Luxe Cornwall/Normandy Food Safari: A Stopover in Guernsey?

A while back, I started collecting ideas for a food safari that would start off in London and end up in Paris  … via Cornwall and Normandy. Crazy? Of course! That is the appeal.

More seriously, This type of jaunt would connect the traveler with lots of local food cultures.

With that excursion in he back of my mind, I was curious to see Jay Rayner review a restaurant by the name of “Octopus” on the island of Guernsey.

Guernsey? Who would have thought of stopping over on the way from Cornwall to Normandy? But Guernsey would be ideal … perhaps … for its seafood! And

BW, Guernsey does market itself.

And The Telegraph offers reviews of a number of interesting places to chow down!

And there are places to kiss the pillow, so to speak!

It may be a bit tricky to get to Guernsey from Cornwall. But there are ferries from Guernsey to St. Malo and Dielette! Or one might think of a sailing excursion:

Hmmm … the wheels keep on turning!


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