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Facilitation is the New Plastics

Remember that great line from the film “The Graduate”?  If you forgot, I have embedded the scene below. Enjoy!

The core idea from that scene is that connecting to a single product or service (plastics) would guarantee a great future to an ambitious  young man. The irony, of course, is that the young man in question (Ben) was not ambitious in the traditional sense. He was ambitous in a totally new sense that the older generatoindid not understand.

But if you think about it, plastics have been an amazing growth industry. While this is not great for the environment, and perhaps not even for our health, plastics are everywhere. We live in a plastic world.

Which leads me to a question. Is there a new key niche that might define value added in our current period? I think there is. The word is facilitation. It is not a physical thing. But facilitation is the magic sauce for reducing “friction” in markets and accelerating innovation.

Need an example of how this affects markets? Consider the market growth of “urban warehouses”. These facilitate “just in time” “last mile” delivery.

Here is another example. IT used to be a tool that enabled managers to better track business performance. IT is now a facilitator to develop new business models.

Got it? Now enjoy Dustin Hoffman!

Thinking about Jerry Lewis

You have to be of a certain age to remember Jerry Lewis in his prime. Back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s Lewis was a comedic star. His ability to take on different less than genius personalities for comedic effect was called genius.

Since then, we have seen many other comedians perform this way. Peter Sellers, Jonathon Winters, Gene Wilder, Robin Williams and Steve Martin to name but a few. Each has brought out a similar sort of manic lunacy that was the trademark of Lewis.

But Lewis belonged to an earlier age. His characters embodied a certain childlike innocence that was popular in the 1950’s but that started to look old fashioned as the swinging sixties blasted off. And so, Lewis fell out of favor. He hung around, but no longer got the recognition that he thought he deserved.

Ah well! It was great while it lasted.

Need an Upset Tummy? Watch Dunkirk!

The Guardian reviews it. This sentence caught my eye

It is Nolan’s best film so far. It also has Hans Zimmer’s best musical score: an eerie, keening, groaning accompaniment to a nightmare, switching finally to quasi-Elgar variations for the deliverance itself. Zimmer creates a continuous pantonal lament, which imitates the dive bomber scream and queasy turning of the tides, and it works in counterpoint to the deafening artillery and machine-gun fire that pretty much took the fillings out of my teeth and sent them in a shrapnel fusillade all over the cinema auditorium.

Hmmm … can’t wait!