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Just What Were Grace Kelly’s Greatest Roles?

She was one of the most beautiful and glamorous film stars of her era.

Image result for Grace Kelly

And she could act.

So which films do you think were her most defining roles?  Here is her filmography from Wiki  (leaving out the TV roles)

List of film credits
Title Year Role Director Notes Ref(s)
Fourteen Hours 1951 Louise Anne Fuller Henry Hathaway Her first film [8]
High Noon 1952 Amy Fowler Kane Fred Zinnemann [9]
Mogambo 1953 Linda Nordley John Ford [10]
Dial M for Murder 1954 Margot Mary Wendice Alfred Hitchcock [11]
Rear Window 1954 Lisa Carol Fremont Alfred Hitchcock [12]
The Bridges at Toko-Ri 1954 Nancy Brubaker Mark Robson [13]
The Country Girl 1954 Georgie Elgin George Seaton [4]
Green Fire 1954 Catherine Knowland Andrew Marton [14]
To Catch a Thief 1955 Frances Stevens Alfred Hitchcock [15]
The Swan 1956 Princess Alexandra Charles Vidor [16]
High Society 1956 Tracy Lord Charles Walters Her final film role [17]
The Wedding in Monaco 1956 Herself Jean Masson Documentary [18]
Glück und Liebe in Monaco 1959 Herself Hermann Leitner
The Children of Theatre Street 1977 Narrator Robert Dornhelm, Earle Mack Documentary

My top picks would be two Hitchcok films – Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.

Here she is in one of the great scenes from To Catch a Thief, where Grace tries to persuade Cary Grant to admit that he is really the jewel thief behind the recent string of burglaries.Enjoy!

Here is her entrance in Rear Window – visiting Jimmy Stewart (her shall we say boy friend)

What about you?

Yes, Bond’s Next Film will Get 4 Aston Martins

It has been a long romance. James Bond on the one side, the swashbuckling, gentleman spy with a license to kills, and Aston Martin on the other, maker of very exotic super cars.

It started with this model

Image result for first James Bond aston

That would be the DB5. that appeared in the great classic Goldfinger. Did the fat guy really get sucked out of a jet at the end? EWWWWW! The DB5 then appeared in 9 Bond films.

And there is a new one on the way. What will be new? In the new film, Aston will show of 4 different models, including these beauties

… its new mid-engine supercar, the Valhalla,

Image result for Valhalla Aston Martin Bond

and the DBS Superleggera.

Image result for DBS Superleggera Aston Martin Bond

Car lovers rejoice! Bond is not just about pretty ladies and snide evil dudes who want to take over the world.


Introducing the Low Key Film Movement

What kinds of films do you like? Action packed thrillers? Monster movies`? Romance?

Those are all fine with me. But these days, I long for a particular genre of film that I don’t get to see very often. It is the “low key” genre. How to define it? It is a genre of film that doesn’t take itself all that seriously. But that opens your heart to real world experience.

Such as?

As I recall, the first “low key” film that I really got into was “The Gods Must be Crazy”.  Here is the trailer

John Sayles has had a long career in film making, and made some great low key films. “The Return of the Secaucus 7” is one of them.

But the one low key film that I have on my mind today is “Local Hero” by Bill Forsyth.  Here is the trailer

I will be posting on low key films as the weeks go by this autumn. Stay tuned”! And enjoy the films!

The Warmest Heart Ever Captured on Film?

I blame the Duke of Donald.  He has taken the joy from the last several years through his cold hearted, murthless hedonnism.

BTW, I find the juxtaposition of “mirthless” and “hedonism” to be odd, as I had always associated hedonism with the pursuit of mirth. Trying to make up for a deficit of mirth, so to speak. But with the Duke, you get a figure who is hedonistic in the extreme without that.

This cold hearted era makes me yearn for a warmer sort of character. A character who exudes warmth and friendship. Which one?

How about the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?

In fact, the scarecrow, played by Ray Bolger, may be one of the warmest characters ever portrayed on screen.

What do you think?