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Merry; Merry Christmas all!

Christmas is just a few days away and hopefully you are starting to feel the Christmas buzz. I am. And I will be taking a blogging break until the second week of January.

You may see some random posts during this time, but not the number each day that has been going up.

A few thoughts about the blog.  This is not a commercial venture. It is more an experiment to see if i can share move of what I find fun and interesting and topical. What is most important?

  • With Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, we are in a new era. We have no idea how this new era will unfold and there is lots and lots to this story. Stay tuned.
  • The window for us to avert the most serious effects of climate change is closing. Can we make it? Judging from what happened in 2016, the jury is out on this one, and it is a huge story
  • Job insecurity will likely produce more nasty politics until we figure out a way for all of us to participate in the knowledge based global economy. We are just starting to think about this and no one knows how we will meet this challenge.
  • 2017 is going to be a wild year — for better or worse — so stay tuned!

All the best to you and yours for a very merry and peaceful holiday season!

Back in January.

Buzzography and News Tracking

One of the fun things about writing this blog is that it allows me to learn more about what is going on in the world. I do not mean just getting more data. I mean using that data.

So quite a bit of the content here is about what I think I am learning as I go forward. But I am not omniscient. I do not pretend that my beliefs are all correct. And I am painfully aware that there is a lot of stuff out there that I just don’t get.

I think this is true for all of us, and I think it presents an interesting challenge. How can we get better at it? Well, I think think that Tim Ferriss nails it when he says, break what you want to learn into pieces and figure out which pieces are most important – the 20% that will take you 80% to where you want to go. Master them first.

In our challenge, there are just two pieces to master (1) identifying stuff that is “important” in light of our beliefs about the  future, and (2) testing our beliefs about the future against what is happening — as stories unfold. This is essentially a tracking system.

Here is the thing … who helps you do that in the real world? Not the media. to the contrary, media has a bias to exaggerate the significance of everything that happens. That is what gets attention and sells. So news stories are generally offered as a “one off” or “ad hoc” sort of thing. Amazing! Incredible! Who knows where this will go? Instead of, in light of this, we expect that.

So I am developing a tracking tool here at buzz to do this better. I am building it in a menu at the top of the page called … drum roll please … “tracking”. So far it is just a series of links to posts I am writing about on certain topics that I think are important. But this is just a starting point., My goal is to build the ultimate tracking tool that helps us all challenge our beliefs and learn faster about the world around us.

Stay tuned. Better yet, check it out and let me know in a comment if you like it.


A Sherlockian Happy New Year and 2016 in a Glance

I am back in Tartu after a quick jaunt across the pond for the holidays. What a trip! More about that later.

The first order of business is to wish all who follow this humble blog a fantastic 2016! Stay with me here to provide a bit of snap, crackle and pop. But it is you, dear reader, who will do the heavy lifting. You will do what you have to do in order to make this a great year. I will too.

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People Buzz

In case you are wondering what this blog is about, check out this quote from a review of a book by Steve Hilton

Hilton argues that the working models of government and business don’t work and are unsustainable in a hyper-connected world because their underlying systems and structures have a basic design flaw: the prioritization of numbers over people. That’s a problem, according to Hilton, because real businesses are “about people, about bringing people together in a structured way to benefit each other and society.”

Right on! This blog is collection of thoughts that dleight me and that I hope might delight you.

What is Buzz?

This blog is about buzz, so we might as well start up with a basic question – what the hell are we talking about? What is buzz? What makes buzz buzzy?

In my view, buzz makes a story grab you. Like the the crying baby in a carriage. No big deal, right? But what if that crying baby is the incarnation of the devil? Well, watch the video and feel the buzz that it creates.  Suddenly, we are part of a prank. And the prank has a bit of buzz.

But buzz is not confined to pranks. That is just its most obvious incarnation. We get buzz from all sorts of stuff. And this blog is about modern day buzz.