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Christmas means Holiday Cocktails!

Presents are nice, but I find that holiday cocktails offer a bigger bang for the buck. But … you need to just a bit of planning to offer just the right ones. Not the same old dame old, but something with a twist.

BA offers a few suggestions. As an experienced swizzler, I approve.  I will be doing a few lemon spritzes for my guests. But I will go light on the activated charcoal drinks.

Let the cocktail hours commence!

Making Absinthe in Switzerland

A very fun article form Food Republic. it starts this way

In the bright green hills of Boveresse on the border of Switzerland and France, down a sleepy street lined with cobblestones, in an old, dusty house, you will find Philippe Martin quietly distilling absinthe. This is where Absinthe la Valote Martin is created, and the 45-year-old has been making the spirit since 2014. Martin took over the business from his father, Francis, who ran a clandestine operation during the almost century-long absinthe ban.

Eddie Ludlow and the Keepers of the Quaich

I am just a bit envious. As “whiskey evangelist” of “The Whiskey Lounge”, Eddie spends his days immersed in whiskey lore.

And he is now a member of the “Keepers of the Quaich”.  If you are wondering, you find this on their website

The Keepers of the Quaich is an exclusive and international society that recognises those that have shown outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry. Founded by the leading distillers, it is by its very nature, the beating heart of the industry. In establishing the Keepers of the Quaich, the industry pooled its influential resources to build a powerful society working together and united.

I am not sure what is going on here, but it is one of the images on offer at the site

You can’t help but  smile. And Eddie is bullish about the future. I suspect that he has every reason to be so.