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Michio Kaku on Brain Net

Are your curious where the digital revolution is headed? I am! Michio Kaku and his pals have some thoughts on this. Hold onto your hat! They are pretty wild!


David Cassidy, Meet November

David Cassidy passed on, which gives me a chance to reflect on what he represented for many people. He was a pop star, and perhaps the only major one during a time when pop played second fiddle to rock. Cassidy was in fact, the most famous pop start of that period, the 1970’s.

What was pop all about? It was light entertainment. Just serious enough to claim innocent sincerity, but not too much. It was positive, invigorating, fun. Vox has more to say about Cassidy and pop, but you get the idea.

This year, we saw the release of a very different sort of artistic expression. A film by the name of November. It is based on a book called Rehepapp by Estonian writer Andrus Kivirähk. I would argue that if anything is the opposite of pop, this is it.

… the filmmakers say, “both mythologies look for a miracle; for an ancient force that gives one a soul. This film is about souls – longing for a soul, selling your soul and living without a soul.”

Innocence is lost. Something else takes the stage. It is more serious and more dangerous. My question — does this tell us something about where we are headed?

Here is the trailer

Time for Puerto Rico to Go Solar?

Make no mistake, Puerto Rico has just suffered a disaster of epic proportions via Hurricane Maria. Not only that, but Puerto Ricans have discovered that they will not get sufficient relief from the US feds.

That all sounds like bad news and it is. At the same time, it is the type of news that opens the door to new thinking. After all, at this stage, what have you got to lose?  In the wake of this disaster, Puerto Rico may find a new uniting narrative about how to rebuild.

For example, power is out on the island. It will not be restored for months. Is it time to consider how to use this as an opportunity to re-think how power should be delivered?  Why not? Especially when we are in the midst of a revolution in moving from fossil fuel generated power plants to decentralized solar!

Put it this way. Does it make sense for Puerto Rico to rebuild an antiquated power infrastructure? Or does it make sense for Puerto Rico to embrace a trend that is likely to replace it?

Enter Elon Musk, a dude who has a big stake in making the revolution happen. Musk is pitching to Puerto Rico that his companies can help rebuild its power infrastructure based on solar.

What would you do if this were your decision?

Stay tuned to find out what Puerto Rico does!

What’s Next Holmes?

These days, it is easy to get absorbed in the day to day dramas that explode around us. The news cycle thrives on keeping our attention fixed on these “one and done” news events. And so it is easy to lose track of the broader picture of where humanity is headed.

Of course, one does not know for sure where we will end up. But the innovation challenges that lie ahead are pretty well known. Food for thought (2017). From Greg Satell

… we’re now entering a new era of innovation and the organizations who will most effectively compete will not be the ones with a capacity to disrupt, but those that are willing to tackle grand challenges and probe new horizons.

As Greg points out, we have relied upon technologies to spur innovation that are now getting long in the tooth. The next step is to make the leap to more robust replacements. And we will.

Hold on to your hat! We are in for a wild ride!

Huge Disruption in Transport and Energy Just Around the Corner?

Over the last several years, we have seen several trends gather steam. The cost of generating power form solar has gone way down and the cost of storing power in batteries has as well. Moreover, we have seen amazing advances in the tech needed for autonomous driving. So where is this heading?

Tony Sebos things he knows and in this presentation he lays it all out Tony may not be exactly right. But if he is half way right, we are headed towards an amazing future – and it will be manifested a lot sooner than you might think!


Want to Change the World? Read this!

Here is the key quote

“The true breakthroughs that will change the course of history will not come from initiatives to improve existing materials or devices, or to advance technologies that have already been identified,” she says. “Instead, they will come from off-beat individuals or small teams of fundamental researchers pushing the boundaries of knowledge in directions for which there is not yet an application.”

Here is the article from MIT Tech Review. It is rather interesting!

check it out!