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Life in Iran, not so pretty

This headline  tells us something about how societies should not work, but sometimes do when those in power are threatened.

The person who posted the video showing the Ukrainian plane being taken down by an Iranian missile has been arrested

Here is the story

And Now Some News from Mother Russia!


Russia cracks down as unrest grows

There has been a wave of arrests — of journalists, opposition activists, doctors and religious people — in a growing Russian crackdown. With the end of the Putin era perhaps now within sight, law enforcement bodies are clamping down to prove their mettle as they jockey for influence in the Russia of the future.

In the aftermath of mass protests, which were broken up with often brutal force, law enforcement agencies last week conducted nationwide raids on news outlets critical of the Kremlin and on the homes and offices of people affiliated with the opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. And the Kremlin purged the more outspoken members of its Human Rights Council this week.

But amid growing unrest, often exacerbated by the crackdowns, it is unclear how morale will improve.

“They can’t act like a normal European government. All they can do is frighten people,” said one newspaper editor. But, he added, “they have created a new generation that is no longer scared of them.”

I wonder what Donald Trump thinks about this. Perhaps Rudy has been advising him on it?