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Who Doesn’t Love Pasta Grannies?

Two huge values come together here in beautiful ways. The first value is local craftsmanship. We have a lot to learn from people who have all their lives done certain tasks — like make pasta — and who are willing to share. Second, is locality. When we can go into a place where folks have lived for a long time, we get to learn and feel the history of the place, as well as its magic.

Pasta Grannies offers that to us. It is the creation of Vicky Bennison, a Brit who moved to Italy (Le Marche) 15 years ago. Vicky has been going around with a film crew to meet and interview Italian grannies who tell and show their pasta making secrets.

BTW, it is a YouTube sensation and now a book

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Why boy the book?

It’s about the story-telling. You can give a bit more detail about the women’s lives. Also, some people like to read recipes rather than just have them on the screen, and it’s nice to have a book to look at and reflect on. But really the story-telling is important to include, and I hope it complements the YouTube channel.

You can also check out their website.

So who is Vicky, and how does she do this magical stuff? Here is a fun interview by Italy Mag — it goes great with an espresso and cinnamon roll!