We all eat and we eat a lot. So what is there to get excited about?

amazing teriyaki grilled chicken thighs

Chinese scallion pancake

Smokey carrot dip

apple cake with sambucca

zuchini fritters with red lentils

pork parm – saute, mozz, red sauce, parm, panko – broil

guac – the basics

chicken piccata

Tomato Galette


better pork chops with marinade – soy, browns sugar and rice vinegar

strawberry focaccia with maple balsamic onions

green tahini dip

oven barbequied chicken

sambal chicken skewers


mango slushie

carrot ice cream?

best roasted potatoes

spicy coconut marinade for grilled chicken

smoked eggplant dip (eggplant caviar is similar, but has no tahini)

an epic guide to mastering Italian food prep

5 summer sauces from epi


ice cream and gelato

smoked salmon cakes with red remoulade

Pimm’s cup

strawberry shortcake

grilled chicken brochettes

flat strawberry cake

Tahdig rice maker

no churn chocolate ice cream

red pesto pasta

salmon rillettes


asparagus ribbons

grilled ginger chicken

loaf cake with grapefruit juice

chicken stock

toasted cauliflower with parm and capers

toasting nuts in butter

cooking with Marsala

potato salad with pesto

white pesto

coconut tahini sauce? with grille chicken

upgrading how you do chicken

Ruth Reichl’s favorite gourmet recipes

Basic carrot cake

mushroom carbonara

spinach and artichoke melt

chicken skewers with peanut sauce

Banana Bread

rhubarb custard cake

instant pot stock

Bolognese Sauce by bi Jack

beurre blanc tutorial

50 boneless chicken breast recipes

buttery german apple cake

mashed potatoes


lemon pound cake from BA

Roasted broccoli with tahini and sesami seeds

avocado dip with yogurt and scalions


key lime tarts

fish with tomato sauce and mash

hot honey butter

chicken tikka masala


30 recipes that young people should master

roasted chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese

scrambled eggs – at the last minute

chicken skewers

coconut cream pie

curried meatballs

hash browns

broccoli and cheese quiche

bread pudding

rhubarb daiquiri

chicken – Laurie Colwin’s Baked Mustard Chicken

quiche lorraine

coddled eggs

skillet enchilada

roasted asparagus and scrambled eggs

marinated cucumbers

saffron gnocchetti

braised chicken with asparagus and leeks

braised cauliflower – afghan

pasta casserole with rotisserie chicken

London cheesecake and Guinness chocolate cake

mirin salmon – Nigella Lawson

vegan creamed spinach – need mut milk and coconut fat and nutmeg

roast fish with veggies – quick and easy (using mayo toppings)

basque braised fish

deviled egg spread with trout roe (on pancakes)

quiche lorraine

carrot fritters

pot de creme – with coffee

omelet – perfect


scrambled eggs and add ons

mussels in coconut milk

orange almond flan

bonet – flan with cocoa and rum

easy roast chicken

Tommy Miers on crispy chicken thighs and poached eggs

potato pudding

Eggplant parm

Beef Stroganoff

roast chicken – bathed in lemon juice or vinegar

cream of mushroom soup from BA

meatloaf – a history

garlic knots

salmon teriyaki

tahini smoothie?

8 rice dishes

stuffed eggplant

chocolate moose

15 ways to use whipped cream

shepherds pie with lamb and bacon

chicken curry pot pie

sourdough bread and allergies

poach chicken then soup – check out the crispy rise

ultimate bolognese

baked spinach and rice

organizing the kitchen

Freezing vodka

Whiskey cocktails

no crust quiche

Valencia paella

Apple Pandowdy

sous vide bacon

twice baked butternut squash from epi

great appetizers

perfect mashed potatoes

braised endive with ham and cheese

duchess baked potatoes

the value of stone ground cornbread from BA

celery root, carrot and potato gratin from Saveur

fish in foil from BA

stocking your kitchen

Epicurious review of Veggie Bullet – not bad as a sprializer

some hacks


Home cooking

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