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Introducing Microluxe: Getting into Savon de Marseille

From HIP Paris

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we’ve all been doing a lot of hand washing. But this task that we have to perform many times a day doesn’t have to be a chore. France has always been renowned for soap-making, a tradition that dates back to the 17th century and originates from the Provence region, particularly the port city of Marseille. So bring a little luxury to your hand washing routine with some of these lovely artisanal French soap brands.

The first step is to appreciate “Savon de Marseille”.

For a soap to be classified as savon de Marseille, or Marseille soap, it must be 100% natural and contain 72% vegetable oil, particularly olive oil. It must not contain any animal products or additives such as artificial fragrances, coloring, or preservatives. “72%” is often stamped on the soap along with the words “savon de Marseille” so you can recognize it as authentic. You can also tell by the amount of ingredients. Marseille soap should only contain four ingredients: vegetable oils, water, salt, and soda.

Check out the ARA article for their picks of the best Savons around! I would start with this one

Savonnerie du Midi

Founded in 1894, Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last traditional savonneries in Marseille, along with Fer à Cheval and Marius Fabre. Under the brand name La Corvette, they make Marseille soap, as well as certified organic soaps, scented soaps, body wash, shampoo, hand cream, body lotion, and face moisturizer.

A Great Time to Connect with Your Mom!

A really nice article from BA. It starts off this way

Just a few weeks (which feel like months) ago, CNN’s Chris Cuomo invited his brother, the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, onto his show to update the nation about the state’s response to an increasingly dire pandemic. Chris ended the segment by saying, “No matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call Mom.”

Check it out!

Men! How are Your Trousers Doing?

Robb wants you to take better care of them and offers some product recs. Here is my preference (and the one that I use)

ZOBER 20 Pack Pants Hanger

Zober’s trouser hangers have a futuristic design that makes it easy for you to get your favorite strides on and off. But the metal hangers are rubberized so they won’t slip off, and the open end angles upward for an extra dose of security. Plus, their sturdy metal bases make them nearly indestructible.

Pros: The design makes them easy to use, and ensures your pants won’t slip.

Cons: They feature a hanging bar, so you may see some indentations at the fold in your trousers.

Using Spare Time – How about Designing a Rooftop Garden?

I have a terrace that opens up from the second floor, and a few plants. But I have not given much thought to making more of a garden out of it … until now. My fantasy terrace might look something like this

Image result for Beautiful garden terrace

I am nowhere near that sort of thing. So I started poking about for some tips on what to think about.

Bingo! I had not given enough thought to the weight issue, and  I found this site to be useful as a starting point.

This post goes a lot further, and I liked the part about the self watering system. That got me more interested in how this works, and I followed the link to this video. Cool!

This video takes you to the next step – filling the pot with soil with the wicking system in place

Will I do this? Hmmm … not sure yet. But it is fun to know! I will keep poking around for more ideas about building rooftop and terrace gardens and keep you posted!


A New Castaway Wood Spice Shelf – Only to be Found in Tartu!

As I write this, I am waiting for Peeter, master woodworker. Peeter makes creative furniture from castaway wood. He has already made two pieces for my house (a bookshelf and a shoe shelf). And he is coming to talk about a new idea – a spice shelf for me kitchen.

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is exploding with spice and sauce bottles and bags. I think this might be a great solution! A tall, multi-shelved system where everything fits, and everything is wihin easy reach of the stove top.

Stay tuned! Peeter will be here any minute!