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Luxe … Ultra Luxe … Bohemian Luxe!

Some Saturday fun! This post and the next celebrate the idea of “luxe”.  We reserve the word for special moments. “The full Monty”, so to speak. So Oscar Wilde’s comment from Picture of Dorian Gray  is quite a cut

“She is still decolletee,” he answered, taking an olive in his long fingers; “and when she is in a very smart gown she looks like an edition de luxe of a bad French novel.

Ouch! But where to find that ultimate full package? Well, a certain amount of style is needed. And what better than “boho”? This takes us to a realm where bohemian living intersects with serious coddling. Like at a hotel in Mykonos? The San Giorgio Mykonos?  For one traveler, this is “it”!

The Arrival of “Ultra-Luxe Bathrooms”

There was a time when grand houses did not have bathrooms. One bathed in public facilities. The idea of installing a tub into a room that was used regularly presumed one had sufficient numbers of servants to fill the tub with hot water. So it was a luxury indeed that later on we could all enjoy this by with a twist of a knob.

But this is apparently not enough. Luxe bathrooms emerged. These might include a telephone that you could reach from the tub. And of course, a bidet. But these are nothing compared to new products coming out “ultra-luxe bathrooms”. To get that feeling, your bath should not just have facilities. it needs a view.  Something like this

Luxury Beach Suite

Check out these beauties if you long for a higher standard of luxury while you perform your daily ablutions.