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Is Jim Beam Black Better than Pappy Van Winkle?

First we might take into account that Jim Beam is a mass marketed brand, and so you would not expect it to measure up to super premiums like Pappy Van Winkle. But Jim Beam Black is, of course, special. So is it special enough?

jim beam black bourbon

If it is, you can get $3,000 worth of pleasure for less than $30!

The answer is …. drum roll please … “no”.

But the $30 pleasure aint so bad! And do you want the Pappy Van Winkle whopper pleasure? Well, it won’t change your life. And it won’t make your wife love you more.

But if you have cash to burn, it may beat spending it on the ponies!

Five Great London Cocktail Bars

London is a great town for cocktails. Oh … ok. And it has some nice other stuff as well. There are the usual suspects (grand cocktail bars that everyone goes to) like the American Bar at the Savoy

Image result for American Bar savoy

That type of stuff is always fun. And it is nice to see a few places that I had not thought of, like the Coral Bar in Bloomsbury at the very stylish Bloomsbury Hotel.

The Coral Room in Bloomsbury

Very stylish! There is more! Here is the list from Robb. Can’t wait to try them out!


Sipping a Cosmo in Manhattan – The Real Cosmo!

Quick quiz – who invented the Cosmo?

It was … Tony Cecchini! Tony offers a master class in how to make this cocktail, made famous by its repeated appearance in the TV series, Sex and the City.

Cecchini says the secret to a good Cosmo is to purchase the exact ingredients. Since it’s such a simple sour there’s not much to hide behind. “It has to be this specific type of citrus vodka. It has to be Cointreau. It has to be the right cranberry juice. And it has to be fresh lime juice.”

Image result for Cecchini Cosmo

And I might just give this a try!

Craving a Shot of Really Expensive Tequila? You are in Luck!

George Clonney is to blame. Eve since he and his sidekicks created and then cashed out of an amazing tequila making deal, we have seen a tsunami of high end products coming to market.

High end tequila is hot these days!

And if you are into this, you need a guide. A person or at least a channel of information that will help you pick what to invest in. Robb says “No problem dude! We are here for you!” Or perhaps their offer would sound more like “Your tequila guide, sir.”

Never mind! Here is the list! Gt out your wallets! Go to your man cave. Fire up your stogie! Pour yourself a shot! And off you go, into a world where the party is just getting started!

Decisions, Decisions: A Rattle Skull or a Stone Fence?

Yes, the autumn cocktail season is here. And that means using ale and cider. My freezer, btw, is overloaded with cider from my yard. It won’t be for long!

And what types of beer and cider drinks are on order? I have a preference for using gin and a bit of lemon. WP takes this a step further and adds some bitters and orange zest.

Then there is the stone fence. This concoction uses rum with cider and  some grated nutmeg.

Or perhaps the rattle skull? I would stay away (the name itself gives you the reason why). But if you are into porter, this may be the ticket. The link above gives you the skinny.

Go for it!

Cocktail of the Day: The Apple Zinger!

This is a very simple mix – inspired by the haul we had this year of delicious apples from the yard. Out of that came mucho liters of apple cider … and now my first apple cider cocktail. The Apple Kicker.

Gin! I am using Tanqueray because I like its  zing hence the zinger name).

Then apple cider.

Then some fresh squeeze lemon.

That’s it. Embellish it as you will, but the basic thing is delic!