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Can Car Buying Be Fun?

Car salesmen are not my favorite people. I don’t blame them. It’s their job. Larry David does a great spoof of this

But what if you could eliminate the sales puffery and get exactly what you want. The idea would be to combine online tools with digital tools in the showroom. And that is what Pure Pursuit is trying to do.

Pure Pursuit’s most valuable assets probably lie within its Kansas City, Missouri showroom. Customers first encounter “Chelsea” — the company’s holographic, 3M-powered digital assistant — which will get you acquainted with the space and the luxury vehicles on hand there.

Combined with beacon technology, tablet computers can display information and videos about the cars as you walk up to them.

Very cool!



The Arrival of “Ultra-Luxe Bathrooms”

There was a time when grand houses did not have bathrooms. One bathed in public facilities. The idea of installing a tub into a room that was used regularly presumed one had sufficient numbers of servants to fill the tub with hot water. So it was a luxury indeed that later on we could all enjoy this by with a twist of a knob.

But this is apparently not enough. Luxe bathrooms emerged. These might include a telephone that you could reach from the tub. And of course, a bidet. But these are nothing compared to new products coming out “ultra-luxe bathrooms”. To get that feeling, your bath should not just have facilities. it needs a view.  Something like this

Luxury Beach Suite

Check out these beauties if you long for a higher standard of luxury while you perform your daily ablutions.

September cocktail!

It started with the negroni, a drink that I only really enjoy in the summertime. Tony Bourdain did a fun promo for negronis that catches the flavor of the thing.

But what about the other months? I am inspired in the springtime  to concoct whiskey sours. The real ones, no mixes, please. But in the autumn? There is still a hint of summer in the air, so a reminder of compari would work for me. Aperol ? An Aperol fizz? Hmmm … this just might work! You can get the recipe from Saveur.

London: A Bath to Remember

As a student, I did not expect luxury, and most of the time I didn’t get it. But I did have my moments. One was my afternoon bath at the London House. After a dreary morning of toad in the hole and econometrics lectures at LSE, and a wet bicycle ride back to Mecklenburgh Square, the enormous tub filled with steaming water was my dream come true. It made me feel like this

Is this the most amazing bathtub in the world? (Spoiler: Yes, yes it is)

From Sploid. But who needs the view?`Well, it’s not too shabby, I admit.

September at a Snail’s Pace

Well, summer 2014 is behind us. Time to get serious about finding meaning in life. Not just to get busy! Seneca understood a long time ago that being busy is just an excuse for not seeing what is really around you.

Where will we find our meaning? By anchoring ourselves to things that bring out the best in us. Perhaps it means traveling through Piedmont.  Or just doing the NYT Crossword puzzle on a terrace overlooking Lake Como.  Or heading down to the Dubrovnik Jazz and Wine festival. For me, it will include making apple wine in my backyard. You see, I took a lesson from Angelo Pellegrini. Sometimes the best things can be found in your own back yard! Here he is

He was fond of wearing basil as a boutiniere!  You could do worse this September than curling up to his book on food and life “The Unprejudiced Palate“.