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Young People, Time to Wake Up!

It is an old political reality — young people are vocal about their policy preferences, but they do not vote.

It appears this is true today. According to a new poll

Only 37 percent of registered voters ages 18-34 say they’re excited about the 2018 vote.

That means a whopping63% are not excited.

How can one NOT be excited about taking back Congress after the disaster we have witnessed over the last year????

Young folks!!! Time to wake up!

The good news —there is excitement among older folks.

Trump to Aides: Just Start Firing People!!!!!

This is beyond ridiculous.

First Trump fires the Secretary of State — out of the blue — just after that secretary criticized Russia.Then the President lies about why he did it.The when the head of the NSA dares to criticize Russia, rumors swirl about his imminent firing.And,BTW,we learn that the Kremlin had a veto power over Trump’s appointment of the Secretary of State.

And btw, Trump also fired the secretary of state’s spokesman BECAUSE he dared tell the truth about what happened.

This is a lot of smoke for a place where Trump says there is no fire. And it is just a snippet of the larger story.

And then there is the sad saga of Andrew McCabe. Trump’s attorney general fired McCabe 2 days before he was set to retire early.Why? Good question.  Could it be that McCabe is a witness to what happened to Jim Comey — also fired by Trumpo?

This comment seemsapt

“When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history.”

Former CIA Director Brennan.

AND while all of this is spinning out of control, the Republicans in Congress  are doing what? NOTHING!!!!

An Update from Pennsylvania’s 18th District

Just a few years ago,  the words “Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District” and “Republican” meant the same thing. Democrats were not competitive. That was then. Now a special election in that district is producing very different news

…  it’s looking like Democrat candidate Conor Lamb is catching up to Republican Rick Saccone. Last week, the Cook Political Report declared the race a toss-up, moving it away from its previous “lean Republican” rating.

Vox gets into this in more detail.

Bottom line:  Yet another sign that the 2018 midterms might be an enormous disaster for the GOP. And, to be blunt, they royally deserve it.