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And Now Some News from Mother Russia!


Russia cracks down as unrest grows

There has been a wave of arrests — of journalists, opposition activists, doctors and religious people — in a growing Russian crackdown. With the end of the Putin era perhaps now within sight, law enforcement bodies are clamping down to prove their mettle as they jockey for influence in the Russia of the future.

In the aftermath of mass protests, which were broken up with often brutal force, law enforcement agencies last week conducted nationwide raids on news outlets critical of the Kremlin and on the homes and offices of people affiliated with the opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. And the Kremlin purged the more outspoken members of its Human Rights Council this week.

But amid growing unrest, often exacerbated by the crackdowns, it is unclear how morale will improve.

“They can’t act like a normal European government. All they can do is frighten people,” said one newspaper editor. But, he added, “they have created a new generation that is no longer scared of them.”

I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about this. Perhaps Rudy has been advising him on it?

A Moment of Truth in Hong Kong

Here is the headline

Hong Kong protesters show no sign of backing down in the face of countless threats

Here is the story.

The old saying was that either China would swallow Hong Kong or Hong Kong would swallow China. As the current wave of protests persists, you can’t help but wonder which side will blink. And you can’t help but remember Tiananmen Square.

Mueller Speaks – It Is Worth Listening To

The Mueller Report speaks volumes about the nasty stuff that happened during the 2016 campaign as Russians attempted to sway the election results, and about how the Trump Administration attempted to throttle the Mueller investigation again and again.

But apparently not many people have actually read the report

Instead, some have listened to what the president says — that he is totally exonerated and vindicated by the report.. Some have listened to Attorney General Barr who said that Mueller’s conclusions were not swayed by DOJ policy that prevents indictment of a sitting president, and that Mueller did not intend his report to be used by Congress. That it is the end of the story.

These comments are misleading. This prompted Mueller to make a public statement. His intention was clear – to clear the air. He spoke carefully. He spoke purposefully.  The key points (1) there WAS a concerted effort on the part of Russian Intelligence to sway the election, (2) his investigation did NOT exonerate Trump, (3) the investigation was constrained by DOJ policy that the president could not be indicted, and so it would be unfair to accuse him if he could not attempt to clear his name in court, and (4) the appropriate forum to decide what action is needed in light of the report is Congress.

You might find more in his comments. Here he is.