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This bit about Perry Odak’s house in Colorado caught my eye

(The house is) sprinkled with an array of extravagant luxury amenities, including a 2,000-bottle temperature-controlled cellar, a fully loaded gym and an indoor-outdoor pool that is located in the foyer.

Perry Odak Colorado Mansion

How does it work?

“You push a button, and a wall opens up and you can swim out,” Odak explains. “I think it’s 75-feet-long, so you swim indoors in winter—and in the summer, you open it up and go outside.”

Another view

Perry Odak Colorado Mansion

London Calling: Pining for Fitzrovia?

Covid may not allow us to do this trip … but it can’t stop us from dreaming about it.

You might if you are staying at the Mandrake!

The Mandrake, Fitzrovia - hotel review | London Evening Standard

You might over to Foley’s to snag one of their 2 outdoor stools and enjoy fantastic Thai cuisine!

FOLEY'S, London - Fitzrovia - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews ...

Or if you are into more formal dining, Norma on Charlotte Street?

A Fitzrovia townhouse that’s done a very literal glow-up, into a golden-lit, burnished-metal, Moorish-tiled dream of a date night spot — it’d be easy to love Norma on its looks alone. There’s no need to be that shallow, though; the Sicilian-meets-North African menu’s a beauty in its own right. Pasta dishes are simple, perfect and come with prices that wouldn’t have your nonna rolling over in her grave. Read our review here.

NORMA, London - Fitzrovia - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews ...

And of course, you are just a stone’s throw away from the British Museum! Or hear north to Regent’s Park!

oK. Just want some fun? Pop over to Marylebone and check out the Sherlock Homes Museum.

Home to the iconic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Doctor Watson, stepping into this building at 221B Baker Street is like stepping into one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles’s very own mind twisting works. The museum is dedicated to the dynamic detective duo and is a charmingly accurate replica of the books, taking visitors back in time to Victorian London from both the homely set up of the characters’ apartment to the fittingly costumed staff. There’s a lot to explore amongst the photographs and props and waxworks, and endearing photo opportunities as you lounge in Mr Holmes’ armchair, have a look at his pipes, or observe his adorably flowery toilet. Open every day from 9.30am to 6pm Admission charge: £6 for Adults, £4 for Children The Sherlock Holmes Museum 221b Baker Street NW1 6XE | 02072243688

No No! You are a more serious sort of person? Ok. Then the Wallace Collection!

Set in a beautiful Georgian London town house, The Wallace Collection boasts an alluring ensemble of French paintings, furniture, porcelain, and very notably arms and body armour of the 15th to 19th centuries. Whether you enjoy art, or history, or all things fine and decorative, there is always something to admire here, from Rembrandt to the Renaissance wonders. End your afternoon with tea in The Wallace Courtyard, or imagine yourself under the stars of Paris as you enjoy a fine French dinner provided by Peyton & Byrne’s French-style brasserie.

or just hang out at the Chiltern Firehouse.

Perhaps the Slovenian Riviera for a change?

These days,  the thought of dodging the odd front end loader in crowded food markets, or standing cheek by jowl, gin and tonic in hand, trying to get a glimpse of the sunset, has less appeal than usual,. That damned virus thing!

Time for the path less taken? For a place that you can have to yourself?

If you are thinking that way, and can figure out the logistics, why not head for the Slovenian Riviera?

… wedged between Italy to the north and Croatia to the south, is tiny. But don’t let its diminutive size—just 30 miles long—dissuade you from a visit. Much like its Adriatic neighbors, this stretch of coastline packs in lots of picturesque beaches, sublime nature parks, compelling architecture, and delicious food—minus the tourist throngs found on nearby shores.

If you have not been keeping up with things Balkan,

With its Slavic roots and mix of Italian and German influences, Slovenia is a captivating place to explore. Nowhere is this truer than on its sliver of shoreline, where karst cliffs give way to pebbly shores, green spaces, and historic cities, each with a charming blend of Roman, medieval, and Venetian buildings. Still, the Slovenian Riviera remains blissfully uncrowded compared to places like Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, perhaps because people are put off by what seems on maps like a rocky coastline without Game of Thrones filming sites. But if you want a pristine beach, scenic hike, or extraordinary cathedral all to yourself, read on for our guide to this Adriatic gem.

There is the beach town Izola

Dine in view of the sea in the charming beach town of Izola.


Oenophiles should head straight for Vinska Fontana Marezige near Koper. Built from Istrian stone, the self-service wine fountain—the first of its kind in Slovenia—features four taps pouring local varietals like malvazia and refošk. In the adjacent shop, you’ll find regional products like cold cuts, truffles, olives, and chocolates to pair with your wine. Put together a spread, then savor it all on the outdoor pavilion, which offers an unparalleled view of the Slovenian coast.

And there is more! This may become part of my Slovenian fantasy food excursion!

Fantasy Vacations: Eden Rock St. Barths or Mamounia, Marrakech?

Let’s say that you suddenly discovered that you have an extra hundred thousand or so in your checking account, and your boss says you can celebrate after closing that multi-million dollar deal. You deserve a break. A memorable one.

Eden Rock would be nice. It has just been refurbished.

Image result for Eden Rock St Barths

AFAR gives it a nice plug.  On the other hand, Mamounia rocks! In that same article

It’s a peaceful oasis, where the calm of the hotel complements the voluptuousness of the destination. I have so many memories engraved in my mind from the hotel—the stunning colors when the sun rises or sets on the distant Atlas Mountains, the large terraces overlooking the park, the decor by inimitable designer Jacques Garcia, the delightful smell of the city’s spices. It’s a retreat where you do feel at home in a charming, busy city.

Image result for Mamounia Marrakech

I would let my better half decide.

Glamping Next to a Chocolate Factory in Slovenia!

Glamping is trending up these days.

You can already go glamping in a clear bubble tent in Bali, a Conestoga wagon in a national park in Utah, or a glass igloo with a view of the northern lights in Finland.

And now we have this glamping experience

The Chocolate Village by the River—the official name of this new glamping resort—opened last November along the Drava River in northeastern Slovenia mere steps from the Teta Frida chocolate factory. In a country that is becoming more popular for its food scene, Teta Frida is known within Slovenia for its handcrafted chocolates using natural and sustainably sourced cocoa from western Africa.

I am already focused on a fantasy food journey through Slovenia, and so yes, this goes on the list!

Errr —- though I may not be up for the chocolate shampoo!

Fantasy Excursion: A Romp in Italy’s Wine Regions

I was inspired to start thinking about this tour by a tale about the American writer, Washington Irving.

You might not know it, but Irving was a bit of a rascal. His brothers sent him off to Europe hoping that it would tame him. Instead, he went off the rails in Italy, going from town to town to enjoy the wine, people and whatever else was on offer.

So here goes!

As in the movie Sideways, the state reason for this excursion is to visit the great wine producing locations in Italy.

We might visit these small Italian towns, for example. I would have a particular affinity for Gavi, btw, has a rather amazing fortress

Image result for Gavi Italy

We might also include stop overs in the great wine shops in lovely settings like this one

Image result for best wine shops in Italy

Enoteca Vanni in Lucca

And of course on needs something to munch on while sipping the nectar of the gods in the glorious Italian sunshine. Some pecorino?

Deconstructing Fyre Festial Marketing

We know now that it was a scam. The promotion of weekend partying on a private island with hot super models and amazing music was just a fantasy. The reality is that folks shelled out real money and got nothing back. That got the authorities riled up.

How big was the scam?

(Billy) McFarland, the 27-year-old founder of Fyre Media, was sentenced to six years in prison in October after pleading guilty to defrauding investors out of more than $27.4 million.


Here is the promo video

The manipulation included the usual elements (1) images of extreme excess, and (2) a promise of access  … if you pre-pay.

It is an assault on reality. Your hum-drum day to day existence. And that includes your family. Your community. Your friends? Yes, perhaps them too. All for what? Something that looks much, much better, at least on the surface.

BTW, that type of hook is nothing new. Extreme beauty was the hook that caught Prometheus’s brother Epimetheus. Zeus sent Pandora to Epimetheus — a seemingly perfect woman. Epimetheus fell madly in love, and we know what happened after that. Zeus got his revenge on humans for taking fire from the gods when Pandora released the nasty stuff that she had brought with her.

An why are we still so vulnerable? It may be because the images in the above video appear all the time in media. We are already “clued in” that they are symbols of transcendence. Something to aspire to. If we already believe that is true due to advertising, it is just a small step to crave  a fantasy weekend that will never happen.

It is the “stuff of reams”.