Ukraine Analysis: More on the Failed River Crossing

The story is more important than main stream media is suggesting. Here is why

From The Guardian

An interesting thread here on Russia’s failed Donbas river crossing from retired Australian major general Mick Ryan.

In it, he notes that:

This Russian river crossing has gained attention because it resulted in the loss of (probably) a battalion tactical group and some critical engineer equipment. The reality is, it is worse than that.

He also says:

An important aspect of assault river crossings is that they are only undertaken if absolutely necessary. The resources needed – engineers, bridges, artillery – are closely husbanded by commanders. As I already mentioned, they are really hard, especially when being shot at.

Therefore, such operations normally only occur on an axis of advance that is a main effort (or about to become the main effort). This has been missed by many commentators – the Russians clearly intended to invest in this axis and throw a lot of combat power down it.

One other point – with these losses, the Russians may no longer have sufficient force to undertake their planned offensive in that area.

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