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Support Off Assignment!

Here is the thing.

We are swimming in digital content flowing through the web. And most of it sucks. Most of it does not even try not to suck. It cannot try because it is produced based on FORMULAS!

We could do better. What if there was a publication that enabled writers to tell stories that don’t quite fit the mold? Stuff that takes us behind the scenes around the world?

This is what “Off Assignment” wants to do . Fred is supporting it. I am too. YOU SHOULD TOO!

Fullscreen and the Next Big Thing in Media

I am biased and I admit it. My bias is towards alternative media. and I want more of it I am tired of the  worn out formulas used by mainstream media. I crave more experimentation. We have seen some, but I want more!

So, I like the idea of Fullscreen. Fullscreen is attempting to compete with Netflix and Hulu by offering its own original content, using up and coming stars form Youtube.

“We are moving away from just trying to replicate TV shows, TV formats, and putting influencers in [them],” Fullscreen’s SVP of programming,Scott Reich, told Business Insider.

Amen. I would like to see media outlets emerge that have many different perspectives, all available globally.

Are we headed there? Stay tuned!

What Food Blogs Do you Follow?

I check out quite a few food blogs each day. Not so much for new recipes, but for inspiration. And of course, every now and then, I see something that I want to include in my cooking routines or post about. When I do, I save the link for later.

So I was grateful for my friend Eneko, who shared this link to a food blog called “CV”.  The “CV” stands for cannelle et vanille.

Check it out for some very cool videos that go beyond just how to do things faster or in more trendy ways. I will be following it and posting on it here.

Stay tuned!

Do You Give Your Attention Away?

`The other day, Henry Bodget said this

… we have gained 30 hours a month in productivity over the past fifty years and that 28 hours of those gains have gone towards watching TV

That is understandable. TV is easy and it is relaxing. So, if we believe that we are “stressed out”, of course, we will look for a stress killer. TV is a stress killer. Moreover, our culture has been organized around TV.  By that I mean TV is still the main place we go to connect most frequently to cultural messages It is a magnet for attention.

And this presents us with an interesting opportunity. If Henry and others are right, more gains in productivity are likely to give us even more free time. How we use that free time is totally up to us. And with digital tools, it will become ever easier to use our free time FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT.

Let’s face it, watching TV benefits TV stations – not you. All it does for you is put you in a passive frame of mind so that you can zone out. What if instead, you could do something that was fun AND gave you a return`? A real return.

Would you opt for that? I think that most of us would, especially if media started promoting those opportunities. We already see it in the success of platforms like Uber and AirBnB. In other words, the future is not in doing more work, it is in more cleverly investing our attention to maximize our return on attention.

Let the games begin!

Is Conversation Important?

What a silly question! Who would argue that conversation is NOT important? Of course it is!

And yet, if it is so important, how much effort do we expend to do it at a high level? How often, for example, do we have meaningful exchanges with people who are different from us — who disagree with us? How often do we reflect, let alone work on, our conversation skills?  How often do we get inspired from conversations that we have during the day?

If you think this is unimportant, consider the direction our politics is taking. Are we able to empathize with people who suffer from problems that we have not experienced?  Are we becoming more or less tolerant of people who disagree with us? Is our level of trust growing or shrinking?

If these questions interest you, you might check out this kickstarter campaign to fund a movie that focuses on”the future of tolerance”.


An Attack on TechDirt!

You probably heard about the defamation action that shut down Gawker.  Perhaps you are thinking, well, who cares? And perhaps you think that Gawker was too far “out there”.

Well, guess what. The same lawyer that shut down Gawker is trying to do the same thing to Techdirt. That is right, yet another defamation suit that is designed to shut down a media outlet.

Three things to consider (1) Techdirt matters. It is a cool outlet for opinion and news that you do not get elsewhere. An example – their commentary on intellectual property rights (2) these suits have a terrible chilling effect that hurts us all and (3) this is especially important now as the powers that be seem relatively hostile to media.

If you want to get into the guts of this case, Wikipedia offers a rather detailed post .

I feel strongly that this is abusive and dangerous and hope you do too. Let’s get behind Techdirt and stop this bullying!  Check out Fred Wilson’s post at the first link above to find out more!