promotes its earth friendly attitude

Uniti said its ambition is not to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

It looks like this

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Forbes offers a positive review.

Expect more small electric cars like this over the next few years, especially if battery tech gets better and generating costs continue to fall.


Are You a “Self Made Man”? Then You Must Drive a Bugatti!

We are talking about a $3 mil luxury item

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So you may be self-made, but do you also own

… ships, houses, and private planes?

If not, back to the Chevy!

My own take — even if I had the resources to burn on an item like this, I would feel queezy about parking it at the food store . Of course, if I had $3 mil to burn on a luxury car, perhaps I would not be driving to the food store.

But I like driving to the food store!

Do You Really Need a New Bentley?

Of course not. No one needs this car.

Image result for Bentley Supersports

After all, it will set you back over $300,000.

So you should not want to read about it., right? You should automatically pass over a link to a review of how this car performed on the road. Right?

Will you?

Apparently, lots of people will not. They will check out the Bentley. At least, that is what Business Insider thinks. That is why Business Insider offers the review that I link to  – to get your attention. It matters not that a review of a Bentley has nothing to do with getting “inside business”.

So what is it about this product category that captures our attention? It is less the thing than they´symbol of the thing. It is the reward for status that we believe we deserve. And it is human nature to crave status among our peers.

It is the “deserve” part that proves to be tricky. Does Donald Trump, for example, deserve the status that  he gets from being president? We might disagree on that point. But we would probably agree that  not deserving it robs the status of its pleasure.  Perhaps that is why Trump has a tantrum whenever he is exposed as a liar or a philanderer or a cheat (did the Stormy Daniels news story, for example, lead to Trump starting a trade war?)

Which, of course, takes us back to the Bentley. It may not be the reward that you crave for the status you deserve. But I am willing to bet that you crave other such rewards. We all do!

Image result for blue ribbon best in show

And how about this?

Image result for olympic gold medal ceremony

And this?

Image result for oscar award ceremony

And this?

Image result for dignitary receiving line

Who does not want to be celebrated for something great?

Forget Wires! We are Going Wireless!

This sentence might get you thinking

Naysayers abound, but magnetic induction and resonant coupling is not just possible on a large scale—it’s inevitable.

What does that mean?

Imagine a future where you can charge your electric vehicles while in motion using a charging mechanism built into the road on which it drives. Where the electrical grid is no longer reliant on power lines, utility poles, or expensive transformers and underground cables. A future where power companies stop chopping down trees that threaten nearby power lines.

Wow! Check out this link to learn more!

EV, the Coal Fired Car?

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are the current darling of the environmental movement, promising zero emissions from the tail pipe. But there is a a problem.  To make and run an EV, you need a lot of electricity. First, to make the aluminum for the car, and then to operate the car. And these days, that energy production uses lots of coal.

Bottom line

Without a complete paradigm shift in electricity generation and industrial production, EVs will simply send CO2 emissions upstream.