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Rediscovering Caravaggio

I wsa turned on to the art of Caravaggio by Simon Schama. His “Power of Art” episode about this artist is eye catching.  Caravaggio himself was an incredibly bellicose figure, which led to his downfall. He died in transit, attempting to return to Rome for redemption. And he brought 3 paintings with him. One of them was  “Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy”.  This painting was lost .. and just recently was found. The Telegraph has this amazing story.

The painting refers to the legend in which Mary Magdalene, living as a hermit in a cave in southern France near Aix-en-Provence after Christ's death, was overcome seven times a day by

Clark, Schama and Great Video

Summer is a great time to find new inspiration. You can get this from a walk in the park or from preparing a great meal for friends or family. And you can get it from great video. Great video? The phrase sounds a bit odd. But I can think of no better way to capture the idea. There are out there some truly great video series.

One is the series Civilisation by Kenneth Clark, produced back in 1969. It is a thirteen part masterwork that traces the history of European art from the fall of Rome to the twentieth century.  For me, this is more than just information about the past. Clark shares his deeply felt values about art, life and … well, … civilisation itself.  In other words, this is about where we are headed based on where we have been. Here is the grand man

But Clark does not spend all that much time on individual artists. If this is your thing, check out the series that Simon Schama did back in 2006 called “The Power of Art”.   Each episode is fantastic. But my favorite was the one on Bernini. After all, how can you explain something like this? Schama does it and does it well