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“Yes Minister on the EEC”

Errr … for you youngsters, the EEC was the precursor to the EU. Now that the UK is Brexiting the EU, it is fun to look back on how its predecessor was treated in the wonderful TV series spoof, “Yes Minster”.



TV – Vice Principals and Trump

Vox thinks the show is great!

McBride and Hill tapped into something real and true about living in America in the 2010s, something dark and dangerous, sure, but also weirdly enthralling and really, really funny. Vice Principals didn’t always care how you reacted to its provocations, so long as you did react, and it was among the boldest things I’ve seen on TV in a long while. If the show had something to say beyond what you brought to it, it held that idea very close to its chest.

Ultimately, that’s what made Vice Principals so valuable. In this era of Trump, but also of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and on and on and on, we are all trying to figure out new ways to navigate very old wreckage — wreckage that has long been in plain sight but that we sometimes pretended not to see. Vice Principals is one of the only TV shows to date that takes place in that world, where some things are good, some things are bad, and most things are dark and confusing.

What do you think?

Back from Tallinn, and All is … errr .. the same

I had to race up to Tallinn today for a meeting, so no post. And when I got back this evening, I wondered, “has anything changed? Did I miss anything?”

Errr … apparently I missed Jeff Sessions losing his memory, except when it  came to remembering how he advised folks at a meeting that he had not remembered before not to violate the law!

At least the ongoing  soap opera in Washington is having one very good side effect. Late night TV hosts are having a field day making fun of the Trump Administration. Even The Guardian is taking note!

Thank the Lord for the US sense of irreverence!


Ah! The Great British Bake Off!

Finally a story that requires no hyperventilation!

The question is, who will win`? And  it may be a tough one!

Read on and enjoy a cup of tea with this one!

BTW, the story reminds my of one Claude Cockburn told in his book about the days in the 1920’s when he wrote for the Times. The journalists back then often had advanced degrees in things other than journalism and they found entertainment in making odd bets, such as “who could write the most boring headline of the week?”

Cockburn claimed he won with this one

Small Earthquake in Argentina. Not many dead.

Amy Sedaris is Bonkers and I love it!

Amy Sedaris has a TV show out. Here is how the Vox review starts off

Amy Sedaris welcomes viewers to her new TV show — a satire that plays out like a bizarro-world cooking series, except the recipes are for terrible crafts — with a grin stretched so wide it’s practically falling off her tiny face. She delivers so many left-field punchlines that it’s hard to catch them all before she moves on to the next instructional segment or throws to a separate sketch. As a host, she’s equal parts earnest and off-kilter, introducing one demented craft project after another — from necklaces adorned with decaying raisins to popsicle sticks dipped in glue and stray hair — all while keeping an eye out for pesky snakes that might be lurking behind yarn balls.

But to get the flavor of this, you need to see the video trailer – it is bonkers!

Google: Stop Making Editorial Decisions on My Searches!!!!

Google has changed. It used to be a search tool. More recently it has become a media company.  And its impact on what I see and do not see is not transparent.

And this really, really pisses me off. My most recent complaint is that Google is introducing into my search requests top level links to content that is less than accurate, less than useful, and highly partisan. Google is trying to create news stories and the sources that I want to find.

Cut it out!

Let’s get this straight. I use Google search to find links to information — NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT!

Larry David is Right. Hollywood is About A**holes

This post is a reaction to the Harvey episode. For years, he lured young vulnerable women into “meetings” and once there, he got his rocks off by forcing his sexual inclinations upon them. Vomit.

How could one be for Harvey? Could one say without a pre-check with one’s psychiatrist that Harvey is  misunderstood?  Of course not! Like Ailes and  Cosby., we feel and show collective revulsion.

And yet …. this was the norm within certain circles. This has been a rite of passage that young women had to endure in  order to make  it in the entertainment industryJennifer Lawrence, for example,  in a nude applicant line up? Come on! And yet, there she was. Told that the photo of her nude with other models might be an inspiration to lose weight.

The bottom line is rather simple — power breeds contempt. And Hollywood has a rather intense power structure. We should not be surprised, therefore, that Hollywood systematically endorses contempt for young people. Sexually and otherwise.

The most obvious solution here is to think why we give Hollywood such power? Why do we create the opportunity for predators like Harvey Weinsten to do things over decades that cause such harm?

This is not Hollywood as entertainment. It is Hollywood as gross out.