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Porsche Does Tron

As you may recall, Tron was a 1982 movie about a person being sucked into a mainframe computer as part of a software program.

More important, Tron gave us a sort of style – a vibe.

Jared Leto's Tron 3 movie finds a major director - Polygon

Porsche offers this new concept car that captures that Tron look-.

Porsche 411 Concept

Of course, this is Porsche, after all, so you would expect more than just a weird looking new car. And Porsche offers some pretty wild ideas. Like cruising at 250 mph? Like charging while driving?

Robb has more details. But one has to hand it to Porsche designers. They pulled out all the stops  in this project.  And yet, I have to confess that I am not bowled over by it. Something inside me resists accepting this as the path to future car designs.

What is it? For one, I am getting bored with pre-fab futurism. I don’t want the real future to resemble Trom games. Why not?  I suppose it is a lack of a human dimension. Tech for the sake of tech. For another, I wonder if traveling on a road at 250 mph is a good idea at all. If you want to go that fast, why not fly? EVTOL’s and their progeny may serve the needs of the fast movers far better than a terrestrial bound car.

What do you think?

Want to Save the World? Think Electric. Do Electric. Now!

We know that climate change is a pending disaster.  This type of news makes one shudder just a bit

Canada’s last fully intact ice shelf has suddenly collapsed, forming a Manhattan-sized iceberg

We know what to do in order to reduce the impact of climate change – decarbonize. And we know that we have a limited time to do this.

So the question — and it is a trillion dollar question — is how? What is the best way to de-carbonize?

Some very smart people think they know the answer. It is doable. And it does not require us to change our lifestyles. All it requires is a massive switch to renewable sourced electric power. In everything.

Check out this post — which I found to be very enlightening and inspiring.

We know what to do. We know we can do it. There is just one thing that we don’t yet have. That is leadership.

Ten Cool Things That Might Change Your Future

Humans (me included) are not very good at thinking about the future. It may be that we survived by focusing on the present instead (finding dinner). The need to consider the future started to become more pressing as we settled into patterns of behavior that depended on stable environments (like farming). And it has become every more pressing as we embrace progress (from the enlightenment):

But while we need to think about the future, again, we are just not that good at it. Still, we can project trends forward. And we spend a fair amount of energy doing that.

These projections are pretty cool.  Like cloning replacement body parts.

Check them out over your espresso!  and cinnamon roll (and BTW, yes, I am making cinnamon rolls this morning at home).

Go Figure! My Data Just Had a Baby!

You might call it baby data, or “active analytics”.

The point is that data is the oil of the 21st century. Like oil, data is only valuable if it is use. In the case of data, the use means connecting it with other data. That produces new data. Boy data meets girl data, and you get baby data … who grows up in a nanosecond.

We are just getting used to this idea. So, for example, when you send an email out, four or five days later, Gmail asks you if you want to follow up. My point — as our understanding of how to use data grows, we wills start creating and using data in new and more creative ways.

The future, in other words, will not just be more Google. More Facebook. More Apple. We will see some surprises, thank the Lo!