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A Bourbon Blind Taste Test to Remember

Bourbon is one of hose beverages that you either fall in love with or not. I find myself in the former category. There is a sweetness to bourbon that lingers in my imagination. And that lingering sense of pleasure is extended when the bourbon is of high quality.

So which bourbons offer that kind of experience? The answer is subjective, of course. At the same time,  you get deeper satisfaction when you know what your taste buds are looking for.

The best way is to do a taste test. The second best way, and sadly,  the only way this blog can help you, is to read about a blind taste test between 5 premium labels.

Who won? Read on and find out!

Go for it!


Your Watermelon Margarita, sir!

I am confident that Jeeves would not approve. A margarita might be acceptable, but even that is on the louche side. A watermelon margarita? Definitely a drink for foreigners (meaning Americans).

But while Jeeves might not approve, Bertie Wooster would. And I am with Bertie on this one.

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So what is a watermelon margarita? Here is the recipe. It looks like this

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Go for it!

Would David Niven Have Liked this Cocktail?

My summer cocktail of choice does not have a name. I call it a Niven (after one of my favorite actors, David Niven). I have no idea if Niven would have liked it, but the cocktail seems to have his sort of style.

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It has

First a squeeze of lime juice in a tall glass – then

vocka, blonde Lillet, Compari or Aperol, in equal proportions. As a last touch, fill up the glass with rose Lemonade

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This should take me through August. And I am gearing up for another sort of cocktail – the autumn gin sour. Check out the link for the ingredients.

Finding the Tongue-Cut Sparrow in Houston

And what pray tell is the “Tongue.-Cut Sparrow”? Naturally, it is a hidden cocktail bar.

To find this speakeasy, look for the plain door in the back room of the Pastry War, a boisterous mezcal bar that’s worth its own visit. Behind the secret door and upstairs, dark wood and jazz standards mix with classic cocktails (try the rum-filled Swizzle).

Image result for tongue-cut sparrow Houston

Here is another peek

Image result for tongue-cut sparrow Houston

Check out the above link for more on Houston surprises!

And here is a bit more about Tongue-Cut Sparrow


Making Tepache with Brad Leone

Brad is the manager of the BA Test Kitchen and a bit of a character. He is also a new father, and was tasked with selecting a few father’s day gift ideas. Stuff that he would want. As you might expect from Brad, the list is a bit eccentric – like a $30,000 kitchen knife made form melted down asteroids.

And Brad offers a video (it appears at the bottom of the page). He shows you how to make tepache. In cawse you are wondering

Tepache is a fermented beverage made from the peel and the rind of pineapples, and is sweetened either with piloncillo or brown sugar, seasoned with powdered cinnamon, and served cold. Though tepache is fermented for several days, the resulting drink does not contain much alcohol. In Mexican culinary practice, the alcoholic content of tepache may be increased with a small amount of beer.

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I may need to try this!