A Story that Will Explode Soon!

Are you subscribed to Buzz? Hmmm … you might ask, “Why should I?”

Good question. One answer is that Buzz can give you a heads up on the stories that will break, before they break. By following Buzz, you can start to better focus your attention on cool and critical stuff that will shape our world in the next five to ten years. Not just stuff that mainstream news babbles about.

Like what will happen in Ukraine and Russia after the Ukrainians win the war.

Here is another example. We all know by now that fossil fuels are on the way out. Not just because of their negative impact on the environment. But because renewable sources are becoming cheaper.

But why is that? Think of it this way. Our use of fossil fuels is constrained by how much we can extract from the earth (a fixed amount), and transport (expensive). Solar and wind use is constrained only by tech. And there is no limit to our imaginations and ingenuity when we put our minds to a challenge. Huge sums are invested in this, and we are figuring out how to provide energy from solar and wind better with each passing year.

Case in point – most solar cells are now made form silicon. But we are already reaching the limits of what silicon cells can provide us in terms of efficiency and weight. Thin film solar is about to radically increase what we can gt from solar in both areas, and the leading material for thin film is perovskite.

So … are you following advances in perovskite research? Probably not. Buzz is. Buzz won’t bombard you with BS articles about perovskite every day. But Buzz is tracking what is going on, and when a major story hits, Buzz will get it to you … if you are subscribed and get a notification.

So what is next with perovskite? New tandem solar cells will push efficiency of solar cells to well over 30% (the max for solar is now around 23% and its outer theoretical limit is around 33%). After that, we will see thin film solar cells that can be rolled out like plastic sheets in all sorts of places or sprayed onto surfaces.

That’s it for now. So hit the subscribe button.

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